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Chantelle looked at the ground as she walked, but the fresh air did help to clear her mind a little. As she neared the pond and the tree, she looked up, just to be sure she wasn't going to walk into any unforseen obstacles. But an instant later, she stopped dead in her tracks, her breath catching in her throat. Her eyes went wide, seeing someone leaning against the tree that Hiei had spoken of.

Kurama looked just as surprised as she was, his eyes wide as he looked at her. He seemed to cringe slightly, like an animal ready to bolt. He seemed frozen, just as she was, and for a long moment, they could do nothing but stare at each other.

He shook off the shock first. "I'm sorry. You probably came out here to be alone. I'll just..." He started to walk away.

Her eyes widened as her own paralysis broke. She raced forward. "Kurama, wait!" She managed to get a hold of his right hand. "Please, don't go!"

The second she had caught hold of his hand, he stopped in his tracks and cringed once more. He was faced away from her, so she couldn't see his expression.

"How can you even want to see me after what I've done to you? My actions were unforgivable."

She shook her head, an action unseen by the fox yokai. "After what you...? And what exactly do you think it is that you did to me, Kurama? Why do you think I hate you all of a sudden?"

"You KNOW what I did. I killed Bonkotsu... the one person who had the ability to return you to your own world. Now you are trapped here due to my lack of foresight. Had I seen you were with us when we came through..."

"What? You would have let him live? You would have forced him to open another portal for me and sent me through it?" She shook her head again and sighed. "Hiei told me that you're known for analyzing situations from every given angle, Kurama. I'm surprised that you of all people would even CONSIDER doing something that stupid."

He turned then, his expression a mixture of surprise, disbelief and maybe just the slightest tinge of anger. "WHAT?! Don't you WANT to go home? Back to the family and friends that you left behind?"

"Of course I do! But I CAN'T! And even if Bonkotsu WAS still here, I still wouldn't be able to. Not because he wouldn't have the ability to get me back, but because you couldn't trust him to use that ability to get me back to my own home. Think about it, Kurama! Do you honestly think that you could trust someone like HIM? Could you be absolutely sure that the portal would lead to my home? It could lead me to ANYWHERE! The bottom of the ocean, over a lake of lave, the middle of the Amazon, or maybe even to a completely different realm filled with dangers that I couldn't even begin to fight against!" As she spoke, his expression changed to one of shock. In that instant, the floodgates opened again and she simply flung herself at him, clinging to the front of his shirt. "These last few days you've been so busy convincing yourself that it was your fault and that I hated you, that you never even stopped to consider that it wasn't your fault! You HAD to kill Bonkotsu! It was too dangerous to let a man like him live! And ever since I got here, I've been going out of my mind! I can't eat, I can't sleep, and I can't focus on anything! The others all tried everything they could to make me feel better, but the one I wanted to see the most was YOU!!" If she had looked up, she would have seen his eyes widen slightly as she clung to him and continued listening to her speak. His arms hung limply at his sides. "All I wanted was to have you smile at me, to hold me. All I wanted was for you to tell me that everything was going to be okay!" Her grip on the front of his shirt tightened slightly. "Damnit... Kurama! I think I'm in love with you!!"

The words had just come as if of their own accord and she almost choked after she realized she had said them. She started to tremble once more as he continued to just stand there. She couldn't bring herself to look up at him, afraid of what she might see.

The seconds dragged on. Then, slowly, she felt his arms go around her. Their hold was gentle at first, and then they tightened around her.

She felt a flood of relief go through her as she wrapped her arms around him.

His head settled on her shoulder, his lips right by her ear. "I am so sorry, Chantelle," he whispered. "You're right. I am a fool for not having seen it myself before now. But from the moment I realized that you had been in the portal with us, I immediately blamed myself for the fact that you were trapped here, thinking that if I had let Bonkotsu live, he could have sent you home with his dimensional ability. I didn't even stop to consider the possible downfalls of letting him live and entrusting you to one of his portals. You're right. The risk was far too great to send you through one of them." He pulled away gently, and he lifted her chin with his index finger, his thumb gently going over her bottom lip as his other hand came up to brush away her tears. She saw a gentle smile on his lips as he looked at her. "I promise you that from this moment on, I will be with you and help you in any way that I can. I will offer my encouragement, I will hold you when you need to be held, and I will give you something else, if you still wish it."

She blinked, looking at him. "What's that?"

He let his smile grow a little. "This." He closed the distance between them and brushed his lips against her own. Chantelle's legs turned to jelly immediately, but his arms wrapped around her and held her upright as he kept the contact.

Chantelle was in immediate heaven, and felt as if a huge weight had just been lifted off her shoulders. Her feet found purchase once again as she wrapped her arms around him tightly and returned the kiss. It felt so nice to have him hold her like this, to have him KISSING her like this. To know that he was going to be there with her now, to help her adjust to things. But then, all these thoughts came to a screeching halt, when...

"It's about bloody time!! Jeez, I thought those two would never get together!!"

Chantelle and Kurama immediately broke the kiss and turned as one, staring in shock at the five figures standing off to the side. Jin had been the first to speak. He had his hands behind his head and a goofy grin on his face.

Touya nodded at his side, a smirk on his own face. "I actually didn't think it would work. I thought he'd bolt the second he saw her. I guess he was too lost in his own thoughts to even sense that she was approaching."

Koenma looked down at Hiei. "Althought the underhandedness of your scheme didn't sit well with me at first, I must commend you now. He's been doing nothing but brooding for the last week!"

Chu smirked, his arms across his chest. "Well? Are you two just goin' ta stand there an' stare at us, or are ya goin' ta keep goin'?"

The both of them both balked. "YOU MEAN YOU GUYS PLANNED THIS?!"

Four of them shook their heads as Jin indicated Hiei. "He did. The little bugger's been pulling strings these last few days left and right. He never even told us about it until about a half hour ago in Koenma's office. Naturally, we all had to come out and see if it would work."

Chantelle stared at the fire demon who was smirking, seemingly self-satisfied. "Hiei?" she asked increduously.

His smirk only grew bigger. "Well, your health was going to start deteriorating if someone didn't do SOMETHING. And that idiot was doing nothing but brooding and avoiding everyone for the past week. It was obvious to everyone but you and him that the two of you liked each other, so I knew getting you two alone for a few minutes would clear things up."

Touya scowled a little. "Though I don't see why you had to manipulate the two of US," he said, indicating himself and Jin.

He snorted. "Hn. Because the first thing I had to do was to eliminate the other possible options she had. And give her a small taste of physical pleasure in the process. That's why I suggested that the three of us seduce her."

Chantelle and Kurama's eyes went huge. "YOU SUGGESTED IT?!" the two of them cried as one.

Then Chantelle turned to the kitsune, her eyes going wider as she immediately turned beet red. "WAIT A SEC!!!! YOU MEAN YOU KNEW THAT TOUYA AND JIN...????"

He nodded. "Yes. In fact, Hiei was the one who told me about it last night."

The fire demon nodded. "And I was the one who STOPPED them from taking it any further than it went." He took off his headband and revealed his third eye. "As I keep telling everyone... this eye isn't just for decoration."

Jin nodded, a scowl on his face. "Yeah, that dirty little bugger gave us each a dose of guilt ta make us stop. Although I can't argue with his logic, because it WOULD have only hurt ya more in the morning..."

Hiei nodded. "And I told YOU, Kurama, because I wanted you to know just how vulnerable she really was." His gaze fell on Chantelle again, and his smirk returned. "And when I seduced you tonight... I believe you'll recall a flurry of images invading your mind as I was pleasuring you? I did that knowing you would stop me. Then all it took was suggesting you go on a little stroll and telling you of the peaceful scenery that waited under the tree by the pond.

The two of them stared in total disbelief, Chantelle redder than a peony, knowing that not only had her interactions with Jin, Touya and Hiei been PLANNED by the fire demon, but also that Kurama actually KNEW about them.

"I don't know whether I want to kill him or kiss him," she said dumbly.

Kurama nodded in agreement. "I'm leaning towards the former at the moment, although... his plan DID work. If it hadn't, then..."

Jin grinned broadly. "Now, now! Enough with the plan! It worked and that's all that matters, now doesn't it? We all came out here to see a show and I believe you two were in the process of locking lips. Where do you plan to go from there? Come on, now. Don't be shy. We're waiting..."

Now Chantelle's eyebrow started to twitch in shock and disbelief. "I think we need some privacy..."

"I agree," Kurama said immediately.

"Your room or mine?" she asked.

"Which one is closer?" he countered.

"I don't know. Where's your room?"

"On the east end of the palace down the hall from the library."

She nodded immediately. "That's closer than mine. Let's go."

He nodded, taking her by the hand and leading her away. Then he stopped in midstride. "Oh, Hiei. I caution you to not use your jagen eye to peek in on us any further tonight. If I happen to learn that you did, I don't think I have to tell you what the consequences will be."

The fire apparation smirked. "Not to worry. My job is done."

Kurama nodded, his expression dead serious. "Good." He continued on his way, Chantelle's hand still firmly in his hold.


Moments later, Kurama closed the door of his room behind him and Chantelle. Then they stood there in silence for a moment, regarding each other, not really sure what should happen now.

She rubbed the back of her head. "You know... now that we're alone again... it's actually a little..."

Kurama nodded. "Awkward. Yes, I know." Then a thoughtful expression came to his features. "Do you remember be telling you of Youko Kurama... my demon form?"

She blinked and nodded.

He smiled. "He could take the awkwardness out of any romantic situation. As I'm sure you remember me telling you, he is very attractive to females and has an incredibly seductive nature." His eyes locked with hers. "Would you like to meet him now?"

She felt a small smile coming to her lips. "Sure."

His expression turned a little serious. "I don't think I need to tell you what will happen between us when he takes over, Chantelle. I feel I should ask you... are you certain you are ready for this?"

Her expression turned curious. "If... he feels something... do you feel it too?"

He nodded. "Of course. We are one and the same. If I am injured in battle and he takes control, then he too has the injuries that I sustained in the fight. Pain and pleasure are shared between the two of us."

She nodded, a small feeling of relief coming into her mind. "Good. I didn't want either one of you to be left out."

He blinked and then his gentle smile returned. "You are so very curteous and kind, not wanting my human side to be left out of our interaction. I can assure you, the pleasure he receives will be enjoyed by myself as well." Then he nodded. Chantelle watched the air shimmer around Suichi Minamino and his form changed into that of an INCREDIBLY handsom man with pale skin, long silver hair, a white robe, fox ears sticking out the top of his head, and a long silky tail. They were silver in color, however, not red, and instead of making him look adorable, they simply made him look otherworldly. His eyes opened and her breath caught in her throat when she saw his golden eyes looking at her. He looked nothing like the man that had stood before her a moment ago, but he was easily the single most attractive man she had ever seen in her life. She immediately felt the blood rush into her face, and in that instant, the man before her smirked. And when he spoke, she found that his voice was the same, but held a tone that was obviously different from his human counterpart.

"What's the matter, my lovely mortal? Do you see something you like?" he purred, his eyes flickering along her frame.

Her breath caught in her throat again and she felt her heart start to pound in her chest. No wonder Hiei had told her that she wouldn't be able to resist his charm... and he hadn't even laid a single finger on her yet! It took her a couple of seconds to respond as she couldn't keep her own eyes from wandering up and down his own form.

When she finally spoke, her voice was a little constricted. "Um... uh... uh huh..." was all she could manage, giving him a nod as she felt more blood rush to her head.

His smirk widened and he chuckled. She shivered at the sound of it and was rooted to the spot as he stepped up to her. One hand came up to brush the side of her face, and the other went around her waist and pulled her close to him. Then he leaned in close, placing his face beside her own and breathed her in deep.

"My dear Chantelle... I am afraid we have a problem that we must address immediately."

"What's that?" she managed to get out, trying to keep control of her bodies reaction to this man with little success.

When he spoke again, his voice was low and had a quality to it that almost sent her over the edge. "You still have the scent of that fire demon upon you. I must replace it with my own."

She felt his lips gently brush against the side of her neck and she had a feeling akin to electric shock course through her body. Her legs went out from beneath her in that instant, but the fox demon scooped her up in one smooth motion. When she looked up and saw a look of amusement on his face, and the seductive glint in those golden eyes, she shivered.

"This is why demons love virgins... they are so easy to pleasure." He brought his mouth by her ear once again. "And I intend to take full advantage of that little fact before we become one."

Chantelle couldn't think of a response to his words as he carried her to the bed and gently set her down, leaning in close to her. His golden eyes met hers and she shivered again. Then he leaned forward and his lips very subtly brushed her own as his hands started to trail gently up and down the sides of her body.

A moan esaped her lips and Youko took immediate advantage of the opening, as he started to tentatively explore the inside of her mouth with his tongue.

Even lying down, the world started to spin around Chantelle and her heart beat picked up. Then he started to trail down her jawline and throat with soft kisses as his hands slowly started beneath her shirt. His fingers brushed against her bare skin and another electric shock went through her. Kurama smirked, seeing her reactions as he took hold of the bottom of her shirt and pulled it off over her head, revealing the white lace bra concealed beneath and her flat stomach.

He leaned forward once more and continued to leave a trail of kisses down her throat and along her collarbone. She took in a sharp breath as her heartrate skyrocketed. She started breathing in short gasps.

She heard Youko growl low in his throat as his tongue whipped out, contacting her skin. He continued to make his way down, unclasping her bra and exposing her breasts.

His lips brushed against those two mounds as his hands went down to her jeans, undoing them before he brought his hands back up the sides of her body in a slow, deliberate manner, and he was immediately rewarded with another moan of pleasure.

Youko brought his lips to her own once more, giving her a full kiss, filled with lustful desire. She moaned as his hands trailed down the sides of her body once more and then back up again. He sent another trail of kisses down her jaw, over her collarbone, over her breasts, then down her stomach, nearing her navel.

She took in a sharp intake of breath, and her back arched with the pleasure he was gifting her with. She heard him chuckle again, and she was beginning to fervently wish he would just get inside of her and give her release. But at the saie time, she also hoped he would keep going the way he was... with this delicious torture.

He smirked, almost as if he was reading her mind, and slowly started to remove her pants, his warm hands snaking down the sides of her legs. Chantelle's vision blurred with the sensation that contact gave her, and when she could see once more, she saw that Youko was now bare from the waist up. He then leaned in close to her navel once more and gave the skin just below it a lick, sending a shudder through the woman beneath him.

He sent his hands down the sides of her legs once again, but this time going inward with a feathers touch. The womans back arched again and she let out a loud moan.

She heard him chuckle. "Don't worry, my lovely mortal. I shall give you release soon enough. Although I have to say, I am enjoying this greatly."

If she could have said something in response to his words, she would have, but her mind was reeling with the sensations that were assaulting her, and it was all she could do to see straight.

The fox demon then leaned in close to her again, this time nuzzling her neck, a low growl emitting from deep in his throat. His hands trailed up and down the sides of her body and then came up to massage her breasts. He straddled her now, his silver hair falling about Chantelle's face like a curtain, his right ear brushing against her cheek. She couldn't help it as she let out another small moan of pleasure. It was then that one of his hands left her breasts and she could feel as they started working on unclothing his bottom half.

He brought his face up, mere inches from her own when he had finished. Chantelle's breathing was coming in short gasps from his administrations and she was desperately trying to calm the hammering in her chest. His golden eyes locked with her own as a sexy smirk came to his lips and she couldn't help but shiver. He brushed his lips against her own gently for a moment, and then brought his lips up by her ear. She felt the hot breath against her neck, and felt as he positioned himself.

"Here is your release, my beautiful mortal," he breathed, and then thrust himself into her.

In that instant, the wonderful pleasuring sensations that she had felt up until then was undertoned by an unexpected surge of pain, and she took in a sharp breath.

He quickly leaned in close to her face once more. His hands came up and cupped her face gently. "I know it hurts. But the pain will not last long. This is your first time and you merely need to adjust. I will not continue until the pain has subsided," he whispered.

She just nodded breathlessly as he continued to caress the sides of her face, his silver hair tickling her shoulders. After a few moments, the pain subsided, just as he had said it would, and it was now nothing more than a mild ache.

"I... I'm okay now..." she said, opening her eyes a little, to see his golden eyes still looking up on her.

He gave her a gentle smile. "I will go slow for you."

He gave gentle thrusts every few seconds, and Chantelle noticed that the pain she had felt before was slowly being replaced by a wonderful pleasure, the likes of which she had not yet experienced. Her breathing came in short gasps, as she started to let out moans, and felt her skin start to slicken with perspiration with the sudden heat she felt.

Youko, seeing that the pain had subsided in the woman beneath him, smirked, bringing his lips down to her own, using a little more force than he had before, using a little of his own personal hunger take control as he increased the speed of his thrusts.

She didn't complain and showed no signs of pain or discomfort. In fact, she just moaned louder, her breathing coming in haggard gasps now. Moments passed as their bodies both heated and perspired, slick against each other.

The pleasure came to a head, as Youko let out a moan of his own, releasing his seed into her. Chantelle cried out in pleasure, and followed it with a long moan.

Youko stopped his movements and slumped over her, holding himself up on his elbows. He was still inside her as he gently leaned forward and tenderly brought his lips to her own. Then he removed himself from inside her and slowly layed down at her side, pulling her against him. She laid her head on his shoulder, gasping for breath and wrapped her own arms around him. She stayed like that for several long minutes, her energy completely sapped. Kurama gently kissed her on the forehead, and she felt him smile.

"Did you like that?" he whispered.

She laughed weakly, still a little winded from her exprience. "Is that a trick question? Damn, you're gonna turn me into a nymphomaniac, Youko..."

She heard his growl low in his throat as his lips brushed up against her ears, taking a moment to gently nibble on her lobe. "I would gladly give you that pleasure every night, Chantelle. I would give you what you had tonight, and more."

She was about to say something in response to this, but his lips found hers, cutting her off. When he pulled away, he pulled her head to his chest and started running the fingers of one hand through her hair, and the other hand ran gently up and down her bare back. "Say nothing. You are exhausted and should get some sleep now. Know that I am right here with you."

She didn't bother arguing as her eyes slid shut as if they had a mind of their own. Chantelle felt safe and warm, held in the arms of the kitsune, and she was asleep in seconds.

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