His and Her Circumstances – Chapter 19: His Circumstances

"Oh…I see how it is." Yasuhara walked over to Naru and abruptly hit him.

"Yasuhara!" Cried out she didn't know it would have to come to this. Their boss fell to the ground wiping the blood off his lips. Mai tried to hold her friend from further violence and Naru violently got up and pulled Yasuhara by the collar.

"Fine hit me...if it's one thing, I'd never hurt Mai like you always do." The college student didn't hesitate to provoke Naru to slug him.

"You guys stop!" Mai yelled in anger. Naru grunts and pushed Yasuhara back, he and Mai exchanged glares then she added;

"Just go away!" she picked her keys up and entered her apartment then slammed it behind her. River of tears flowed through her face as she slowly slid down the floor. She covered her face with her knees and held them tightly.

"Mai open this door!" he cried as he knocks on her door. She wouldn't be answering and straight up talk to him. Her heart couldn't stand looking at him and god she just wants pull out her hair and hit him in the face for calling her.

"She's not going to-"

"You stay out of this!" Naru cut Yasuhara off, he was practically like an animal at the moment and like any other animal who steps into his territory, and he wouldn't let anyone take what's his.

He tried his best to calm down and took the keys off his pocket. Mai on the other hand couldn't stand the noise and ran to her room.

"Naru you idiot! Just go away and run to Masako!" she fell on her bed and yelled through her pillows.

"I won't…" Mai jerked frantically by the sudden reply and didn't expect Naru of all people to go to her room right away.

"How the hell did you get in here!" she yelled.

"Like any normal people would get in, through the door."

"Well normal people don't make copies of their assistant's apartment keys!" Maybe it was time to show her his true for blue colors. Just that smirk frightens Mai and through the week when they were together she saw enough of it.

He abruptly carried her onto his shoulder surprising her.

"You're coming with me whether you like it or not." He spoke in his English dialect.

"Oh come on with the English again? Are you trying to show off you're from England?"

"Damn, you can be as tiring as any ghost hunt I've ever been in…more like the most tiring."

"Naru LET ME GO!" when he tried to adjust she squealed and held onto him tightly.

"Keep squirming like that and you'll fall." He went back to speaking Japanese.

"Dammit I'm wearing a skirt!"

"Ex-act-ly…" he said in syllables feeling her silky thighs on his hands and Mai couldn't help but blush whined;

"Pervert this isn't fair!"

"Life isn't fair especially if you're dealing it with me."

As they got out, Yasuhara was still outside waiting. Surprised, Mai asked for his forgiveness as they passed by him.

"Yasuhara I'm really, really sorry!" Yasuhara couldn't do anything but smile and saluted playfully.

"Glad I'm much of help." He whispered, he knew that she was also apologizing for rejecting him and accepted his defeat. But he was hoping his boss should also quit being a self-centered jackass to the point it had to come to this.

"Ouch…that really hurts." He said to himself when they were out of sight. He patted his chest and sighed.

"Seriously, I have legs can you put me down!"

"No, I don't want you running off and getting picked up again."

"But it was just Yasuhara! I'm old enough not to talk to strangers."

He opened the door of his car and dumped Mai on the passenger seat.

"Ow be gentle geez!" she yelped as she rubbed her behind,

"I think I sat on where the lock of the seat belt was." He closed her door and entered the other side.

As he entered with the slamming door behind him, Mai continued to cry out.

"Just what do you want from-"

She was cut off by Naru's mouth pressing roughly against hers. Startled and tried her best get away from his grip she couldn't muster the strength to pull him away.

"Dammit Naru!" she moaned out through his mouth. When he was about to catch his breath she took a chance to push him away.

She had her bangs covering her face and he could hear her whimpering.

"You're…so…mean!" she whispered and the whimpers slowly got louder then she started to cry like a baby with her hand on her faces.

"I sometimes don't understand you! You're always yelling at me then you start getting your hands on me. I can't tell what's in your head; are you some sort of sadist!"

'Great you stupid scientist, maybe you ARE a sadist, now what are you going to do!' his conscious scowled.

"I'm…sorry." He didn't know what to do but to lightly pat her head and tried his best to stop her from crying. Again he was never good in handling with emotions or women…especially his assistance's type. He bit his lips and swallowed up all the pride he had to show how sorry he is, that his asshole-ness was too much for her.

She on the other hand couldn't help but feel overly jealous of Masako, if Naru was smart enough that she was going to go that far he wouldn't let her. But it was Masako after all; she was always having him by the leash. It made her think, if Naru does have feelings for the medium then why did he toy her like that? It wasn't fair that she was open to him; he'd probably say it was her fault for letting her emotions get the better of her.

When she finally cease from crying, Naru gave her a quick look and draped his coat around her then started the ignition.

"Wh-where are we going?" she asked in an inaudible tone.

"-sighs- I promised you we'd go out to eat didn't I? Well there's a change in plans and it's going to be a long drive…so I took the initiative to bring a dinner box instead."

'So he did feel bad…Naru…' she said to herself, it was enough to slightly forgive him and once he drove out of the residence he was going to be the one who started the conversation.

"About today," her heart started to pound erratically.

"You overheard the conversation between Hara-san and I, then saw…us. It was all a misunderstanding." She didn't want to interrupt so she had her hands fidgeting on her skirt.

"You never told me the exact conversation between you and Hara-san except asking if you were in the way. So I'd figured if you weren't going to tell me, I might as well ask her. "

'He really did that?'

"Turns out she doesn't remember anything."

"Wait what! That's impossible!" she yelled angrily. How could she forget she practically insulted her and made her look like an idiot?

"Exactly what you thought, but I received the call from her not from Kyoto but from Warabi. So it was no surprised that she did the exorcism on her own but failed."

"So what you're trying to say is that she was possessed?" he took a few turns as he drove and then came to a stop from a red light. The street lights reflected on his pale face with his eyes straight on the road he nodded.

"What I know about Hara-san, she may seem like a sophisticated person…but she's just like any other teenage girl. It didn't take long for me to actually notice that she was being controlled by a site bound spirit because knowing her, she knows her limits…and consider you as her friend." Her stomach started doing flips and knots from what Naru had said. Did she really have a good reason to be mad at her? Naru could see the guilt in her face and reassured her by lightly tapping her chin.

"What about you and Yasuhara-san?" she looked back to him and repeated;

"What about Yasuhara?"

She looked twice and exclaimed;

"Naru were you jealous earlier!"

"Of course I was…" he didn't deny which made her feel embarrassed.

"He's just a friend…I mean he confessed to me, but he knew I was going to turn him down." She stammered.

"You two are so alike; I couldn't blame him for being so attached to you. At most time I grow envious how he expresses himself towards you." Mai gave out a loud sigh that made him turn his gaze to her for a couple of seconds then to the road.

"Maybe if you didn't confuse me on how you feel and told me sooner about Masako none of this would happen wouldn't it?"

"Mai you suck at lying…and you're a horrible actor." He insulted and she jolted in rage then yelled;

"What are you trying to say!" He let out a little chuckle and replied;

"Don't forget selective memory…if you knew Masako was possessed then I wouldn't be able to exorcise that spirit wouldn't I? And there's always a time for everything, you already know I'm a cold person…but being with you did change me."

Mai noticed the car slowly coming to a stop and then parked near a metal ridge. She looked outside but it was too dark for her to see that she had to get out of the vehicle. Walking cautiously to prevent herself slipping from the snow, she awed.

"Wow…you could see the whole city from up here!"

Naru got out as well making his way from behind her.

"I'm really sorry." He whispered as he held her closer. She could feel his breath tickling her ears and her heart beating faster.

"And I'm…sorry too, for being an idiot."

"I'm use to it…" he quickly replied. Naru lightly nudge when he felt Mai's lips brushed against his right cheek but;

"Yeouch!" he yelped in pain and a little tear couldn't help but escape through his azure eyes.

"Oh-my-god-I'm-sorry! I totally forgot!" She could hear his silent whines as she completely forgot that both she and Yasuhara hit him both the left and right cheek. Holding his face, he didn't know both his employees could even abuse his face like earlier.

'We both know you deserved that.' His conscious quoted; sometimes he thinks his brother was probably trapped inside him quoting everything he does towards Mai. She however, tried to think of another way to make him feel. And just the thought of it made her smile.

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