Before the Bed Gets Cold.

When Lantis sat behind her in the lovesit, Hikaru was only mildly surprised. Most of the times, he got up even earlier than she did, and he never slept too deeply. Swordsoman reflexes, Ferio had called them.

"Can't sleep?" Lantis asked Hikaru softly, and she didn't complain when he pulled her closer to him. She half turned towards him, snuggling as close as possible, smiling at how his fingers felt against the skin of her back, giving a soft, sleepy giggle when he kissed the top of her head.

"I was just thinking," Hikaru said, running her fingers over his arm and then over his chest, her own fingers following through the mark of kisses and hickeys that were there, and she smiled a little more when she realized she wasn't sure if it had been her or Eagle the one to leave the one over his collarbone. "About what Satoru-nii said in his wedding speach."


"About how he would never be able to love someone more than he loved Miko-neesan," Hikaru gave a slight frown and looked up at Lantis, curls of red hair soft around her eyes and face. "But I love both you and Eagle, and I don't love any of you more than the other."

Lantis smiled, eyes warmth and deep and tender. When he leaned forward to kiss her, Hikaru met him in the middle, brushing her lips against him, his hand a warm weight cupping her face. "You don't have too. I also love you two, and I'd never be able to try and decide if I loved one of you more than the other."

Eagle, still in bed, laying on his stomach, chose that moment to mutter something about how he also loved them both but could they please go back to bed before all the warmth went, thanks. Hikaru giggled again, but didn't complain when Lantis insisted on carrying her back to bed, where she was quick to snuggle between the two of them.