An Ouran High School Host Club Fic
Rating - T
Featuring - Kyoya, because I happen to have a thing for megane characters...
Paring - Tamaki / Haruhi (because as much as I love to be a shipper, they're the couple I most want to see with a Happily Ever After.)
Disclaimer - I don't own Ouran High School Host Club. Bisco Hatori created it, VIZ publishes it, and BONES animated it.
Author's Notes - Some of you may be familiar with my drabbles Interludes From the Third Music Room and how I said that I hadn't come up with anything substantial for a real fic. Yeah, all of that went flying out the window this last weekend after getting all caught up on my Host Club manga. (I've been caught up with the anime, believe me!) Becuase I happen to like Kyoya so much, I decided that I was going to write a fic about him. Of course then I couldn't figure out the exact content until I had this image of him sitting in a Starbucks waiting for his sister to arrive, when lo and behold Tamaki and Haruhi show up. And things just sort of went from there...

At any rate, this fic, while Tamaruhi centric, is everything from Kyoya's cool and collected point of view. I don't know, maybe I felt like diving into Kyoya's mind but so far I like what I have. It's about two years after Haruhi joins the Host Club. Kyoya and Tamaki are both freshmen in college while Haruhi, Hikaru and Kaoru are seniors in high school. Honey and Mori are, well, I don't really know yet but I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that they're sophomores in college. I'm also going to be using anime and manga references, though probably more the manga than the anime.

It wasn't like Starbucks was a slum place to get coffee, but it wasn't the usual upscale type of coffee that Ohtori Kyoya was used to. He wasn't sure why his sister had insisted that they meet at this particular place, but here he was, trying to ignore the girls who were so obviously ogling him. Between the loud whispers of, "What a cute megane!" and "He's so cool!" Kyoya sat tapping the side of his double shot espresso hoping that his sister would appear and they could discuss whatever she wanted to discuss with him and he could go home.

He faced the large windows of the coffee house so he would know the second she arrived, and after nearly ten minutes of exasperated waiting, Shindo Fuyumi finally showed up. Pushing his glasses up his nose with his forefingers, he watched his sister make a slight bow of apology as she quickly dropped her bag and her jacket in the chair opposite of him.

"Kyoya, could you wait for just a few more minutes?" she asked, looking slightly guilty.

"It's fine. I don't have anything else to do," he said with a pleasant smile. After all, it didn't really work to be mad at his sister.

She came back a few minutes later with a strawberry and crème frappaccino in hand and a wide smile on her face. "Thank you for waiting, little brother."

It could honestly be said that Kyoya was at least three inches taller than Fuyumi, but he wasn't going to say so. Instead he smiled indulgently and shook his head. "It's not a problem. I don't have class today."

"Ah, that's good. At any rate, there's something really important that I want to tell you, because I'm not sure how to tell the rest of the family."

Kyoya's heart skipped a beat as he ran through all of the possible scenarios that could happen. Was she divorcing her husband? Their father certainly wouldn't like that. Or maybe he had run off with a mistress? Their father certainly wouldn't like that. Or maybe, just maybe-

However the last maybe that came to mind was interrupted when a loud voice boomed, "Kyoya-kun! Fuyumi-san! What are you doing here?"

Kyoya looked up at his friend in mild irritation. Leave it to Tamaki Suou to show up when he and his sister needed a little privacy. However Fuyumi waved Tamaki over and the blond young man bounded up like a happy puppy. "Tamaki-kun, how are you?" Fuyumi asked.

Tamaki's blue eyes lit up in pure joy. "I'm great! I'm taking a class on commoner culture! It's fascinating, really, how they live without multiple cars and mansions!"

Since Fujioka Haruhi had mistakenly wandered into the Third Music Room that fateful afternoon, Tamaki had been enamored of common life. Little shops, a single-family car, tiny apartments, everything was like a new toy to the young man. To fully embrace the common way of life, Tamaki was now living in a tiny apartment, driving a used car, and living on common foods, like ramen, soba, and miso. To the untrained eye Tamaki looked like any other college student. To those who knew who he was, all wondered why the Suou heir was living like a proletariat.

"Tamaki, you do know that commoners far out number the wealthy, right?" Kyoya asked. Though Tamaki was the first real friend that Kyoya ever had, there were times where he found himself exasperated by Tamaki's exuberance and energy.

"I know, I know. At any rate I'm going to a meeting for a group project, but I volunteered to pick up coffee on the way. I'll leave you two alone now," Tamaki said, giving a cheerful wave as he walked up to the barista counter.

"That boy is endless energy," Fuyumi noted as she sipped her drink. "Just like always."

"He's exhausting, just like always," Kyoya dryly noted. He was about to elaborate further when a flash of pink outside of the window caught his eye. Looking harder, he realized that it wasn't the pink blouse, but the person wearing it that had caught his eye. Fujioka Haruhi was talking to a group of girls, friends from middle school, now that he thought about it. She waved good-bye to them before walking to the coffee shop and right past his table. His eyes watched her every step, taking note of how she had changed.

She hadn't gotten any taller, but it was obvious that her body was taking on a more womanly shape, granted she actually wore clothes to accent it. The pink blouse and black slacks were tailored to fit a woman's body; therefore she actually looked like a girl. Her hair was pinned up in a feminine fashion and Kyoya felt a knot form in his stomach.

Haruhi hadn't noticed him, but she did notice Tamaki. Then again, Tamaki, no matter how hard he tried to hide, was an obvious person by nature. There was something about him that stood out in a crowd and today was no exception. Groaning slightly, Kyoya could hear their whole conversation while Fuyumi watched in rapt attention.

"Tamaki-senpai! What are you doing here?"

"Haruhi! It's been a while! You look great! So cute!"

"Ah, senpai…what are you doing here?"

"Oh, I'm meeting a study group. I'm getting everyone coffee."

"That's nice of you."

"Why thank you, Haruhi! That's so sweet coming from you!"

"Gak! Tamaki-senpai, please let go of me."

"No, my precious daughter! A father has his rights to hug his child, particularly when his child is being cute!"

"I wasn't being cute!"

Realizing that the situation was only going to get worse, Kyoya excused himself from his sister and walked back to the barista to quiet the situation.

"Tamaki-kun, let Haruhi go. Mother's orders."

Haruhi looked up at Kyoya, slightly startled. "Kyoya-senpai, when did you get here?"

"I've been here the whole time," Kyoya said with a polite smile. "Father, do as Mother says."

Tamaki's grip on Haruhi fell slack as Kyoya stared him down. "Fun killer."

"Yes, that's what mothers do best," Kyoya answered with a sigh. "Haruhi, I trust the club is running well?"

Since the graduation of Tamaki and Kyoya the previous year, Haruhi had been elected president, given that Kyoya couldn't bear the thought of what the twins might do if left in power. A few new recruits had joined the Host Club so the only original members left were Hikaru and Kaoru. Popular as ever, Haruhi did her best to try and keep the Host Club running as if Tamaki and the others were still there.

"Yes, the club is doing well. But it's not the same without you guys."

"Ah well, I'm sure the fresh blood is helping things along," Kyoya said with a small shrug. "At any rate, I am here to meet with my sister so I am going to return to her. Farewell, Haruhi."

Haruhi gave an awkward wave as Kyoya turned around and returned to his table, where Fuyumi was itching to say something.

"What?" he asked dryly.

"That's the infamous Haruhi?"

"Yes, Fujioka Haruhi, the scholarship student."

"I see why Tamaki-kun likes her. But I have a sneaking suspicion that Tamaki-kun isn't the only one who likes her." She smiled slyly at her younger brother.

"She was an interesting addition to the Host Club," Kyoya answered shortly.

Fuyumi wasn't listening though. She tapped her forefinger to her lip thoughtfully before slamming a fist into her opposite palm. "After the beach incident! I noticed that you'd changed after you and the rest of the club went to the beach! Something happened between you two!"

Kyoya wasn't about to own up to the fact that he'd nearly forced her into sex that night, or that every fiber of his being had been screaming at him to touch her, caress her, and kiss her. But, no matter how dense Tamaki was about his feelings towards Haruhi, Kyoya had realized right off the bat how his friend had felt about her and he had sworn he wouldn't get in the way. So when he realized that he was interested in Haruhi as more than just a fellow club member, Kyoya had deliberately put up walls of every kind to keep his feelings hidden.

However it wasn't enough to keep the senior club members from realizing his feelings. Both Honey and Mori had realized the effect that Haruhi had on him but thankfully had never said anything to the volatile twins or the Host Club King. Kyoya was more than happy to keep it that way.

"Nothing happened," Kyoya answered, trying to keep his cool. "Anyway, we're not here to talk about me, we're here to talk about you." He hoped that the subject change would keep his sister occupied. Both Haruhi and Tamaki were leaving the establishment, taking away the only distractions that would keep Fuyumi away from the real reason why she'd called him in the first place.

"Right, talk about me. Well, you see, something has happened."

"I gathered as much."

"Yes, well I'm not sure how to tell the family."

"What is it?"

Fuyumi's eyes sparkled and suddenly Kyoya was aware of a maternal glow that seemed to be radiating from his sister. She smiled and then giggled nervously. "I'm pregnant!"

Oh praise the Lord – she wasn't getting divorce. True, he wasn't sure how his father was going to react but it was still good news. "That's wonderful! I'm so happy for you. When are you due?"

Fuyumi began to bubble over with excitement. "I'm due in six months! We don't know the gender yet, but we're hoping for a little boy. We'll be happy if it's a girl though. We're already making lists of things we'll need, nursery themes, names, oh Kyoya! I'm just so happy!" Then she began to cry.

Kyoya knew enough about the world to know that his sister's hormones were running amok and that her crying was perfectly natural and acceptable. Placing his hand on hers, he squeezed it tightly. "Have you told anyone else?"

"No one! He hasn't told his family yet, but I told him that I had to tell you. Do you have any idea how we should break the news?"

Kyoya sat back in his chair and pondered the best way to let both families know without making one feel inferior. "I think the best way is to do a dinner. Have it at your place or at a restaurant, invite both families, and break the news to everyone at once."

Fuyumi clasped her hands together and beamed at her brother. "Kyoya, you are brilliant!"

I think that I can honestly say that I adore Fuyumi. She's the complete antithesis of Kyoya. He's coold and aloof, she's warm and friendly. Yup, a more unlikely pair of siblings you'll never find. (Of course I can't say that I have much in common with my older brother, and we're realy not that close...) Anyhoo (I like that word, but I don't know why), I'm putting this out here to get a reaction and see what people have to say. I actually have most of chapter two already written (which is pretty impressive, considering I started writing this afternoon...) and the reaction will determine when I update, if at all.

Well folks, it's after midnight here in my world so I'm gonna sign off and get some sleep, because goodness knows I need it.

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