This takes place when characters from Yu Yu Hakusho wind up in the field outside a young womans home in the middle of the night a day after her parents left for a two month vacation. They were sent there by a Dimensional Specialist, and need to find a way to get back home... takes place in Alberta, Canada (Sorry if you don't like the setting, but I write what I know), and instead of it just being Yusuke, Kuwabara, Hiei and Kurama, there are four MORE members of the Rekai Tantei!! Jin, Rinku, Chu and Touya!!! Watch as this poor girl deals with hormonal demons, and what the FUCK is she going to tell her parents when they come home if they're still there?!

Chantelle sighed, trying to pay attention to what her friend was telling her. Kirsten was going on and on about some awesome new anime that was coming to Canadian TV this summer, and she already had every single teeny tiny detail about the series, curteosy of the internet. And, of course, she had to tell her best friend every single one of those details. She had been listening to Kirsten prattly on and on for nearly an hour now, and she was wondering what she was going to do once she was off of the phone with her friend. She was out in the middle of nowhere... most of the neighbors were gone on vacation, the dog had gone with her parents on their cross country trip, there was nothing noteworthy on TV, and she just didn't feel like going on the internet. She had a tank full of gas in both the car and the van, though. Maybe she'd go for a drive and pay a visit to the bar in Morinville. She'd have maybe one drink and do some karioke or something.

"Chantelle?" she heard Kirsten say loudly.

She snapped back to reality. "Yeah, I'm here."

"I just asked if you were going to K days this year. Me and Tamara are thinking of going. You wanna tag along?"

"I dunno. It would get me out of this house, at least. And give me something to spend all that money on..."

Chantelle's favorite aunt had died the summer before, and left most of her money to her favorite neice. She had over ten million dollars in her account, and was straining her brain trying to think of what she was going to do with it all.

I heard that they're going to have an anime convention in one of the tents this year! I can't wait to see it. I even heard Rumiko Takahashi (AN: creator of Ranma 1/2 and Inuyasha) was invited to sign autographs!!"

Chantelle smiled. "Wow, now that's cool! I just might take you up on that offer then, if that's the case."

The girl on the other end sighed. "Well, I'd love to talk longer, but I've got to be up early tomorrow. Dad wants me to go down to his place and help him go through a bunch of stuff up in the attic. I'm supposed to be there around nine, so I've gotta get to bed."

"Okay, kiddo. I'll talk with you tomorrow, then."

"Yup. Have a good night."

"You too. Goodnight."


Kirsten hung up and Chantelle sighed, putting the phone back on the stand and tried to think of what she was going to do now.

Fuck it, she thought. I'll just hop in the car and take a trip to Morinville before the bar closes.

That decided, Chantelle set about logging off of the internet, which she had been halfheartedly cruising on before her friend had called her, and then set about shutting off the computer, wondering if old man Cedric was going to be in the bar tonight or if he'd been kicked out for being rowdy already. As the computer was confirming that she wanted it to shut down, she heard a faint but clear whirring noice, and saw a bright flash out in her field, just beyond the buildings in the yard.

She stared. "What the fuck?" she asked aloud. She tried to think of a rational explanation for what she had just seen and heard, but nothing seemed to make and sense to her. The skies were clear tonight, so it wasn't a storm. If it had been a plane crash, she would have heard the crash as well, and she was pretty sure there were no kids out there throwing around fireworks... and even if there WERE, what she had just seen didn't look like any fireworks that she had ever heard of.

She sighed. Well, it looked like her trip to the bar had just been delayed. She lit up a cigarette and grabbed a flashlight off the top of the fridge. It had probably been nothing, but she had to at least check. Since her parents were gone, it was her responsibility to make sure everything was okay out here.

She turned on the outside lights, put on her shoes and jacket, and walked out the door.


Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama, Hiei, Jin, Touya, Rinku and Chu looked around themselves in disbelief. Then Yusuke growled, feeling his anger skyrocket.


Touya looked around cooly. "You mean IF we see him again." He tested the air. "This doesn't smell like OUR earth."

Kurama sighed. "No, I don't suppose it would. Since Bonkotsu couldn't defeat us, he simply used his Dimensional Technique to get rid of us. He's the Dimensional Specialist of the Demon Realm. There's no telling where he sent us."


Jin nodded. "It's likely... unless we c'n somehow open a portal linkin' back ta our world, but I have no idea how we'd win' up goin' about somethin' like that..."

Yusuke frowned. "We better be careful. For all we know, this place could be crawling with psychotic, bloodthirsty demons or who knows what kind of monsters..."

Hiei looked past them. "Somehow I doubt that. I don't think this place is all that much different from OUR earth, after all. And I think someone spotted our arrival and is coming to investigate," he said, pointing past them.

Turning as one, they saw a yard filled with buildings, illuminated by a light on the side of a trailer, and a small young woman coming out, holding a flashlight. She was still far away, and they couldn't make out the details of what she looked like, but it was all too clear that she was on her way to see what had just happened.

Kurama frowned. "We'll have to treat this delicately. If she's never seen a demon before, she might panic. Especially if she sees Jin or Hiei." The little thief had lost his headband and his third eye was out in the open.

The demons and two humans quickly jumped away from the beams of the flashlight, trying to stay out of her sight. Now that she was closer, they could see more clearly, the details of her appearance. She looked to be around their age, with beautiful pale skin, mid length hair that was such a dark brown it was almost black, full lips, wide green eyes, and she had a full figure. She stood, much to their surprise, only a few inches taller than Hiei. Definitely an attractive young woman. She shone the flashlight back and forth, her eyes curious, and her lips set in a contemplative frown.

What do we do? Kuwabara asked noone in particular telepathically.

Kurama nodded to himself. We have no choice. We will need help as long as we're here, and she's the only one available to us at the moment. We'll just have to do what we can to assure her that we're not going to hurt her.


Upon finding nothing in the area behind the buildings in the field, Chantelle frowned in thought. She was sure that this was where she had seen it... unless she hadn't really seen anything at all? She shrugged inwardly. Well, she had come to check it out anyway. There was nothing. She may as well do as she was originally intending to do and go to the bar to sing a few tunes.

She turned, intent on giving up her investigation, only to come face to face with a very handsom young man with red hair and gentle green eyes. Cute as he was, his sudden appearance scared the hell out of her, and she let out a startled cry, taking a few steps back in alarm. She felt a massive hand go on her left shoulder and she almost jumped out of her skin.

"Easy. We ain't gonna hurt ya," a deep and somewhat drunk sounding voice said.

She briefly cast a glance up to see a large man with a mohawk and a unshaved face looking down at her. He held both hands up, trying to show that he didn't mean her any harm.

Chantelle looked back at the red haired man and saw that six others had joined him now. There was a boy who looked like a rough and tumble street punk, with black hair slicked back, a few strands hanging in his eyes. He was wearing what looked like a green uniform. Then there was another boy with flaming orange hair slicked back. He wasn't exactly what you'd call overly attractive, but he looked like he had one hell of a body under his T-shirt and jeans. Then there was an incredibly gorgeous man with light green hair slicked back, with some blue bangs sticking out to the right. He had icy eyes that were on her unwaveringly. Then there was a little kid with a baseball cap on backwards, three stars under his left eye, a yoyo, and normal street clothes who was looking up at her with a grin.

But the last two were the ones that really got her attention. With a casual glance, one would think they were human, but this close up, it was obvious that they weren't. The first had long shaggy red hair, pointed ears, and a single horn sticking out above his forehead in amongst his hair. Through his grin, she could also see that he had fangs. The other one was small... actually a few inches shorter than her own five foot four. He had gravity defying hair that was pitch black except for a starburst of white in the front. He had intense crimson eyes that sent shivers down her spine and a cool expression on his face as his eyes bore into her. But what shocked her the most about him was the third eye he had in the center of his forehead.

She felt a whisper of panic returning to her again as she took a hesitant step back. Now she was wishing she had just stayed in the house...

The red haired man took a step forward, holding his hands up. "Sh... It's all right. I know you're afraid, but I promise you we will NOT hurt you." He gently took hold of her right hand and gave it a light squeeze, and then he gave her a gentle smile. "My friends and I are in an odd situation, and we are hoping you are willing to help us. My name is Kurama. This is Yusuke, Kuwabara, Hiei, Touya, Rinku, Chu, and Jin."

Her eyes kept traveling to the ones named Hiei and Jin. "Um... that is..."

Kurama's smile grew a little, knowing what it was that was bothering her. "Hiei's third eye and Jin's horn are what's bothering you, isn't it? You are no doubt guessing correctly that they are NOT human. In fact, many of us are not. All but two of us are actually demons."

Her eyes went wide. "Demons?!"

Touya looked at her. "Don't worry. Not all demons are evil. We work for an organization that hunts down and captures or kills demons that are doing harm. We work to protect humans, not harm them."

Kurama nodded. "That's right. We were on one of our missions when our enemy, who was a Dimensional Specialist, opened a gateway that brought us here. We have confirmed from the smell of this place that is is most definitely not the Earth that we are native to. So now we need some help."

She blinked. "So... that strange noise and flash of light I saw was the portal dropping you guys off here..."

Yusuke nodded. "That's right. So, can you help us? For one, we'll need a place to stay the night, and we need to see if we can find a way to get back home."

Kurama continued to give her his gentle smile... the one that had been known to charm any woman he met. "Yes. If you would be willing to give us help, we would be greatly appreciative."

Chantelle took in a deep breath and let it out slowly, trying to get her heart rate back to normal and trying to clear her head so she could think straight. She thought for a minute. She couldn't deny the fact that they were demons from another realm... their story was far too straightforward, and the fact that two of them had inhuman characteristics, and that all of them had eluded her until they had decided to show themselves proved that each of them was probably a powerhouse. But if they were from another dimension, they WOULD need help. Also, if they had wanted to hurt her, they would have done so already, confirming that they were not demons to be feared.

Well, she had been complaining that her summer was going to be boring. It looked like that was no longer the case. She let out a sigh. "Thank God my parents are gone for the summer..." She looked up at Kurama, who still had her hand in a gentle hold and was smiling at her gently. "Well, I guess I can't just leave you guys to figure things out on your own. So come on. My house is just over here."

The red head nodded. "Thank you very much."

She managed a small smile of her own. "Don't mention it. I was getting bored, anyway."

The little boy ran up to her and looked up at her with a smile. "So, what's your name?"

She smiled at him. "It's Chantelle."

When they walked into the house, Chantelle smiled a little sheepishly. "Sorry about the mess. I wasn't expecting any company." Then she went to the fridge and pulled out a can of diet coke. "So, you guys want anything to eat or drink?" Then she blinked. "Come to think of it, do demons even NEED to eat or drink?"

Kurama smiled at her, trying to hide his amusement. "It really depends on what sort of demon you are. I, for one, would be happy with a glass of water. I don't want to trouble you at all."

Chu smiled at her. "You don' have any booze lyin' aroun', do ya?"

She pursed her lips in thought. "I think we might have a few beer in the fridge in the cold room. You can help yourself. Second door down the hall."

The large man grinned broadly. "Awesome!" He sauntered off.

Chantelle looked at her unexpected arrivals, seeing them clearly for the first time, standing in the light of the kitchen. Her eyes went wide, seeing that they were all covered in injuries and their clothes were torn. "Yikes! You guys look like you've been scrapping, all right!" She looked at them, her expression turning concerned. "I'll get the first aid kit and see what I can do. Then, if you want, I can wash and mend your clothes for you."

Kurama looked at her. "Are you sure? We don't want to trouble you more than necessary..." Kurama had been considering using his own energy to heal his companions, but his energy was still depleted from the fight.

She waved it off. "I'm sure. Besides, I was looking for something to do to pass the time anyway." She headed into the washroom, passing by Chu as he was returning, holding three beer in his hands, and she emerged a moment later with a first aid kit and lots of dressings, since many of her new guests looked like they had deep cuts. She immediately had Rinku take off his shirt and sit down on the couch.

Rinku had a pretty nasty scrape on his right arm, and a huge cut on his left shoulder.

The grown men were struggling not to laugh moments later as he was yelping in pain as she applied the alcohol to disinfect his injuries. "OWOWOWOWOWOW!!!" he cried, squirming under her administrations.

She sighed. "Well, if you don't stop moving, I'll never get it cleaned." She kept going for a few more minutes before she carefully wrapped the injuries. Then she got to her feet and headed into her parents room and went into a tall dresser, looking to see if any of her neices tomboy clothes were there. She smiled at him, handing him the clothes. "Now, I want you to hop in the bath and get yourself cleaned up. Just make sure you don't get your bandages wet, alright?" she said, giving him a gentle smile.

The boy turned bright red immediately and nodded. In actuality, he was older than the girl herself, but no one seemed inclined to point that out. The boy went into the washroom wordlessly, shutting the door behind him.

She smiled. "Okay, who's next?"

One by one, they sat on the couch (Hiei albeit very hesitantly), and allowed Chantelle to examine and treat their injuries. Each time she finished, she insisted that they bathe and gave them a change of clothes so she could clean and mend their old ones. She wasn't always able to get them their sizes, but it was the best she could do. She threw their clothes into the washer and got it started.

She smiled at them as she came back into the kitchen. "Do you guys want anything to eat? I can whip something up. I think there's some frozen pizza, if you..."

Kuwabara was in front of her in an instant, his eyes wide. "YES!! PIZZA!! PLEASE!!!!"

She took a few startled steps back and then smiled sheepishly. "Alright then." She took the pizza out of the freezer and quickly made up their meal.

Kurama looked at the clock on the wall then. "It's rather late. We should turn in." It was almost two in the morning.

Chantelle paused. "Sleeping accomodations..." She winced slightly. "Um... I don't know how you guys are gonna take this, but some of you are gonna have to share..."

Touya shrugged. "Whatever. Doesn't bother me."

She thought for a moment. "Let's see... two people could share my parents bed, after I change their bedding... the couch converts into a bed that fits two people, there's a cot in the storage room that someone could use..." She frowned. "Shit, that's only five. Since Mom and Dad took the foamies, I can't even set up spots on the floor. Where are the last three going to sleep?"

Hiei shrugged from where he stood, leaning against the counter in the kitchen. "I don't need sleep. So that takes care of one of us."

She nodded. "Okay, but that still leaves two..." she trailed off as she saw Chu sit in the rocking chair, a grin on his face.

"I think I c'n pass out just fine right here."

Chantelle blinked and then nodded. "Okay, but be careful if you're gonna lean back. By brother in law almost killed himself in that thing when it flipped over and landed on top of him." Then she thought again. "Where the hell is the last person going to..." She stopped when she felt someone tap her on the leg. She looked down and saw Rinku looking up at her, a shy expression on his face.

"I haven't seen my mommy in years, and she used to let me sleep with her. I've missed her lots since then, so... do you think that maybe...?" he looked away shyly, a sad face coming on.

Kuwabara fumed immediately. What the hell does that little bastard think he's trying to pull?! He doesn't honestly think that she's gonna let him sleep with her, does he?!

Chantelle turned to mush immediately, looking at his adorable form. "Aw, of course you can, hon," she said, smiling at him gently. Kuwabara's jaw dropped and his eyes went enormous. Yusuke, Jin, Touya and Chu fought to keep themselves from laughing at his expression.

She just smiled at them all. "Alright. I'm just going to get that bedding changed, throw your stuff in the dryer, and we can go to bed. Tomorrow, I'll repair your clothes for you, and we'll see how things progress from there."

Kurama gave her his heart melting smile once more. "We thank you for everything you are doing to help us. We greatly appreciate it."

She found herself fighting off a blush. "You've thanked me a half dozen times already. Really, it's no problem. As I said, it takes away the boredom."

She headed off down the hallway, leaving them alone.

Kuwabara growled at Rinku immediately. "What's the big idea, you perverted little shit?! You're older than she is, even! What a cheap trick to get into bed with a beautiful woman!!"

The little demon grinned. "Well, she said she needed one last place for someone to sleep! I can snuggle right up to her and she won't smack me 'cuz I look like a little kid!"

He felt a vein popping out of his forehead. "Why you dirty little..."

Yusuke put a hand on his former rival's shoulder. "Just leave him be, Kazu. He's not going to do any actual harm, you know."

He just continued to glower. "Fine, whatever. So who sleeps where?"

Touya shrugged. "I think Jin and I could share her parents bed. Any objections, Jin?"

The horned demon shrugged. "No problems here."

Yusuke grinned. "Kuwabara and I could share the couch, I guess."

Said boy shrugged. "Whatever."

Kurama nodded. "Which means I get the cot to myself." He blinked when he saw the young woman leaving the cold room with a bundle of bedding in her arms. "Would you like some help, Chantelle?"

She smiled pleasantly and shook her head. "I'm good. This will only take me a few minutes. Thanks, though."

As she made her way back to her parents room, Jin grinned. "That is one totally gorgeous woman..." he said.

Rinku nodded and he put his hands behind his head as he grinned broadly. "An' I get to share her bed with her!!"

Kuwabara glowered at the little demon once more, but held his tongue.

Chantelle soon announced that her parents bed was ready. Then she just changed the covering on the couch and set it up, setting two pillows down, along with a large comforter. She looked at Kurama. "All I have to do is get your bed set up. My Dad stuffed the cot into the far corner and it'll take me a few minutes to get it ready, though."

Kurama smiled at her once more. "It's all right. Just do what you can."

She smiled then and turned to Hiei. "Well, I guess you can just do whatever you want to tonight. If you want to watch TV or go on the internet, help yourself. You can hook up the headphones or whatever."

He shrugged. "Hn. I think I'll just spend the night outside."

She nodded. "Alright. I'll just leave the door unlocked then. I have a feeling that with you guys in the house, I don't need to worry about anyone trying to break in."

Hiei let a sadistic grin come to his lips. "They'd have to meet with me before they even got to the door." Then he calmly stepped outside without another word.

Chantelle went to the cold room then, Kurama behind her. For some odd reason, her father had placed the cot in the corner between the wall and a shelf filled with canned goods. There was another shelf along the adjoining wall that was filled with jars of homemade jams and other various things, and the opening between them was not big enough to remove the cot. So she had to somehow removed one of the shelves.

She sighed, looking at the set up. "Now, how the hell am I going to...?" The question was answered before she could finish asking it when Kurama calmly picked up the shelf filled with canned goods up and moved it over a few inches with seemingly no effort, making Chantelle's jaw drop.

He looked at her and gave her a bit of an awkward smile. "I should have told you, but I am a fox demon in human form. Only Yusuke and Kuwabara are human."

She nodded a little numbly. "Um... okay..." Then she smiled, shaking it off. "Well, I'll just get your bed made up, and you're all set."

She quickly unfolded the cot and brushed off all the dust that had gathered on it, putting on a sheet and a comforter. Then she added a pillow and smiled at him. "Well, there you go. Goodnight, Kurama."

He nodded. "Goodnight, Chantelle. Sleep well."

She nodded and shut the door behind her as he settled in for the night. She saw Rinku waiting for her in the hallway.

"You ready to go to bed now?" he asked her, putting his sweetest smile on.

She smiled back. Rinku was just so cute. "Yup. Come on, sweetie."

He took hold of her hand and let her lead him to her bedroom. She stayed in her normal clothes, not bothering to get changed. Rinku curled right up against her in the bed, taking his place beside the wall, and they went to sleep.

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