by chipped purple nail polish
this post: April 24th, 2007

a/n: This was originally going to be posted all together, but it was far too long (fifteen pages) to really read in one sitting. So I broke it down into eighteen parts. Some parts will be small (I think the smallest is three lines) and others will be long. Size will vary. I like to mix it up. Anyway, it is completely finished, and I will do my best to post one part a week; two if I'm feeling lucky. lol. Enjoy!


All he could see, for hundreds of miles around, was fire and chaos. Racing through all of it and deflecting curses from Death Eaters, Harry Potter scanned through the pandemonium and disarray, trying his best to zone out the screams of terror and torture and the hushed incantations of the evil that surrounded him; that surrounded them all.

Where the heck is Ginny?

He could not see her, nor could he see anyone else recognizable. He tried to think back at what Dumbledore had told him. Had he hinted where his fiancé, Ginevra, could be?

Oh, she was so stubborn, Ginny. Harry had told her repeatedly that he needed her to stay at home. That if anything ever happened to her, he would never have another will to live.

Where the heck is she?

Harry suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder. Flipping around, he found himself looking into the hazel eyes of Hermione Granger. "Harry!" she cried. Tears were cascading down her cheeks. Harry's heart started beating faster and faster and faster until it felt as though it wasn't beating at all. Her hair was messed up and her clothes ripped and torn. She was bleeding and was bruised pretty badly.

"Oh, Harry! I can't find Ron!" she bawled. Harry hugged her, shaking. He wished he could somehow make her feel better, but knew it was impossible.

"I know, Herm. I can't- I can't find Ginny either," he told her, crestfallen. Hermione looked up into his eyes, and leaped out of his arms. "We have to go find them! Who knows what could happen?" she shouted, eyes blazing, wand in hand.

"That's the Hermione I remember," Harry told her with a worried, weary smirk. They began walking again.

"If only there was a way we could somehow contact them," Hermione said. "That way we could know if… If they have found Lord Voldemort."

Harry knew exactly what she wanted to say. He wanted to find Ginny too. He wanted to find her alive.