...Turns into a girl. A living girl, yes. But a girl. "Wha..Wha..What did I do wrong?" D thinks out loud. "I followed all the instructions..." D peers into the box, and sees another sheet of paper, somewhat wet from the tide.

Hello, Danielle.

I see the moon has been swept away from the tide, has it?

Too bad.

Now you might just want to find out how to turn back, won't you?

All you have to do is follow my intructions.

Find the girl with hair moon-pale,

eyes light and caring.

Ask her what she has to say,

and ask for what she's baring.

That's all I can tell you.

--- Christoph Edward,


"Christoph?" D aks himself in his newly feminine voice. "Christoph, Christoph...Oh, yes! He was the Satanist Uncle Henry talked about! My, what an Occult family, mine is..." D mumbles as he walks into the mansion.

After raiding Frannies closest for a dress that fits (he figured she wouldn't mind), SHE sits on Frannie's bed, trying to decipher the poem. "Hair moon-pale...? Hmm...That would be white hair...or silver...Eyes light and caring...Oh my gosh, he means Ashley! But could she have that I need?" she peers into the box again, and finds an envelope. On the outside was a name and a message.

Daniel, this is for the airport.

- Eldyta Edward. 1889.

"Good to now my ancestors cared." D says, rolling her eyes. "Now, I have to get to the airport..but first, I need off this island. Hey, I wonder if my dad's old telephone still works? ...Wait, do they still use telephones nowadays...?"