Really Too Late to Call.

When he had decided to visit Linda, Near hadn't stopped to wonder just why he had had that impulse until he had knocked on her door, his other hand twisting locks of his hair. They hadn't seen each other since they both had left Wammy, and keeping communication with each other would have been a terrible idea anyway. They hadn't even particularly been friends back then, though Near wouldn't have called anyone his friend.

Perhaps because Linda had always been the most empathic of the Wammy kids. Perhaps because she had always been the one - he had found - that had honestly worried about his health when he was sick. Perhaps because she and Matt would have been rivals if any of them had actually cared.

Then Linda opened the door, a soft look in her blue eyes and her long hair down on a braid over her shoulder. She was wearing black and her eyes were rimmed red. She, however, smiled when she saw him standing there, a barely-there smile.

"I'm having tea," she said as ways of a hello, stepping aside. "And some fudge. Do you want some?"

She knew, Near realized. The deaths of Mello and Matt weren't famous, not like Kira's, and he had made sure that their names weren't disclosed, and there weren't photos of them anywhere.

That wouldn't stop a former Wammy kid, though.

"That would be lovely, thank you." Near answered, walking inside Linda's place.