Disclaimer: Johnny and the Sprites belongs to John Tartaglia (be still my heart) and Disney Channel.

A/N: I would like to forwarn any fans of the show that I have not seen a single episode. But from what I've been able to find out there isn't an episode explaining how Johnny came to meet the Sprites... So this is just my idea of how it came to be. It'll only be... 4ish really short chapters. (COULD be just one chapter... but I'm lazy).

Johnny got out of his car and gaped at the house his great-grandfather had left him.

"Oh my gosh... What a dump." he said as he shut his car door and went up to the house.

He took note that the yard was in pretty good shape and there was a sturdy looking picnic table that Gwen would love. The porch could probably use some refinishing but looked sturdy enough. He took out the key and unlocked the door.

What he saw nearly made his legs buckle. There were vines everywhere, but other than that the room was fantastic. It was HUGE! There was a tiered staircase going up the left wall.

"I'll definitely have to get Gwen over here to help with some heavy-duty cleaning... but when this is done... Wow." He put his bag down and went up the stairs to explore. "A balcony! Right on!" he exclaimed with delight. He walked out the doors, noticing the smoked glass for the first time and gaped at the back yard while leaning over the railing. It was like a mini magical rainforest. Plants had grown up over everything. There was an old dry fountain and little nooks and crannies. And the huge tree with moss growing up over the side... it almost looked like it was glowing! Before he could go down and investigate the tree however he heard a car pull up.

"Johnny?!" he heard Gwen call as he went downstairs.

After two weeks of 'heavy-duty-oh-my-god-even-Mr.-Clean-would-be-proud' work the house was finally suitable to be inhabited. Johnny insist they leave some of the vines because they just looked like they belonged even though Gwen protested that they might hurt the structural integrity of the house. Johnny had just whined that they looked so pretty on the staircase and Gwen left it alone at that.

Johnny's furniture had arrived a few days ago and they battled the staircase to get the bedroom things in, but they did finally manage it, and the house finally looked like furnished. The rest of Johnny's things were shipped today.

"Just leave the boxes in the living room, I'll get them all sorted out." he told the movers.

"You need any more help Johnny? You look more or less like you've got things covered." Gwen asked. She dusted her hands on the sides of her jeans.

"You can go home now if you want Gwen, I'm pretty much settled now. Thanks for all the help." Johnny said. He hugged her and saw her off before hefting the first box up the stairs.

After getting upstairs with the box he pulled a couple sheets out of at started making the bed. His head shot up when he thought he heard a couple whispers in the hall. He peeked his head out the door but didn't see anything so went back to making the bed.

"I thought you weren't supposed to start hearing things until you've lived alone for a few years, not a few minutes."