"I have a meeting tomorrow," Eagle complained. He still lifted his arms for Lantis to take of his shirt, still sighed as Hikaru kissed his chest, her small hands undoing his trousers. He was trying to hide his smile, though. "You are going to have troubles waking me up."

Lantis gave a gentle snort once the shirt was off, leaning forward to brush his lips against the nape of his neck and Eagle gave a soft groan that could have been because of that or because of the way Hikaru had nipped at the skin of his abdomen.

"Even if you slept twelve hours, we'd still have troubles waking you up," Lantis murmured against the skin of his neck before sucking there. It was a very, very good thing, Eagle thought, that his uniform covered most of his neck.

"You both sleep too much," Hikaru told them, an impish smile on her lips before she stood on her tiptoes, bare breasts pressing against Eagle's chest as her arms crossed behind his neck, lips brushing against his and then teasing them open with her tongue.

Lantis pressed him forward towards the bed, and to be able to move and not stop kissing Hikaru he picked her up, hands against her thighs and felt Lantis hand also on her legs. Hikaru giggled in the kiss and then gave a soft moan.

Eagle sighed, kneeling over the matress to let Hikaru fall down over it and feeling Lantis strong body pressing against his.

"The sacrifices I must do for you two, really," and then he felt Lantis gentle chuckles pressed against his back.