Meanings and Magnitudes

Dark Lady Devinity

Warning: SPOILERS for Kingdom Hearts I, Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts II. And all sorts of romantic hints, including slash.

Meanings and Magnitudes

1. Ocean

The familiar, deep blue that surrounds the islands was home. He could stare at the water forever.

2. Destiny

Riku was the one that introduced the idea of fate. Sora didn't think himself particularly destined for anything.

3. Shadow

The first heartless he fought, all the dreams that were crushed. Sora had seen what the shadows on the wall really were.

4. Key

His destiny lay in the blade, if only he would unlock the door.

5. Flowers

Kairi always smelled like fresh flowers.

6. Friendship

Donald and Sora fought a lot and Goofy wasn't always the brightest. But they were friends and mercy to whoever tried to hurt one of their friends.

7. Jealousy

There wasn't any other way to explain how Riku felt about Donald and Goofy.

8. Blind

Too bad he couldn't see that Sora would always have room in his heart for him.

9. Blizzard

It was the first spell he learned and the first step towards saving them.

10. Love

It was love that let Sora chase after Riku, even when it seemed Riku was lost to them.

11. Flight

Sora never knew how exhilarating flying was until he got to Neverland.

12. Night time

Sora wonders if Kairi and Riku are looking at the same dark sky as Donald, Goofy and him.

13. Tomorrows

Sora isn't afraid of what tomorrow holds.

14. Belle

It's French for beautiful and it suits her heart well, as she teaches Sora and the Beast how deep love goes.

15. Monster

Riku wonders if he's becoming one.

16. Dream

"Even if it's only in dreams, I'll always be with you."

17. Heart

Ansem won't find the power he wants in Kingdom Hearts; not when he doesn't understand what gives the heart its power.

18. Time

Time stood still as she called out his name.

19. Faith

Kairi, home at last, has faith in the fact that her boys will be with her soon.

20. Gateway

They had to close the gate and lost Riku and the King. Sora promised to find them despite what gates stood in his way.

21. Oblivion

They didn't realize that they had entered the castle at the edge of doom.

22. Memory

Sora knew he would fall into darkness if he couldn't find his memories of her.

23. Pencils

He found her look-a-like, grasping coloured pencils.

24. Suspicion

If this Naminé was really that important, Goofy and Donald wanted to know why Sora had only remembered her upon entering a castle that stole memories.

25. Promises

"I know that my memory is false, but I promised to protect her!"

26. Fire

As the flames subsided, he said his name was Axel.

27. Nobodies

Axel called himself a nobody. Sora, Donald and Goofy wouldn't understand why until later.

28. Forgotten

Sora may have forgotten her name and face, but he knew that she would always be his heart.

29. White

The colour of Riku's hair, the colour of Naminé's dress; He almost lost himself in the purity of it all.

30. Sleep

"You have to go to sleep. But at least you remember her now."

31. Mirror Image

He had to find him, this boy who held the key blade.

32. Haunted

Pence had told him about the girl in the Haunted Mansion. He almost felt like her; a ghost who didn't belong.

33. Whispers

In his dreams, he hears her whisper a name that isn't his own. A name like Sora.

34. Coins

Roxas feels like he and Sora are two sides of the same coin.

35. Anger

Axel was angry when he saw Rozas didn't know him anymore. Too bad that nobodies can't actually feel anger.

36. Puzzle Pieces

He tore down walls and smashed the computer. Then all the puzzle pieces fell into place when he saw Sora's face.

37. Reruns

It seemed like a rerun of the same old adventure. Yet Sora knew that wasn't so.

38. Wine

Axel remembered the first time he tricked Roxas into drinking wine and the sick look on his face afterwards. Too bad Roxas is gone and Sora doesn't have his memories.

39. Missing Links

Sora, Donald and Goofy don't remember Castle Oblivion or Naminé and Organization XII so when they met once again, it's all new for them.

40. Santa Claus

He's tired and young, so when he finally meets Santa, he gives into his childish delights and is happy.

41. Kamikaze

It's a suicide technique and he knows it. But it's worth it to know that Roxas lives on within that boy.

42. Joy

She's found her boys. Now she knows what pure, unadulterated joy feels like.

43. Fear

Whereas Kairi feels joy, Riku feels fear. He doesn't know how Sora will react to seeing he's had to accept the darkness.

44. Blood

Blood is thicker than water and Sora isn't going to stop loving Riku simply because he doesn't have the same face anymore.

45. Healing

He's finally healed from his time in the darkness. He can now uncover his eyes.

46. Family

Donald and Goofy have found their king and Sora has his friends. They stand on the edge of the battle with the families made whole.

47. Fool

This whole time Sora's acted foolish and Riku's been even more of a fool. Now it all ends with a fight against a fool.

48. Afterlife

Sora and Riku doesn't know if there if an afterlife, but they'll find out together.

49. Forgiveness

Sora forgives Riku. It's only simple.

50. Ocean

It surrounded him, the crystalline ocean water. He was home.


#1-20 is Kingdom Hearts One

#21-30 is Chain of Memories

#30-50 is Kingdom Hearts Two