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Left Behind: SG-1

Cameron Mitchell was the last back through the stargate, and he stepped out of the wormhole onto the metal grating in the SGC's 'gate room to the comforting sight of his team milling at the bottom of the ramp, already gearing down.

"Ya'll still up for movie night?" he questioned as he came down the ramp after them. They looked up at him as he stepped off onto the floor.

"Are you crazy? It's almost midnight here," Daniel answered, pulling off his vest and heading toward the door. "I'm heading home for some sleep."

Vala started to follow him. "But, Daniel, it's only midnight. Couldn't we do something before bed?" she whined suggestively.

He glanced back at her and almost glared for a moment, then rolled his eyes dismissively and kept going. "Later, guys."

"Yeah, you'll be sorry you missed 'Back to the Future'!" Cameron called after him.

Sam straightened from taking her pack off. "Really? That's what we were going to watch? I love those movies. I don't know why McKay hates them."

Vala drooped back over to them, sulking. "What is that?" she asked dejectedly.

"It is yet another popular earth culture film that you must see, Vala MalDoran," Teal'c answered.

"Well, actually it's a trilogy of movies," Cameron corrected.

"I am aware of that, Colonel Mitchell, but Daniel Jackson is correct. It I late. We should retire." Teal'c nodded to them and headed out himself. "Good night."

"Yeah, good night," Cameron answered.

"'Night, Teal'c."

"Later, muscles."

"Well, I can't sleep now. We're behind on a couple of projects in my department, so I'll probably be pulling an all-nighter," Sam sighed once the jaffa was gone. "Or a rest-of-the-nighter. Whatever."

"Aww, come on, Sam…"

She shrugged. "Sorry, got a lot of work to do. Catch you later." With that, Sam waved and left as well.

Cameron sighed. "And then there were two."

"I'll watch a movie with you," Vala offered.

He raised an eyebrow at her. "Nothing better to do?" She grinned sheepishly. "Fine."

Daniel Jackson was dead tired. They'd been on P34-373 for several days, starting relations with the locals. It was fascinating work for him, but the time difference between the two different continents on their two different worlds had taken their toll on him. Now SG-1 had finally been able to hand over the dealings to a diplomatic team, and had come home. Even though it was midday on the planet they'd left, it was the middle of the night here, and he hadn't had a lot of sleep in the past week. That was exactly what he planned on doing as soon as he got home.

He'd gotten as far as turning off the highway toward his neighborhood before, in the blink of an eye, everything changed.

Cameron dropped onto the couch in front of the television in the room Vala had claimed at the SGC. Since it was just the two of them for movie night, there was no need to go to anyone's house with the group; Vala had acquisitioned a DVD player and TV months ago.

"Well, come on--press play," Vala urged eagerly.

Cam grinned at her and picked up the remote. "All right, all right, I hear y-" He stopped suddenly, and time to seemed to slow. In a single fraction of a second, several things happened at once. He heard loudly and clearly the sound of a trumpet, remembered as if it were yesterday the purposely-forgotten prayer he had made with his grandmother as a child, Vala and the room around him disappeared…and Cameron discovered without a shadow of a doubt that his grandma had been right all along.

Sam tapped her pen against the top of the table in thought. "Well, if that doesn't work, maybe we should try a different scanner."

Hannah Gerber looked up from her microscope. "That might work. Do you really think we'll be able to identify this substance though? It's so completely different from anything we've seen before."

Sam shrugged at her fellow scientist. "That's not unusual when it comes to alien planets, Hannah. If we can't relate it to anything else, or identify it as similar to something we already know, we can always name it ourselves," she grinned.

"Good point," Hannah smiled. The woman was young a recent edition to the science department of the SGC, but she was brilliant and Sam enjoyed working with her. The only downside was that if they needed to work overtime on something, Hannah would never agree to do it on Sundays.

"I wish we could just contact the Asgard," Sam sighed.

"I know," Hannah sighed. "I never met one, but I heard a lot about them. It seems so wrong sometimes that they're gone now."

Sam huffed and spun her chair away from the table, facing the other wall for a moment. "It's not fair."

"Everything happens for a purpose, Sam."

"Oh, don't go into that--" Sam groaned, turning back to her friend….but she wasn't there. Could she have walked off in the five seconds since she'd finished speaking and Sam had turned around?

A pinging sound rang from the other side of the table. Frowning, Sam stood and came around it. "Hannah?"

Sam stopped and stared at what she saw on the other side. Hannah's wedding ring was on the floor rolling toward her. It stopped by her foot as Sam traced its path back with her eyes to where a pile of clothes, shoes, a ponytail holder, and a lab jacket sat on the floor as if they had just fallen. Obviously they had.

It took a few seconds for the shock to wear off.

"Hannah!" Sam shouted.

Then the alarms went off.

Daniel watched in horror as the dark silhouette of the person in the vehicle in front of him disappeared. In a second, the quiet of the night drive home became a blare of screeching tires, shrieking horns, and screaming. He slammed on the brake and swerved, but it was too late to avoid hitting the car. At least the somehow-unmanned vehicle cushioned the impact with the telephone pole--though that didn't stop Daniel's head from jerking forward into the steering wheel and knocking his world into blackness.
Vala stared at the place on the couch where Cameron Mitchell had been just seconds before almost a full minute before she screamed.

"Cameron!" She jumped up off the couch. All of his clothes, his dog tags, and the television remote he'd been holding were sitting on the seat, his pants hanging off the edge and leading to his shoes that sat on the floor. She felt her heat pounding a mile-a-minute already.

"Cameron, stop it! You can't do this to me; it's not funny! Those cloaking things are not toys, and how did you get it to do that to your clothes, anyway? Normally I'd be a little bit interested in the idea of you running around my room naked, but it's no fun when I can't see you!" It sounded completely ridiculous, but it was the only explanation she could come up with. Unfortunately, she didn't think it was the right one.

And there was no answer, no responding shimmer of the air to bring him back, no nothing.

"Please? I don't like this Cameron, stop. Cameron!!"

Vala could feel tears in her eyes and tried to blink them back, but her eyes betrayed her. Something told her Cameron wasn't coming back.


Blindly, she pushed open the door of her room and ran. She didn't care where, but she couldn't stay in there. The emergency alarms went off as she ran, but she hardly noticed and didn't connect it with what she had seen. She didn't stop until she ran into a solid, warm black wall that caught her.

"Vala MalDoran! You must calm yourself," Teal'c said firmly, holding onto her when she struggled to get away.

Vala pulled back and looked up at him, realizing now who he was. "Teal'c! Cameron's gone! He just disappeared into thin air; I don't know what happened, I--"

The jaffa's hands tightened on her shoulders a bit. "Colonel Mitchell has vanished as well?"

"Yea--wait, as well?"

Teal'c nodded. "Many have disappeared from the SGC. More than one has seen in happen, and I myself have seen piles of clothes in the corridors."

"What's going on?" Vala asked weakly, wiping the tears from her face. So it wasn't an isolated incident. People were gone. A lot of people.

"I do not know," he admitted solemnly.

"What do you mean you don't know? This is some kind of alien attack, isn't it? It has to be."

"I do not know," Teal'c said again.

"Sam!" Vala gasped suddenly. "She's still here, too. She was going to work. We have to find her."

The jaffa nodded in agreement. "Indeed."

If she wasn't gone too.

Sam glanced up when the emergency alarms started blaring, then bolted. When she got to the control room, General Landry was there. The man seemed to have aged ten years in the few minutes since she'd seen him through the control room window from the 'gate room before heading to her office.

"What happened?"

Landry turned to her quickly. "Colonel Carter! It's good to see you. There's no way of knowing…"

"Knowing what?" Sam gulped.

The general's face looked haunted. "Of knowing who's still here and who's not. We've been getting calls in from all over the base about people disappearing--right out of their clothes. It happened here too"

It hadn't just been Hannah. People were vanishing all over the SGC. What was happening!

Sam glanced around the room and saw a pile of clothes in the rolling chair that sat in front of the iris monitor. The nametag sat at an angle on the top of the pile: it read Harriman. Walter…

"Oh no," she swallowed, paling. "I-I didn't see it. I was turned around, but I looked back and my research assistant was just gone."

"The story of the moment, colonel," Landry replied grimly. And now that Sam thought about it, she remembered passing two or three blurs on the floor on the way here that must have been piled of clothes too.

The alarms were still sounding, and finally the general seemed to have had enough. "Would someone shut those things off! Leave the emergency lighting, but stop that noise!" Landry shouted.

When no-one moved to touched the vacated console where that command could be executed--the spot Walter Harriman had been sitting--Sam swallowed and did it herself. Moments later the wailing sirens obediently cut off, leaving Stargate Command in a deafening, red silence.