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She was tired. It had occurred to her that it was because of the endless fighting, but the thought passed in only milliseconds, as she brought down her four hundredth youma of the night. The enemy was failing, and her senshi, her love and her guardians who, in calculated positions on their planet, were using much of the energy the Earth held in reserve.

The energy that was the very soul of the Earth. They knew that it would inevitably kill not only the planet if they continued taking it's energy, but the life of her Love. But they needed to take the power into themselves to stop the invading forces, they couldn't risk their Princess' life so early on.

The battles had seemed to be coming for weeks, months even, when it had only been days, but soon it was to come to a halt. In the beginning they had been caught off guard, and they suffered dearly.

Half of the Earth's populace had been killed in the first attack on the Southern half of Europe, Africa and Northern Australia. North Japan was destroyed when the senshi teleported away for only hours. A point that made them quickly begin fighting from sketchily discovered points where they could evenly and effectively stop the Youma from landing on the Earth, and sometimes stopping them before they even reached the atmosphere.

They had felt the demise of the people when the attack had come. Angry hatred for the purity they could feel radiating from one single person. Not just the purity, but the power that such purity brought along with it. The purity of true life and light embodied in a single being. They despised it.

The warriors could feel the bitterness as the dark ones began their ruthless attack. All fourteen fought with a fervor that was their element. All were passionate, and all used as little energy as possible.

The waves of Youma and generals of the dark forces finally came to a halt, and the leader in intelligence scanned the orbit around the Earth, seeking where the attacks had come from, her bright blue eyes narrowed when she found the place of coming.

"Hime-sama, it is coming from directly above yourself. The Moon is their current base of operations." She clipped out with conviction. Their Princess steeled herself with resolution.

"Thank you Mercury. Senshi, Endymion, Luna, Artemis, Diana, teleport here, now. We will finish this." She ordered, and the nine other women appeared in colorful blasts of power, standing next to the one they vowed to protect for now and forever.

"Serenity-sama, is it safe for Small Lady and Diana to accompany us?" A dirty blond asked fervently, worry was evident in her sky blue eyes.

"They must come with us, for the sake of the planets in our Solar System. We need all the aid we can possibly get. They both hold a fair more amount of power, and power is more than useful right now." The short blond spoke with great care, and yet with such authority. "I would prefer we split up once on the Moon. Luna and Uranus, to the old ruins in the Sea of Serenity."

"Diana, Endymion, my love, you two will cover the capital city. Mercury, Chibi-Moon, take the Northernmost post on the Moon. Darling daughter, don't fail me."

"I won't Moon Mama!" Chibi-Moon stuck her thumb up happily, albeit tiredly.

"Mars and Neptune will take the Southernmost. Pluto, Venus, as leaders, I want the two of you to go and look in on the streams of time, I know you feel the tugging Pluto, stop them from tampering with time!"

"Artemis, Jupiter! You will take the lands in the far east, don't fail me. Saturn and I will take the interior of the White Moon Palace! Let's move!" The group nodded in unison as they took up their respective arms

Uranus took her sword out swiftly, while Neptune looked within her clouded mirror. Saturn's glaive glowed like death in the paling light of the Moon. Rei found her bow of fire seated comfortably in her hands, and Mercury's harp was melodious with the chiming of battles to come.

Minako snapped her whip methodically while taking out the Wink sword of the Moon. Handing it to Artemis, she kissed him on the cheek sadly.

"I'll miss you, big brother." Tears threatened to leave her eyes.

"This is not goodbye, but merely, 'See you later'." Artemis replied as he walked to Jupiter's side.

Jupiter pounded her fists together in anticipation, and Endymion released his sword from the sheath strapped soothingly at his side. All fourteen quickly disappeared only to reappear both in the time stream and on their assigned places on the Moon.

It was over before it began. A force hidden from sight took the Earth instantaneously, both the Prince Endymion, and Serenity and Endymion's future Daughter died as the planet and it's peoples were killed without mercy.

In a span of only minutes, the Earth fell, crumbling from existence and Chibi-Moon wailed for Serenity as she lost her shape, and Endymion said lost love words to the woman of his life.

Serenity screamed when she felt their lives disappear. Hurt and Love reached them before they were completely gone. But soon gone they were.

"You will pay! You will pay for the hurt that you have caused, the suffering, the pain!" Serenity shook with deadly calm. Saturn stood next to her, stoic and quiet.

"Hime-sama, we must continue, we might be able to bring them back if we repair the planet." Saturn's voice was gentle, yet it was hoarse, she was not immune to the death of two of her greatest friends.

"Then we continue. Too many lives were lost to them." Serenity spat, even while her voice was full of hope for her lost child and lost love. "Let's go through the servants corridors, that is where we may find the easiest access, they won't expect us to know them." Her cool voice filtered only to Saturn's ears.

"Of course Serenity-hime." Saturn nodded.

"Chibi-Moon? Chibi!" Mercury stood back as she watched the child scream for her mommy. Then she went calm, then she disappeared completely. "This is not good." Mercury said to herself as her visor whipped across her face as she searched the north of the Moon.

Her eyes widened exponentially as she read what was going across the screen. Quickly turning she prepared her harp, and steadied her breathing.

"Mercury, Hermes, please, help me! Mercury Crystal Power!" The scream erupted from her body as she was awash with a brilliant ice blue light and power surged through her body from Mercury. A horde of Youma, larger than the forces that had attacked the Earth for those few days that they fought non stop was now flying and running towards her at incredible speeds.

"MERCURY AQUA RHAPSODY!" Water quickly erupted from the Mercury Harp and with amazing speed and precision hit near half of her attackers, rendering the first wave useless. Continuing on gruesomely, the enemy came faster, with more speed, and much, much more power.

"Shabon Spray!" Mercury dodged and encircled the second wave with much of her receding power, but she was hell bent on finishing off this force, even if it killed her.

"I call upon the powers of Mercury, Planet of Waters and Ice, heed my call! Give me strength and the wisdom to pull through. Help me protect my Princess, my friend! Mercury Crystal Power!"

And so it happened, using her planets sacred Crystal to the maximum power, she shattered her hope of life, and the planet that she held so dear to her heart. The power that flowed, raw, freezing power, destroyed the hordes that had attacked herself, and in the process, destroyed her living body. Retreating to the Galaxy Cauldron, she rested, until needed once more by her best friend and Princess.

Diana stood trembling as she touched Endymion's still warm body. Tears flowed from her eyes as she watched one of her mentors fade into the flowers and greenery that his home planet was known for. Softly, she cried out, but the sadness could not envelope her, for something lurked behind her. She had the luck of meeting one of the deadliest of the generals to this organization of death, destruction and evil. Taking out a wand that her mother used once long ago on the Planet Mau, she prepared for what she knew would take her life.

"Please, Sailor Mau(1), give me strength! Luna Sucre Candy(2)!" She shouted, the attack phased the attacker, only for a second, and Diana was given time to place herself at peace, before she felt a power, too large for her young body enter her.

Sweet Diana, I will help you. Just call on the power of Mau. My starseed is still bright. You will not survive this, dearheart, but take heed, for you are like myself, you may live again.

Diana nodded, her face changed to a deathly pale white and her eyes a bright maroon. "Mau Planet Power!" The scream tore through the atmosphere of the Moon, alerting all that knew the sweet young shape shifter.

Another cry was heard right after it, a cry of utter pain and hatred as it faded into nothing. There were no traces left of the young Diana, nor of her opponent. The starseed of the child made it's way unerringly to the Galaxy Cauldron, to wait, with the Lady of Mercury.

"Uranus. I must wait. I... I lost her. Her presence is gone!" Luna panicked, as she grabbed onto Uranus' bow. A small wand appeared before her, and Luna snatched it will all the power she held.

"Who? Who is gone!?" Uranus shook Luna, and she seemed to figure it out, through the grief stricken eyes of a mother, that had just lost her only child.

"Diana." She whispered, her voice merely a part of the breeze that wound it's way over them. Dust followed soon after, and Uranus looked up sharply.

"Luna! The Moon doesn't have wind... Does it?" She asked in a hard tone. Luna looked up, her tears retreating as she knew that they would have to fight. She would give her life, then she would be with her daughter soon.

"No." Standing perfectly still, Luna sighed out words that she had used only on the planet Mau. "Luna Prism Power(3)!" Winds shook the place where she stood, and her Tiara glowed yellow in the faint light reflecting from another planet light years away. "The Sailor Senshi of Love and Small Things." She said softly, before powering up.

"Right." Uranus said, a little relieved that she had somebody that would be able to take some power and fight. "Let's do this." Winds of high speeds kicked up at her feet and swirled about the two, creating a tornado, and they were in the eye of the storm.

"Luna Power!"

"Uranus Crystal Power!"

A beast broke through the barrier... then another, and soon the whirlwind of a tornado quit completely as Princess Uranus stood tall and proud in a navy blue ball gown, Space Sword held high, and Luna stood by her side, Candy wand at the ready. They glowed brightly as they charged into the masses, in a suicide attack, that destroyed not only them, but the home planet of Uranus blew into billions of pieces as the Uranus Crystal shattered with the exertion of it's Princess.

Two bright starseeds met up with the two waiting at the Cauldron. The dark yellow met up and stayed right beside the light lavender.

"Diana! She's gone! I can't feel her! All I feel is anger! Luna! She's going crazy." Artemis cursed out loud as Jupiter merely shifted her weight from foot to foot.

"She's restless, like all others, she feels the need to fight and then return to the one that she cares for most right now. Maternal instinct." Jupiter replied slowly, carefully choosing her words.

"Of course... And we're going to have to fight soon too." Artemis pointed out as his eyes followed something in the distance. "I have the Wink sword, you have much power. We'll take it out in no time."

Jupiter nodded in her assent as she placed a crown of Oak Leaves upon her head. The monster attacked at that moment, and Artemis parried the blow from the monster's arm quickly. A shriek of rage came at that moment, throwing him off guard, and throwing him away, while Jupiter ran at the monsters' side, it's attention focused on the flying Artemis.

"Sparkling wide Pressure!" Jupiter held two balls of lightening in each hand and threw them while running, then she quickly stopped as the General, as they figured from it's apparent strength, turned to her. "That's right, come to mama... Coconut Cyclone!" Whirls of lightening bombarded the General from the front as Artemis attacked from the back. Successfully killing the creature, but leaving the two tired from their small exertions. The power of the Earth had died out before they had got to the Moon, and the days of fighting tired them out. That's when Artemis cried.

He cried for the loss of his love, as she passed from his world in a passionate display of love for her daughter. He cried for the daughter that he never had the chance to have with the love of his life, and he cried because he knew that the life of this world was coming to an end anyways.

Jupiter stood stoic and under control during the whole display. Stoic even as she watched as this General's troops surrounded them. She knew that they would die fighting, but that's what she wanted, to die a Senshi's death. To make her mom and dad proud, even if they had died long, long ago.

"Artemis, let's finish this. Jupiter Crystal Power." Her whisper was enough for Artemis to stand. Angrily he wiped the tears from his eyes.

"You will all pay for the pain and suffering you have caused. Wink sword, give me your power!" The sword melted into him, suffusing him with a glow not quite his own. A glow of gold, a contrast to the glow of emeralds that emitted from the Princess form of Jupiter, a wreath of Pink Oak Leaves sitting upon her head. She smiled serenely at Artemis, and then they both let their power go.

As it flowed, their living bodies disintegrated, they felt no pain, just raw power. The planet of Jupiter, with it's excess gases, released it's toxins into the air as it too disintegrated from existence. Two more starseeds joined the others at the Galaxy Cauldron, the bright white Seed found the yellow and lavender. They seemed to be content together.

"Haruka." Neptune whispered sadly. "We will not come out of this alive, I think, Mars." Neptune smiled ruefully. Mars looked at her sadly. She knew that as well, and she just wished that she could see her Princess, and her leader and best friend one more time(4).

"I know. You lost Uranus didn't you?" She stood tall as she watched her fire bow crackle as flames ate at it in a never ending display. Neptune seemed to be entranced as well, until they heard the cackling of Youma. The two nodded to each other, and seemed to say farewell. Mars stood and took out her ofuda scrolls, placing the Mars bow on the ground she dusted herself off. She glared angrily at the Youma.

"Do you think that we can finish them off, for our Princess, at least?" Neptune asked in her light voice, taking out her Violin and tuning it quietly. Mars stuck the ofuda scrolls into her back bow as she began to chant and make hand seals at the same time.

"Rin, Pyou, Tou, Sha, Kai, Jin, Retsu, Sai, Sen... Akuryou Taisan!" She yelled as she began running into the army of the demons dodging and twirling through them, then she jumped into the air, and let the ofuda scrolls go, they immobilized all of the demons as Neptune continued their attack viciously, albeit beautifully.

"Submarine Violin Tide!" She whispered harshly as waters of the deep exploded against their enemies, killing most, as Mars began her second attack.

"Mars Flame Sniper!" Shots of flame enraptured the enemy as it killed off the last of the army on their part of the planet. "I think, Neptune, that we are going to face somebody that isn't going to go as easy on us." Mars spoke humorlessly as she watched a rather large being erupt from the ground around them.

"Well, I think that we shouldn't go easy on him either." Neptune smirked as she took out the Neptune Crystal, Mars did the same.

"Neptune Crystal Power!"

"Mars Crystal Power!" The energy flowed and writhed as deep ocean waters and flames of passion encircled each other as the two powered up to their final forms, Princesses. Neptune was now wearing her beautiful sea green dress, while Mars adorned a flaming red dress.

"We are the Sailor Senshi of this Solar System!" They spoke in unison, their voices like the passion of water and flame synchronized and yet utterly wild. Eyes of fire and eyes of water glowed as they let their selves go, the power ate away at them, while killing the General that hadn't a chance of even beginning an attack. She tried to run, but the power pulled and ate away, not caring about where this creature was going, only that it had to destroy it, for the sake of the Princess.

Soon Mars and Neptune disappeared from the Solar System completely, and only the Moon, Pluto, Saturn and Venus remained, sad and alone without their other planets to console and live alongside.

"They're gone. My Senshi, my Guardians, my daughter, my Love. The only ones left are you and I, and maybe Pluto and Venus, I cannot feel them while they are at the Gates of Time." Serenity spoke unabashed at the fact that the Palace would be crawling with evil Youma.

"Where are we going, Hime-sama?" Saturn asked softly, as she looked up at the one that they had sworn to protect at all costs.

"The Throne room. The leader will want to feel power by sitting on the Throne that once belonged to the Lunarian Queens of this Moon. We will take him down, even at the cost of losing the last planets here in this Solar System." Serenity's voice was that of a hardened warrior. Saturn recalled a day in time long ago when Serenity was so emotionless. A time that she had believed that Endymion had been taken from her.

She had stated that she did not care if she had to destroy everything to find him. Now that he was gone, was she going to do this?

"I am not doing this because of him. I have come a far way, but I cannot let Kakyuu-san and the Starlights be harmed by this creature, and Galaxia-san hasn't even met it. We cannot let this go like Chaos." Serenity spoke with passion, and love for her friends. "We don't have a choice, especially when everything we know is gone. I cannot heal it, only time. We must stop this enemy, before it releases Chaos, like the one that had taken ahold of Galaxia." She continued forward. Saturn nodded mutely.

"This is it, isn't it Hime-sama?" Saturn asked as Serenity's Crescent Moon glowed upon her forehead. Her white dress billowed about her, and her white wings snapped open, and Saturn knew that she was contacting the last two Senshi, other than herself and Serenity. Sighing, she called upon the last of her power of the Planet Saturn.

"Saturn Crystal Power!" A dark violet glow, almost black, took her into it's dark embrace. And then it was over, she stood tall and proud, with her Silence Glaive upright at her side. She listened intently to the conversation between Serenity and Pluto.

Pluto, you must seal the gates of time. We cannot let them get in there. Do as you did when you sealed Pharaoh 90 in the world that he wished to emerge from. Seal us in here! Don't let our power out to destroy anything else! I will see you again soon! Serenity's sad voice echoed in the minds of Saturn, Pluto and Venus.

As you wish Hime-sama, Serenity. The reply was full of remorse. Venus and I shall search for you and the others wherever your starseeds go. Was all that was heard, and then one last phrase came, before the feeling of being connected to the other places in the Universe was cut off, a goodbye from Venus nearly got cut off.

DARK DOME CLOSE!(5)Pluto's voice was louder than it needed to be, but it was all that she could do from crying out in pain and loss.

See you later Usa-chan! Hota-chan! Kick their butts! A sad voice entered their heads as they walked into the Throne room.

Serenity stopped with surprise as she stared at the figure on the Throne.

"Demando?" Her voice was soft, and sad. Wistful.

"Well, well, well. The Princess of this place finally shows her face. Though I don't know why you would call me by the name that I was planning on giving my first son." The man on the throne spoke, soft lavender hair fell to his waist in waves, and eyes of such depth and darkness stared at Serenity with anger. "You are the one we set out to kill. Such purity, such life. Dearest wife, come, see this leech on our hate, this killer of darkness." The man spoke in anger.

"My, my, my. Isn't she just a pretty little thing. Tell me, Amethyst, may we kill her?" The woman had long reddish hair, with dark rouge eyes. She placed her hands on a swelling belly.

"Garnet, you may attack the smaller one, she is nothing to us." Amethyst spoke, his voice dark as his wife jumped at Princess Hotaru suddenly, and viciously.

"Hotaru, power up. You must place you're glaive towards the ground!" Serenity spoke softly as she brought out the Crescent wand she had when she first started fighting the Nega-verse. The length of the wand was that of a large staff now, but the Crescent moon still stood proudly at the top. Placing the Maboroshi no Ginzuishu in the small indent made for it, Serenity wielded the staff with expert prowess.

"Silver Moon Crystal Power." The blast aimed at Garnet struck true, though she soon disappeared into nothingness.

"You. You killed her! You killed a child that didn't have the chance to grow! And yet you consider yourself pure!" Amethyst growled as he had watched his wife and future child destroyed.

"When threatened by evil, and evil growing within that evil, I will fight and destroy it before it has the chance to kill the others of this world." Serenity spoke solemnly. Amethyst stood angrily.

"I'll kill you!" He growled. But there was no chance, as Serenity closed her eyes and Hotaru lowered her now glowing Silence Glaive.

Touching the ground, a bright silvery light erupted from Serenity's Moon Wand, and the Maboroshi no Ginzuishu expanded and encased it's holder in a fine crystalline prison. Serenity watched as the Ginzuishu didn't stop there, but encased the whole Moon, skipping over Saturn and the Dark Moon King, Amethyst. With terror stricken eyes, Serenity cried out as her youngest Senshi smiled as she disappeared, her sweet violet eyes held no pain as she lost her life. The last of the starseeds to make it's way to the Galaxy Cauldron, it found it's fellow starseeds, and waited, in hopes of seeing the White Moon Princess in a few million years.

Serenity went to sleep, on the only planet in the Solar System to have survived, the centre of the planet was warm, and her subconscious watched as her homeworld began to rebuild itself.

The coming of the 9 planets was like nothing her subconscious could contain, and she smiled in her sleep, and barely opened her lashes just to watch, then just as they opened, they closed. And once more, the White Moon Princess was in a restless slumber.

Millions of years passed, and many explored the Moon, but the Crystal hid all the remains of the Silver Palace, and the Crystal prison that held the Princess. The Moon that hid another, more terrifying secret within it's depths.

Another hundred years passed, and the feeling of being alone in the Universe left the reborn peoples of the planet Earth, filling them with a sense of happy fulfillment. Serenity opened her eyes as the crystal exhausted the rest of its power, letting the Moon free of its previous encasement, it flowed into the body of the Princess reborn.

After a shuddering breath entered her body, something snatched her from behind, and she was unconscious before she had the chance to explore her new home.

1. Sailor Mau; she was the Sailor Senshi of Luna and Artemis' home planet. Sailor Tin Nyanko(I think :S) revealed that after the two guardian cats 'abandoned' their planet, Chaos destroyed it.

2. Luna Sucre Candy; In the Live action series of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Luna had a transformation into Sailor Luna, her outfit and attacks were designed by Naoko Takeuchi herself. :D

3. Luna Prism Power; the phrase that Luna would use to become Sailor Luna, the Senshi of Love and Small Things.

4. Best Friend; Though it isn't said in the anime or in the Manga, Rei and Minako are best friends in the anime, due to the facts of Rei and Minako being very secretive with their lives, and their inability to become friends with others so easily, and the fact that Minako opened up to Rei, and also trained her to be the second leader of the Inner Senshi, should Minako ever be indisposed.

5. Dark Dome Close; though I don't think it was mentioned in the anime, in the Manga, Sailor Pluto had a special attribute with her ability to close off gates and portals to other worlds with this phrase. In the Pharaoh 90 arc, Sailor Saturn instructed her to close off the world where Pharaoh 90 had tried to come from. So for everybody who thinks that Pluto has no ability to control things from other worlds, they're wrong, because she if she can close worlds, then obviously she'll have the power to open up portals and doors to others.

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