NejiXTenten. A random conversation on their way home from a mission that led to the realization that opposites attract. This is going just a tad bit too far.

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Chapter Six: Proposal, Neji Style

"Very funny! You might as well have a career as a clown or a comedian!"

He chuckled to himself. They have arrived at Konoha. Kotetsu and Izumo greeted them at the gate and they went on to report at the Hokage's mansion.

"Three-two, in my favour. You're keeping score, right?"

"You're unreal." She complained.

"You started it."

"The Hyuugas sure don't like losing, huh? Even Hinata refused to lose to you!"

"I don't know anyone who likes losing."

She sighed. She couldn't defeat him in training. She still couldn't defeat him in something like this. But it was worth it because she got him talking actual words aside from his usual 'hn.'

"Neji… what is it like to be a Hyuuga?"

He carries Konoha's most prominent last name. She has none. That was too obvious.

"It's a privilege and a burden at the same time."

"A privilege because people look up to you. A burden because you have to be there when they look up." He explained with his usual stern tone.

"I didn't know you look at it that way… you live up to it though, I'm telling you."

She glanced at him. He's so serious all of a sudden. Talking about his clan has that effect on him and she knows that. Her wits must have taken a leave of absence for her to bring out the topic.

"So I guess it's not that bad that I don't have a last name…"

"What last name do you think will suit me?" She asked to somehow ease the atmosphere.

"Hyuuga, nothing else will do."

Her eyes widened, staring at his still stoic face.

"Wha… what's that… again?" She stuttered.

"You want to be sure?"

She nodded eagerly and her eyes pleaded.

"Four-two, final score." He said, smiling at her.


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