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(updated November 12, 2007 to answer SilentKing's questions scroll down below.)


Yuuki and Sei got married.

President Genrou Kaioh had realized that he is happy as long as his daughter is happy. He is expecting the women to succeed Kaioh Corporation.

Yano managed Tenoh Steel Manufacturing, the company put up by Yuuki and Haruka. It is now the number one supplier of Steel all over the country, hoping to go on global.

Mamoru a.k.a. Hamilton continued racing in the U.S. He figured that he would never fall in love again.

Sagara became a colonel in a military base somewhere in the Pacific.

Ken earned his promotion as vice-president in the advertising agency and married the manager of Honshu's Art Supplies. She was the girl Haruka had flirted back then.

Cathy Chiba went back to France, still looking for another wife for her son.

Mr. Schmitz sponsored the art exhibit of Michiru in Italy.

And everybody live happily ever after.

From the author

Actually, this chapter was already prepared together with chapter 22 but I intended to upload this late so that I can use this one to answer questions that the readers might wonder after an abrupt ending in the previous chapter. I somehow expected numerous questions but instead after reading the first few reviews, I got nervous when I read the reviews saying, "I can't wait to read the EXTRA chapter". But this chapter cannot even be considered a proper epilogue. If this was a movie, the credits should have been rolling by now when the above lines would be flashed on screen. Well, what really happened to the characters is exactly what you had read above.

Time to answer questions. I plan to answer questions raised since the beginning of the story.

(These is the most asked question throughout the story.) Why are the chapters short?

The chapters are meant for humor and to entertain so I had this vision in my head that this story will only serve as a 'break' to readers. I was hoping that amidst the busy day/work of the reader, this story could put a smile in one's face even for just the shortest moment (as to not disrupt work/daily tasks so much), then be inspired for the rest of the day.

What's the deal for the Y-names?

Honestly, I never thought about it when I wrote it. I just realized that I had used Y-names when I read the reviews. I reread my chapters and got amazed myself. I had no idea! Yano/Yuki/Yui/Yuuichiro/Yamamura… "Wow! I am totally clueless on this one! Perhaps, a person from my subconsciousness? But I don't know somebody with a Y-name. Maybe one of the readers here has a name that begins with the letter Y. If by any chance there is, then, please take it as a tribute to you. My subconscious seems to acknowledge you."

The marriage certificate, did Michiru's dad set it up, or did Mamoru set it up for Haruka's sake?

The marriage certificate is real as defined by the Kaioh customs and traditions. It seems the family can enjoy special treatment with the law. But Mamoru and Michiru agreed to file a divorce for both of their sakes. Thus, there was a happy ending.

Was the pun intended for the title?

Yes. (guilty) But the true explanation for it was written in Chapter 22.

(I got asked a lot with this question.) Will there be a continuation of Journey Through?

Well, if you're referring to Journey Through alone, then, there's the sequel called Journey Through 2: Masquerade Night. As for a continuation of Masquerade Night… hmmm… I'll try to think about it. But, I'm glad that many of you like that story. That story is precious to me as my first alternate universe story and the rest of the stories sprung from there.

Are you planning on writing another story?

It all depends if I'm going to have a good free time to write because I'm sure that the chapters will be long by then. I cannot assure though that it would be a continuation of Journey Through. I'm still thinking it over.

So Hamilton was Mamoru's American/Nickname?

Hamilton was Mamoru's nickname in the racetracks (from Chapter 13).

8. Why was Haruka commitment phobic? Usually, fear is stricken by a traumatic past. However, it was stated that she never had been involved before Michiru.

Sometimes, phobia is innate in a person. (winks)

Why did Mamoru continue with the formalization of the arranged marriage? Is he already part of the grand scheme? If so, then does that mean Haruka is already aware of it back then?

There's a time lag in chapter 18 on which Haruka went back to the United States. During those months, Michiru's father organized the arranged marriage. This is at the same time that Mamoru/Hamilton became aware of the identity of his 'wife'. Since, Mamoru and Haruka are really good friends, we can infer that Mamoru had shared this information with Haruka and everybody became part of the grand scheme. LOL

It sounded as if Mamoru was broken hearted; was he in love with haruka? It was mentioned before that they dated. Also, it was mentioned that Mamoru eloped with his girl friend before returning and resigning to his fate. So, what happened to that girl? Didn't Mamoru look for her?

Mention in chapter 19 was the fact that Mamoru left home. I believe that he did not elope with his girlfriend. Was Mamoru in love with Haruka? I think I am not in the place to answer that question. (snickers)

Perhaps, you should create some illustrations in your future fictions. Hey, you got the talent, why not share it and inspire others?

Do you mean drawings/sketches/fanfic-inspired art? I do have it for The Project and My Red Angel. PM me your new e-mail address and it will be my pleasure to send it to you.

12. If we pressure you, as in bug you everyday, would that compel you to write sooner!

Kidding. Kidding. Kidding.

LOL. I don't know about that.

There, I hope everything was clear. Thank you very much for taking time to read "Within These Belts." Please also take some time at reading my previous fics. Have a nice day everyone!