Mystery in the Music

Chapter 8: At Last

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Dear Christine,

It makes me happy knowing that you are happy. I would never think you a tramp, I know exactly what happened. I guess you could say I was there, without your knowledge. I will be there today when you audition, and I know you will do nothing short of breathtaking. I will contact you soon. See you later, love.


See you later? He had never put 'see you later' before. Did that mean he was planning on revealing himself? Christine sighed and headed for the opera with her sheet music.

She had never seen auditions done in such a manner. The managers had everyone line up on the stage and when it was your turn to audition, you would step in front of everyone and perform your song. Though of course, with her luck, Christine was the last to audition.

She stepped in front of everyone and began singing. Erik played the piano for her and smiled as she sang. His eyes were closed, as they were both enthralled in the beautiful music they were making together. When she finished, she got a large applause from the other contestants.

"Well Mr. Satie, what do you think?" Andre inquired.

Erik looked right at Christine and said, "I will tell you this: she is a true musician, one that has a passion for music that is deeper than anyone can imagine. She will be in the spotlight, because I will get her there."

Christine gasped as a thousand thoughts ran through her mind at his words "I will help you get there…though I stay a recluse, I am a musician…you will not know it is me, nor will you expect it…I cannot keep myself away any longer…I will be there today when you audition…See you later."

"Angel?!" she gasped looking Erik in the eye.

"Angel?" Carlotta squawked, "Angels are smart, he must be stupid to allow you in the spotlight, you toad!"

"Madam, I want you out of my opera house now!" Erik roared.

"Ha, your opera house?" she said with a smirk, "Just want makes you think that it is your opera house?"

"Madam, I am the owner of the opera and this building. Before I was part owner, I just bought the other half from my partner not long ago. Now, if you don't remove yourself from the premises, I will escort you." He said, very grim. Carlotta squawked and ran out.

Erik looked back at Christine, but she was no where to be found. "Continue Andre, I will be back." He said, as he ran back stage.

Christine was in the dressing room getting her stuff together.

"Christine." He whispered.

"It was you all along?" she whispered.


Christine shook her head as she walked to him. "No, I-" Then she broke down and cried. She launched herself at Erik, and held him in a lock embrace. Her knees gave out and brought them both to the floor. Erik scooted them against a wall, and propped her up.

"Christine-"he was cut off.

"I just wanted it to be you really bad. I knew it was you. Your smell," she inhaled him. "Your voice; your feel, I'm so glad it's you."

Christine boldly turned and kissed him on the lips. Erik was surprised, but more than happy to deepen the kiss. She snaked her arms around his neck, as his went to her waist.

"I've fallen in love with you, Erik. I know we've only known each other for a few days, but I've always been in love with my angel. And then I was getting feelings for you. I thought, how could this be? Can I be in love with two men? Then, it turned out to be the same man." She cried as kissed him again.

"I'm sorry, Christine. I wanted you to figure it out for yourself. I'm so glad you found out now."

"Really, why?"

"Because, I've always been in love with my angel." Erik said, just before he passionately kissed her once more.


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