Follow the Moon

Chapter 1: Moonbox

Sifting through one of the many cupboards in the house, a lonely ghost moans to himself. "Ugh, I'm never going to find any clues for anything!! Without Ashley...There's just no point!" a small sparkle catches his attention. "...What's this?" he floats over to the small bookcase in the corner of the pink room. He bends down and moves the small box. Opening it, a small tune plays. "A note?" He unfolds the piece of paper and reads it's contents.

Hello, Daniel.

I suspect you are the one reading this note. I am Timothy Edward.

I'm glad you have found my Moonbox. Make sure you follow the instructions nicely,

And you will have your life back.

I. Match the moon up with the shape on the mirror.

II. Do so on the night of a right cresent moon. (

III. Close the box when the moon goes below the horizon.

IV. Open the box each night and check the mirror.

V. Repeat untill the night of the left cresent. )

If you follow these directions RIGHT, you will live again.

Just remember to follow the Moon.

Timothy Edward,


"Timothy Edward...My father told me about him..." D says, closing his eyes tight to remember. "Oh, yes! He was a great prophet from the 1500's! But, how would he know I was the one...Oh, right. PROPHET. My, i'm losing it in my old age...did I just say that? Hahaha! How foolish..." he giggles to himself as he leaves the room, clutching the small music box.

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