Fic rating: T

Genre: Romance/ General

Summary: Inspired by the bonus pages in bleach manga, "Bleach on the Beach". It was so funny. I forgot the chapter number. Hehehe.

Pairings: mainly IchiRuki

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Bleach on the Beach

Chapter one

"Sugoi!" Rukia exclaimed. "So this is a beach. Really nice."

She looked around to marvel her surroundings.

"This is really nice, Orihime-san!" Matsumoto praised her.

"Thank you, Rangiku-chan. I used to go here with my other friends every summer. So since that all of our problems are finished, why we don't go here." Orihime said happily.

They are at a certain beach away from Karakura. Ichigo's whole group and also the Soul Society people. Kyouraku-taichou was away from the group ever since they got at the beach.

Then, Nanao approached him and asked, " Like what are you doing, taichou?"

"Since that we are in a beach, and full of happy people, I'm looking obviously for bikini-clad women." He said, smiling.

Nanao picked up a block of wood somewhere and smacked him at the head.

"Why, my Nanao-chan?! That hurts!" he said and crying dramatically.

Back to our group…

Ichigo grunted. "I hate going to trips like this."

"Then why did you come?" Ishida asked. "Was it because of Rukia-chan?"

Ichigo's eyes widened. "WHAT?!"

"Nothing." Ishida mumbled and trying to hide his happiness in annoying Ichigo.

Before Ichigo will say his comeback…

"Ichigo! Ichigo!" Rukia shouted.

"What do you want midget?!" he said.

"Shut up!" Rukia shouted at him and smacked him at the head.

"What's that? Ne, Ichigo?" she asked pointing at a girl who was eating an ice cream.

"That's an ice cream, Rukia." Ichigo replied.

"Can I have one?" she asked like a little girl.

"Hell no." Ichigo said flatly.

"Why Can't I?" Rukia yelled at him. Suddenly she grabbed his neck and started to choke him.

"Let go of me, you little she-devil!!" Ichigo said trying to stop her from killing him.

"No. Not until you bought that… that…um… ice cream! Yeah!" Rukia said and gripping his neck harder.

At last, Ichigo surrendered. "Ok! OK! Just let go of me!" he pleaded.

"Sure." She said letting go of him. " Come on we must hurry, Ichigo! I heard that thing melts!"

"Aren't they sweet?" Nemu asked Ishida at her side.

"Yeah, they are. Whatever the plan goes well anyway."

"Plan?" she asked.

"Why we are all here is because to relieve the romantic tension of all the couple potentials here. Like those two." He pointed at Ichigo and Rukia.

"What do you mean by that, Ishida?" someone asked behind them. It was Byakuya.


"Does that involve my sister? And that Kurosaki?" he asked.

"Well yes." Ishida answered nervously.

"Well count me in you little plan." Byakuya said at Ishida.

"Wait! You?!"


"Um ok. Sure." Ishida said.

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