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Genma shut the door behind himself quickly watching as Sakura stood in front of the bed facing him. Her head was tilted slightly to the side and her posture screamed at him to go and devour her. He answered the call stepping forward and grabbing her hands pulling her softly towards him and kissing her softly but fiercely.

His hands moved to her waist his fingertips gently grazing her sides and back making her giggle slightly.

"Ticklish are we," Genma smirked drawing a circles on her back scraping her slightly with his fingernails, just enough to tease her skin.

"Don't," Sakura smiled at him warning him against an attempted tickle attack.

"I'm not going to do anything tonight that won't have you begging for more," Genma whispered into her ear breathing in the wonderful scent of her shampoo and sliding his hands up her sides again and bringing her shirt with it.

Sakura leaned back just enough so that she could raise her arms and allow Genma to release her from her shirt. Her nipples hardened under her bra as the cool air in the room rushed to meet her skin. She blushed slightly as she watched Genma look at her, tasting her with his eyes.

"My turn," Sakura said reaching out to grab the hem of Genma's shirt watching as his rippling muscles were revealed one by one as the material moved its way up and finally off his body. She reached up and gently traced the scars running so precisely along his muscles.

"I can't believe how brave you are Genma," Sakura breathed, "I can't imagine all the things you must have done in your life to protect our home."

"I always fight with everything I have," Genma replied reaching out to run his fingers through her soft pink hair, "I don't do anything halfassed, because you'll either wind up getting killed, or not making the most of every second you have in life."

"I can't count the number of times I've almost been killed. I've had the great disappointment in my life already, my biggest mistake. I don't want my life to flash by my eyes when I go, full of things I never finished,"Genma told her huskily as he closed in on her making her sit on the bed as he ran his callused hands over and down her shoulders to her back releasing her bra, "thinking of how if I'd just tried a little harder, what could have happened. I don't ever want to wonder what I missed out on because I didn't do everything in my power to do the right thing."

"Or get what I want," Genma growled softly kneeling on the floor in-between Sakura's legs and leaning his head in to take an already hard nipple into his hot, wet mouth massaging it skillfully with his tongue and making Sakura arch her back in pleasure.

"Genma!" she gasped pushing his hitai-ate off his head and tossing it to the side as she combed her fingers through his hair, pushing his mouth harder onto her body.

Genma rolled his tongue along her hardened peak, then traced all around it kissing and sucking at her breast, his left hand massaging the other and his right arm wrapped around her back pulling her close to him.

"Oh my god, I love your mouth Genma," Sakura groaned looking down at him as he worked so studiously on her body.

"Just my mouth?" Genma asked evily pulling away from her now red wet nipples making them harden impossibly more, "I'll have to introduce you a few other parts of my body then."

At this he leaned back unclasping her boots and pulling them off then reached for the button on her jeans, unfastening it and, after Sakura lay back on the bed to assist him in the process, pulled them down and off, her underwear included in the process.

"Genma!" Sakura blushed now fully exposed to the still panted special jounin, "That's hardly fair."

"Life isn't fair my little sex kitten," Genma purred watching as Sakura backed up to lay her head back on the pillows making herself comfortable.

"Strip for me," Sakura smirked placing her hands behind her head to watch the show.

"All in good time my dear, we have all night," Genma told her silkily crawling on the bed and straddling her hips as he leaned over to kiss her thoroughly.

Sakura wrapped her hands around his shoulders as they kissed thrilling at the feel of the strong hot man hovering over her. His tongue ravaged the inside of her mouth promising tantalizing things to come should he kiss her somewhere else. She moaned into his mouth her eyes rolling back into her head as he answered her, causing delicious vibrations to assail them both. Genma moved from her mouth over to her perfect and graceful neck gently nipping kissing and sucking as he made his way to her shoulder.

Sakura never thought that her shoulder could feel so good but here was Genma proving her wrong. He moved his was slowly and wetly down to her breasts again making them ache with anticipation. He rubbed them softly as he kissed licked and sucked from one to the other as he saw fit. She whined slightly as one hand left her breasts then almost screamed as his hand reached between their bodies and pinpointed the spot where all this sexual tension was flowing.

She bucked up into his hand as he made slow circles around her clit with his thumb and carefully inserted his index and middle fingers into her already dripping sex.

Genma groaned his eyes lighting up with intense sexual excitement as he watched the sensual way Sakura moved underneath him.

"You're so wet Sakura," he breathed delving his fingers deeper into her as he continued his intimate massage.

"It's your fault," she blamed him her hips moving his hand as she felt herself getting closer and closer.

"Not so fast now," Genma smirked again, walking backwards on his knees as he continued to caress her, reaching to hold her hips down with his free hand. "I told you, I do things right."

He moved so that he was kneeling in-between Sakura's spread legs and watched as his fingers disappeared into her moist core.

"That's so fucking sexy," he whispered his eyes glued to her.

He released her hip and she began to move against him again. He didn't stop her but instead pumped into her with one hand while massaging her clit with the other. He almost closed his eyes in pleasure as he felt her coming close to orgasm but he knew he'd get so much more out of it he kept them open.

Shortly he smiled broadly as he felt her walls clench rhythmically around his fingers as Sakura moaned loudly, gasping his name as she gripped the comforter as if to ground herself to this world through the pleasure.

"Fuck yeah, Sakura, say my name baby," Genma growled as he bent down suddenly, taking her clit into his mouth and gently sucked on it, swiping it smoothly with his tongue, and continued to piston into her with his fingers.

Sakura more than happily complied as her first orgasm swiftly morphed into a second incredibly more intense one, and then a third longer one. As the sensations became too much Genma moved his face away from her but continued to slowly pump with his fingers.

"Oh my god, Genma! I LOVE your mouth!" Sakura gasped melting onto the bed as she tried to make some sense of the world around her.

"It has its uses," Genma grinned finally pulling his dripping fingers from her and making sure she watched as he licked them clean. "But like I said earlier, I think I need to aquaint you with other parts of me as well."

He pushed himself off the bed and began a slow sexual dance, moving snake-like as he unfastened his too tight for the past twenty minutes pants and slid them down. He slipped out of his shoes and made a show of bending over to slip all the way out of his pants allowing Sakura to properly ogle his sexy backside.

Sakura wolf whistled as he stood and turned, his ever-impressive erection tenting his boxers completely out of shape. He peeled the fabric down reveling every glorious inch of his manhood until his boxers lay on the ground in a heap.

"Get that over here 'big daddy'," Sakura purred curling her finger at him as he smirked back.

"Hold on," Genma chided, making some quick hands seal and releasing a flash of chakra.

"You don't need to do that Genma," Sakura told him, "I'm a medic, I'm not going to get pregnant if I don't want to."

"Never hurts to make sure, I don't think the world could handle a double of either of us right now,"Genma chuckled, "Besides I wouldn't want to ruin your girlish figure."

"Stop with the sweet talk and get over here," Sakura growled arching her body suggestively.

"I always follow my medic's instructions," Genma grinned, stalking back to the bed and crawling on top of Sakura, running his tongue along her curves on the way up.

Sakura wrapped her legs around his waist arching up to him, but he pulled back not allowing her to get the object of her desire quite yet.

"Fiesty little minx, so eager to get this over and done with?" Genma fake pouted as he kissed her cheek softly.

"You're that quick once we get started?" Sakura grinned back molding her face into disappointment.

"Oh, just for that I'm going to make this last until you've come so many times you'll be screaming for release," Genma chuckled nipping her ear.

"Now that sounds unpleasant," Sakura replied rolling her eyes.

"Sakura, you know there's 265 bones in the human body?" Genma whispered into her ear in-between licks and sucks on her earlobe, "How would you like one more?"

Without waiting for her answer, he shifted his hips, aligning their bodies and plunged into her wet sex filling her completely.

"Fuck!" Sakura screamed as she adjusted to the sudden fullness and gave her hips an experimental roll, "Oh god, Genma! You're so big!"

"Mmm, Sakura," Genma groaned rolling his hips in agonizingly slow circles, "You're so tight, so wet.

It was all he could do not to just slam into her, but he had promised to make this last until she couldn't take another orgasm so he restrained himself.

"Still," Genma thought to himself smirking, "I can make that happen sooner than later."

"That's an evil grin," Sakura rasped in between moans as Genma circled in her touching every part of her.

"Oh yeah," she moaned bucking into him as his hardness rubbed against that spot inside her that increased her pleasure ten fold.

"There huh?" Genma asked, moving so that he was standing on his knees. He grabbed her hips firmly and began thrusting into her, hitting her g-spot and then rolling his hips to stroke it with every move.

Sakura gripped his hips tighter and he released one side of her hips to bring his hand back to where their bodies joined. He stroked his thumb over her clit in time with his thrusts into her g-spot and within minutes Sakura was screaming his name again.

"Genma! Genma, oh my god!" Sakura called lost in pleasure.

Genma closed his eyes in pleasure as Sakura's walls tightened almost painfully around him. Unable to hold back he began to thrust into her, relishing in the hot wetness that shot sheer pleasure throughout his entire body. This is why he was considered such a slut around Konoha, he never got tired of someone screaming his name in pleasure, of feeling their bodies clench around him in their release, and most importantly the feeling of being one with someone, being so close your bodies melded together. Because as long as he was like this, giving and receiving pleasure, he knew he wasn't alone, and that even for a moment, someone cared about him. He was loved.

Genma released Sakura's hips and kissed her fiercely his tongue delving into her in time with the movement of his hips. They moaned into each others mouths as Sakura ran her hands over Genma's tightly muscled back luxuriating in the feel of pure male power that blended so well with her. Genma's body was so perfect, he was funny and sweet. She knew she'd miss him when this week was over, so she was going to make sure she made use of every minute.

Using a bit of her strength she rolled so that she was now sitting on him, still kissing.

"Taking over?" Genma breathed heavily between kisses.

"I want to watch you," Sakura answered, her voice deep with lust.

She pushed herself upright using his perfect chest, softly squeezing and feeling his muscles. She ran her fingertips over his nipples and gasped as she felt him jerk inside her, hardening impossibly more.

"You like it?" She asked continuing to play with his nipples as she cocked her head to the side her hair hanging beautifully, framing her face.

Genma closed his eyes 'Mm-ing' in pleasure as she slowly rocked her hips. Sakura moved on him slowly at first then quickening. He was so large it was almost painful to sit upright all the way so she stayed leaning forward slightly, gripping onto his biceps for leverage.

"Mm, I can feel every inch of you," Sakura breathed closing her eyes and enjoying the sensations.

"Me too, you're so fucking tight Sakura," Genma growled gripping her hips and assisting her movements.

"I've never been with anyone as big as you. I think you've ruined me for other men," she laughed.

"That happens," Genma smirked giving an extra thrust of his hips for emphasis. "When you've had the best you can't go back to the rest."

"So cocky!" Sakura gasped as he gave a particulary hard roll of his hips.

"Exactly," Genma smirked cocking an eyebrow.

He began moving his hands up her sides delighting in the smoothness of her skin against his rough hands. He cupped her breast as the moved with each roll of her hips and used his thumbs to softly skim her nipples, circling them and making them stand at proud attention.

"Mmm, yeah, please," Sakura whispered increasing her pace. With every touch on her nipples she felt pleasurable fire shooting through her body to meet that which was already highly aroused on her lower half.

Genma could feel that she was close again began to pinch and play with her nipples harder as he met her hips move for move.

When she came, she came hard, screaming his name. He could feel her juices running down his body making it even easier to slid quickly inside of her. Before she could react he flipped them over again and began moving quickly inside her not letting her come down from her orgasm and pushing her towards a second.

"Genma, oh, please! Ahh too much! Oh my fucking God!" Sakura screamed coming again writhing crazily against the jonin.

Genma smirked as he watched her face, flushed with her orgasms and moaning in pleasure and over-sensitivity.

"I think that's my cue," Genma thought, as he allowed himself to relax a bit and really feel her walls desperately trying to milk him. He felt his body tense before finally granting him release. He yelled her name as he came eyes shut tight in pleasure as he rode out his orgasm.

He leaned heavily on his elbows so as not to crush her, and kissed her softly, gently chewing on her lower lip, and giving little licks.

"Oh my god, Genma," Sakura panted her breasts pressed tightly against Genma's equally panting chest.

"Sorry, I can usually make it longer, but I am still recovering," he told her seriously running his hand over her face and pulling away some hair that stuck to it.

"You aren't serious are you? That was, that was, like nothing I've ever done before," Sakura choked looking at him in surprise.

Genma smirked raising an eyebrow at her.

"Come on Sakura, we only did like two positions. That couldn't of taken more then," Genma glanced at the clock, "an hour or so."

"An hour or so is short?" Sakura asked unbelieving.

"Well, not short but defiantly not my best work. I pushed you to come pretty quickly. Usually I take it a bit slower, build up a bit more for the finish," Genma began to look a little concerned as he buried his head into her neck kissing her softly. "I promise next time I'll be cooler."

Sakura pushed the jonin back so he could look her in the eye, "Genma, really that was fantastic. You have absolutely nothing to apologize for. The guys I've been with have been luck to last half an hour."

"Young pups," Genma growled rolling his eyes.

"So what are you an old dog?" Sakura giggled.

"A horny old dog thank you very much," Genma said proudly rolling off her and lifting his arm so she could snuggle closer on his chest.

He reached over the side of the bed, magically producing a senbon and placing it jauntily in his mouth.

"There's my Genma," Sakura sighed snuggling deeper into him and growing sleepier by the moment, "You won't stab me with that in the eye while we sleep will you."

"No worries," he grinned, settling himself more comfortably and kissing her skillfully on the forhead with out poking her, "after all you are a medic so I can be a little less careful- OW!"

Genma laughed as Sakura poked him sharply in the side.

"Ok, ok, I promise. No unneccasary poking. Until I wake up and we can both enjoy it." Genma smirked.

Sakura grinned back into his chest and they both fell quickly to sleep. Comfortable and warm in each others company.

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