by chipped purple nail polish
this update: April 30th, 2007

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"Where are they?" Harry wondered aloud. Suddenly two figures materialized on top of him and he fell to the ground with a thump. Whipping out his wand, he peered through the dust, attempting to see the people who had appeared on top of him.

"Oh, Harry!" cried a voice, and Harry found himself being kissed happily by Ginny Weasley. "Harry! He's immortal! I saw him! There's no way you can kill him!"

"Never mind that," Harry muttered as he saw Hermione and Ron positively gleeful to see each other out of the corner of his eye. "Where is Voldemort? What happened?"

Ginny glanced around. Everything was either destroyed or engulfed in flames. Screams were heard everywhere and people (muggles and magic) were running around panicking. "We have to find Dumbledore! Where is he?"

Harry closed his eyes, and then opened them a moment later. "St. Mungo's," he whispered. "It should be around here somewhere. Aha!"

"Look, here's a portkey. Hermione, Ron! Stop snogging and get over here!" Hermione and Ron obliged. "Okay," Harry continued. "This portkey… Everyone touch it. A fingertip'll do, long as you're touching it."

They all quickly laid a finger on the old leather shoe Harry had pulled out of his pocket. Ginny felt a faint tug at her navel, and when she opened her eyes-


Albus Dumbledore sat at the foot of a bed in a large white room at St. Mungo's. Healers were everywhere, tending to witches, wizards, and muggles alike, doing their best to heal them during this terrible battle. Ginny glanced at the poor women lying on the bed that Dumbledore was currently sitting on. She was either unconscious are asleep with her eyes open. Large green boils dotted her face and she had all sorts of cuts on her arms and neck and face. Her skin had a purple tinge to it and her face was swelling. Dumbledore shook his head at her sadly.

"We need a cure for Muller-Warts and Knuckles or she will be dead by tomorrow," he murmured softly, but only Ginny caught his sorrowful words.

"Professor!" Harry said quickly. "Ginny and Ron saw Voldemort!"

Several healers nearby jumped at the sound of his name.

Dumbledore, on the other hand, looked at the two red heads, but then locked his eyes with a pair of hazel ones. "Hermione! You are hurt."

Ron spun around and looked at his wife. Suddenly he realized she was hurt. Badly. Taking her into his arms, he headed to the nearest empty bed and laid her down softly and carefully, Hermione protesting the entire way.

"I'm fine, Professor, Ron! I'm fine! There's nothing wrong with- ow! OW! Don't do that! My back is tender… I-er- I have a sunburn, yeah!" she claimed. Ginny rolled her eyes. "Hermione, stick with the truth. You cannot lie. I repeat. Cannot lie."

Dumbledore peered down at her through half-moon spectacles. "I'm no expert, but I believe your shoulder is broken, and your back isn't in right shape either. You are terribly bruised and lacerated. Mrs. Weasley, you are in very bad shape indeed."

Hermione closed her eyes for a moment and sighed. Opening them, she stared up at the headmaster. "And??"

"That's about it. Joanne? Joanne? Jo-anne!"

A tall, lanky, blonde healer looked over at them from the doorway down the room.

"Yes, Albus?" she asked, a single eyebrow rose.

"Joanne, please tend to Mrs. Hermione Weasley. Her shoulder is broken and a number of other things are amiss. I need to meet with Mr. Potter, Mr. Weasley, and Ms. Weasley here about Lord Voldemort."

Again, several healers nearby jumped, and one cursed so loudly quite a few patients jerked in their sleep. Joanne, on the other hand, stood still.

"Lord Voldemort, Albus?" she squeaked, eyes wide.

Dumbledore sighed. "Joanne, please do not raise the alarm until we are positive we know where he is. Now, please tend to Mrs. Weasley here. Now."

Joanne nodded and grabbed a sponge and began dampening Hermione's forehead. Hermione slowly closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Before they left the room, Ron bent over and kissed his wife softly on the lips. "Sleep well, my angel. I promise I will come back." He bid her good-bye and followed Dumbledore, Harry, and his sister from the room.

They entered another room, just as white and sterile as the rest of the hospital, but it was somewhat private, except for a novice healer who was restocking a few potions in a cabinet. Dumbledore managed to get him to leave.

"Mr. Potter, who knows of your engagement?" Dumbledore asked Harry abruptly.

"Excuse me?" Harry asked him wildly. "This isn't the time to talk about that. Ginny was in danger! She saw Voldemort!"

"Harry! Listen. Who knows?" Dumbledore asked him again and just as sharply.

"Um, well, me, Gin, Ron, Hermione, Ginny's family, Lupin, Moody, you, and that's pretty much it."

"Wait, you said Ginny's family?" Dumbledore inquired stupendously.


"Mr. And Ms. Weasley and Mr. Potter, I am sorry." Dumbledore lowered his eyes. "Percy Weasley was captured yesterday evening. By now they've probably learned from him that you are to be married."

"What?!" Ron cried. "Percy was captured?"

Dumbledore lowered his gaze. "Yes. Voldemort knows that you, Harry, love Ginny. And that is a weakness. Voldemort is going to try to kill Ginevra."

Harry gasped and gripped Ginny's hand even harder.

"Professor," Ginny began, tears forming in her eyes. "I saw Voldemort. He is immortal. But he- nor you. Or anybody else, for that matter, know that I am too."

Harry stared at her with an odd look. "What? How?'

Dumbledore nodded. "I've known for a long time, Ginevra. However, I did say Voldemort is going to try."

"What? How?" Harry asked dubiously, staring back and forth between each Dumbledore and his fiancé. Ron didn't know what to think either.

"In her first year, Ginevra here was taken over by Voldemort's memory. When you destroyed Tom Riddle's diary, Harry, part of Tom went in her, like part of Voldemort went in you Harry, in Godric's Hollow. Only, the part that went into her was his immortality. And because of that. Voldemort is no longer immortal. It will be difficult to kill him, as he is so powerful. But he believes he can't die, when he really can."

"Did you get any of that?" Ron asked Harry, gaping.

"Don't be thick. He means Voldemort can die and Ginny can't. What a relief!" Harry grinned.

"Oh, I wouldn't say that, Mr. Potter," Dumbledore told the three. "Her body can't die. But she can."

Now Ron was very confused. "What?"

Ginny was silent.

"Mrs. Potter here can die. But her body will live on forever. Harry, do you recall the Dementer's Kiss?" Dumbledore continued.


"Well, that's what it's like. Like that. Exactly, just without the kissing. And her body won't cease to exist."

Harry swallowed. Ginny smiled.

"What? Why are you smiling? Your soul is in danger and you're happy?" Ron asked incredulously.

"No, listen. Does Voldemort know that?" Ginny asked. "No, so I'm a weapon. I can go to Voldemort and lure him somewhere, where we'll have like a bunch of aurors waiting for him. Don't you see?"

Dumbledore nodded. "The ministry is destroyed, and many ex-ministry members fled or joined Lord Voldemort in fear. Voldemort has many, many followers. But if Voldemort is killed, his followers will not know what to do, so they will be vulnerable. If someone has the dark mark on them, they will be automatically killed, unless they are Death Eaters-turned-spy. All those who claim to be spies will be sent to me, and I will figure out how to make use of them. Ginevra, dear, that idea may work. I need to contact the Order. I need you three to remain here until further notice, and I will contact you when I need you. Please help out the wounded. Ron, you may go. I need to talk to the Potters' alone."

Ron rolled his eyes, nodded, and left the room. Ginny knew he was going to see Hermione. As soon as the door shut with a click behind him, she turned to Dumbledore with a weary look on her face.

"Professor," she began. "All I ask is that we end this war as soon as possible. Death Eaters, muggles, and witches and wizards on our side are the victims. The sooner we end this war, the less people die. I will do anything that you need me to do, as long as it will insure peace and harmony on our land again, without the constant threat of Lord Voldemort."

Dumbledore nodded, eyes misted. Harry slid his arm around her waist and Ginny leaned her head against his shoulder. "Ginevra, dear, that is a valiant speech, and you are very brave. Do not worry. This war ended the moment we discovered Voldemort was not immortal, which was before this war even started. There is no doubt- we will win."

They nodded.

"Harry," Dumbledore continued. "I must ask you not to go after anyone, especially if you see it in your mind. Voldemort will do everything in his power to go after you, or get you to go after something that will lead you to him. I know now that you can sense his location, and that will be vital later on. But right now… Right now you must remain here."

Harry hesitated, and then nodded reluctantly.

"This is good-bye. I will contact you when it is time," Dumbledore bid them. And, with a crack, his disapparated.

Harry and Ginny locked eyes for a moment. Nothing in their short lives had prepared them for what was to come.