June 25, 2000
6:30 PM EST

Family Ties Universe

"Look, Mike, I'm sorry for giving you a hard time, okay?" Alex Keaton was saying to Mike Flaherty. "Can we call a truce? I mean, we can still disagree on politics and get along, no?"

"Right, of course," Mike replied, smiling. He began to see that maybe Alex wasn't so bad after all. In all honesty, Mike himself hadn't been very fair to Alex. Maybe that could change, though. "So we're friends, then?"

"Almost," Alex said, smiling. "There's one thing you have to do first, though."

"Oh, what is that?" Mike asked, a bit nervously.

"You have to let me restrain you the same way you restrained me," Alex said, smiling. "Then you have to let me tickle your feet. Hey, it's only fair, no?"

Mike suddenly felt horrified. He knew that the soles of his own feet were very ticklish, perhaps even as ticklish as Alex's.

"Ah, but Alex," Mike protested, "I'm not ticklish on my feet."

"Oh, you expect me to believe that?" Alex asked, laughing. "I don't believe you, Mike. We both have the same physical structure, after all."

"Yeah, but it doesn't mean that my feet are ticklish," Mike said, smirking.

"Well, let me check, just to make sure," Alex said, grinning wickedly. "Take off your shoes and socks."

"But what if I don't want to?" Mike asked, teasingly.

"Then I'll know you're lying to me," Alex insisted, smiling. "If your feet really are not ticklish, then you should have no problem proving it to me, right?"

"Oh, all right, then," Mike said sighing, as he began to remove his shoes and socks. At least he would have time to prepare himself for being tickled. He would just keep telling himself that he's not ticklish. He could maybe try to will himself to not be ticklish.

"Okay, let me wrap you up, now," Alex said, smiling. "Just lie down on the bed, and let me wrap you up snugly."

Mike lay on the bed, as Alex gently began to wrap Mike up from his ankles to his neck. Mike was feeling very nervous, and he kept silently telling himself that he was not ticklish. Alex made sure that Mike was lying face down on the bed, as he began to tie Mike's big toes together. Alex finally made his move, as he ran the brushes up and down the soles of Mike's feet, causing him to burst out into helpless laughter.

"So you're not ticklish, huh, Mike?" Alex teased, as he continued to run the brushes up and down Mike's soles, without mercy. "So that's why you're laughing your pretty little head off and trying to squirm away from me? Because you're not ticklish, right?"

Mike just gave into helpless laughter, as he was suffering from the ticklish torment. He kept trying to will himself to not be ticklish, but it wasn't working.

"So you lied to me, Mike," Alex taunted. "Well, let's see just how ticklish those arches of yours are."

Alex then ran the brushes into the arches of Mike's soles, causing Mike to just laugh all the harder. Alex smiled to himself.

"Ah, yes, listen to you laugh," Alex said, tauntingly. "You do have such lovely ticklish feet. I can tell your arches are especially ticklish. You can't stand it, can you? You desperately want me to stop, don't you?"

Mike just continued to laugh, as Alex ran the brushes up and down the soles. Alex smiled, as he realized that Mike's extremely ticklish soles were completely at his mercy. It felt so good to be on the giving end, for once.

"Well, I don't plan to stop anytime soon," Alex continued, as he smiled sadistically. "So, how does it feel to be on the receiving end of being tickled, huh? Now you know what I had to go through. Maybe I should just tickle your soles all night, huh? Just like what you said you wanted to do to me."

Mike decided that trying to will himself to not be ticklish was useless. He just surrendered to the extreme tickling sensation, as he buried his face into his pillow and laughed. He had to admit that he didn't completely hate having his soles tickled. The resulting laughter did release endorphins into his system, giving him a little burst of euphoria.

"Ah, yes, your laughter is music to my ears," Alex continued. "I mean, it's really captivating. Maybe I should tickle those soles of yours more often. Your laughter provides me with such great pleasure. Oh, it must be so unbearable for you, huh? You can't do anything about it, can you? All you can do is laugh and laugh."

Alex just smiled, as he relentlessly continued to run the brushes up and down the soles of Mike's feet. He took pleasure in knowing that Mike was really suffering. Alex has no intention of giving him a break for even one second, though. Alex loved to torment those soles.

"You make such a good tickle toy, Mike," Alex said, smiling. "I am having so much fun making you laugh and suffer. You're laughing so hard that you can't even plead for me to stop. Of course, that isn't going to do you much good, anyway."

After about two hours, Alex finally decided that he had enough - and he finally decided to give Mike the break he was desperately longer for. Mike was panting quite heavily, as he was pretty breathless from laughing so hard. Alex then finally began to unwrap Mike.

"Gee, Alex," mumbled Mike, "now I know what you had to go through. It was such unbearable torment. I guess my feet must be just as ticklish as yours."

"Yeah, I think so," replied Alex. "Well, can we bury the hatchet now, and be friends? I think we have too much in common for us to not be able to get along."

"Yeah, I think you're right," Mike said, smiling. "Let's put this whole rivalry between us, now, shall we?"

"It sounds like a deal," agreed Alex. "I'd almost think we were twins separated at birth, if I didn't know any better."

"I know what you mean," Mike said, smiling. "We may disagree on politics - but we do have other stuff in common, you know."

Mike and Alex then embraced each other, as they smiled their identical lopsided smiles. It was definitely the beginning of a wonderful friendship.