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Hazard's Sorrow

A Digimon Tamers fic by Crazyeight

Chapter: 1/ A Cup of Pain


The cry tore out of Takato's throat as he watched the shards of data float away from him. In spite of the pain that ripped through his body, Takato staggered to his feet, reaching out towards the shards as though he could stop them from disappearing. In sheer desperation, Takato lunged after them, but was stopped as a strong arm wrapped itself around him, pulling him back, trying to get him away from the danger that was still there. Takato didn't take any notice of it however, and he lunged forward once again, tears streaming down his face, more cries that were little more than bestial roars of anguish erupted from his mouth as he struggled against the arm that held him. He didn't have a chance however, and his feet soon found the absence of ground beneath them as he was hauled up and back, being carried away from the battle as the voice of the enemy, the digimon that broke through the barriers between the real and digital worlds and attacked the Tamers, resounded upon the air, not in laughter, but rather as though it had accomplished what it saw as a simple duty. Cleaning out the trash. Nothing more than a job that had to be done quickly and gotten over with, and then wash its hands clean afterwards. Takato really didn't hear much of it. All he saw was his friend's data, floating towards the sky, drifting apart bit by bit as it rose until finally, the individual pieces were separated entirely from the others and disappeared all together. Gone. Just like that.

How could this happen? Thought Takato deliriously, desperately hoping that it was all just some bad dream and that he'd wake up. That he'd wake up in bed and see his reptilian partner next to him, and that he'd wake up, sensing Takato's disturbance from his rest and ask him what was up. He might even tell him, and Guilmon would comfort him, and then they'd both laugh about it afterwards, say how dreams couldn't hurt them, and then laugh again at a joke that only they, and perhaps their friend Rika, could only appreciate. Right after she glared at them that is.

It can't be happening! This is just a bad dream! I know it is!

Reality however, continued to say otherwise, and the pain of it settled down brutally, crushing him down under its harsh weight. The image of their enemy in front of him, mocking him, almost providing an ironic joke for everything that Takato and his friends had fought for. It couldn't end like this. It shouldn't have! Takato had promised Guilmon! He had promised him that they'd always…!

It was too much. Takato let out another roar of anguish, not trying to hide it, not trying to hold it in, in spite of his own promise to himself that it wouldn't happen again. Not after what had happened the last time he lost control of himself.

And the day had started off so well too…

A/N: Sorry if this seems a little bit short for a first chapter, but I wanted to set things up so that things are explained gradually before getting back to the present point of the story, to show how events led up to this point in time. Anyway, hope you liked the beginning. Later.