Accepting the Proposal

It was another typical day in Forks. Edward lay next to me in my bed, his topaz eyes boring into my plain chocolate brown ones.

Graduation was only a week away, and Carlisle's offer to change me into a vampire still stood. That is, unless I gave into Edward's proposal. Graduation or marriage? I wasn't sure which to choose.

I loved Edward more than anything in the entire world. Of course I wanted to marry him, but I wasn't sure if it was the best thing, seeing as it was basically the kiss of death for Charlie, my father, and Renée, my mother.

Plus, there was always the chance that he would leave me. He'd left me once, why not again? What did he see in me that could possibly keep him around for long?

"Bella?" the sweet, musical voice of my love interrupted my thoughts. "What are you thinking?"

I chuckled humorlessly. Edward could read minds, yes, but we still had yet to find out why he couldn't read mine. It was a routine for him to ask me what I was thinking.

"I was thinking about accepting your proposal, actually," I told him with a smile. Sure, it wasn't the whole truth, but I did want to marry him.

His face lit up at my words. "Really, Bella?" I nodded. He kissed me passionately, and I forgot any worries I had about marriage. But then I felt something being slipped onto my left ring finger, and I pulled away.

"What's this?" I asked stupidly. It was obviously an engagement ring, but I hadn't expected one. It was beautiful of course, but I'd already told Edward that I didn't want any rings.

"Don't you like it?" Edward asked sadly. It hurt me to see him so sad, so I decided to change my tone.

"I love it!" I exclaimed. "It's perfect, just like you." Then, I kissed him, careful not to break any boundaries he had set for us until my change. Edward always said that I was too "tempting" for him.

I examined the ring after we broke apart. As soon as I saw the stone, I gasped. It was a topaz, the same color as his eyes. On the band, the word "Forever" was engraved. It was absolutely perfect. I didn't bother asking how he afforded it, because with the Cullens, nothing was ever too expensive.

"Bella!" I heard Alice call from downstairs. She had stayed the night last night, but had insisted on "sleeping" downstairs, so that Edward and I could have some alone time. "Don't ans─" But before she could finish, the doorbell rang, and I heard Edward growl beside me.

That could only mean one thing: werewolves were near. And my old best friend, Jacob Black, was probably among them.

I ran downstairs, Edward right behind me. The door flung open to reveal the entire La Push gang.

Jacob and Edward stood glaring and growling at each other. All of the wolves looked like they were fighting really hard not to change into werewolves. They didn't have much control as werewolves, so they could end up hurting a human; me, to be exact.

"I thought you were banned from ever setting foot in this house again, blood-sucker?" Jake growled at Edward. I glared at him. He knew how much I hated the term "blood-sucker." Especially when it was used against the love of my life.

"He was, but Charlie finally saw how much I needed him," I said harshly. I really didn't want to deal with this right now. I hadn't been on good terms with Jake ever since he'd told Charlie about my motorcycle days.

The werewolves snorted with laughter. "Need him?" they said in unison. "How could anyone need a blood sucker?"

Everything happened so fast after that.

The pack was thrown backwards, narrowly missing my truck. Jake and Edward growled at each other, and Jake was on the verge of exploding. Edward lashed out at Jake, narrowly missing his throat by less than an inch.

"Stop!" I shrieked. They both turned to face me. "Fighting is not going to solve anything. Besides, you might wake up the neighbors, and this bloody mess will not get past Charlie." They both stopped immediately. They knew that if I got hurt during their battle, Charlie would not be happy, and he would most likely blame it on Edward.

I lifted my hand to grab Edward's arm, but as I did so, the sunlight hit my ring, and reflected off of it. No one missed it.

Jake ran to my side and grabbed my hand, examining the ring. "Nice rock," he growled. "So you two are getting married then?"

"Yes, we are," Edward said in a harsh tone. He didn't seem to like the idea of the wolves knowing that we were engaged. Probably because then they would know that we planned on my changing, as well.

"Blood sucker and human wedding, how disgusting," Quil said, getting up. Jake shot him a look and he shut up immediately.

"Well, then," Jacob began. "We are no longer responsible for you, Bella. Of course, I will miss you if you die," he released my hand, and went back to the road. "I've always loved you."

And with that, he was gone, the rest of the pack disappearing behind him.

"Bella? Edward?" Alice's musical voice chimed out from inside, and Edward and I turned to see her, with a very frightened look on her face.