Summary: DASEY!!! No other pairing, obviously... but there is a jealous Sam and Emily! What happens when Casey confronts Derek at the end of "Crushing the Coach"? Derek never answered the door at the end of the episode because the doorbell never rang.

Disclaimer: I don't own Life With Derek... but one day I will own Michael Seater!

Chapter 1: Prologue

As the three girls left, they thanked Derek for showing them that they were being played. Then to his dismay, all of them left without giving him one single digit. He started to pout but he quickly got over it as he noticed Casey staring at him intently.

He quickly realized that she was about to talk to him, so he quickly made and excuse, a lame one, but an effective excuse to go to his room. Then he booked it up the stairs taking them three at a time. He slammed his door behind him and listened for any sign of Casey following him up the steps. He could always tell when someone was going to because the second stair from the top always creaked under any kind of pressure.

"Nothing," he half-sighed, half-muttered to himself. Heck, half of him hoped that Casey would follow him, though he wasn't sure why. He had an idea, a very stupid idea, a very unrealistic, never-gonna-happen idea, and it was all thanks to Edwin.

"Maybe you're showing compassion for Casey," Edwin's voice rang over and over again in Derek's head. He couldn't deny it anymore, at least not to himself. If Casey were to find out she'd be more disgusted with him than she already was. What'd be even worse is if Nora and George were to find out. If their son were to find out that he felt anything more than family, step-brotherly feelings toward Casey, they'd probably end up disowning him.

Derek hated admitting this too, but he only picked fights with Casey for two reasons and two reasons only. One was that nobody (minus Edwin) was to ever find out that he had actual... feelings towards Casey. He didn't even tell Edwin voluntarily, exactly. So obviously, appearances had to be kept up. The other, last, and most disturbing and twisted reason he picked fights with her, and that he lived for those fights, was... she looked incredibly hot and gorgeous when she was pissed off.

He loved the way he hair would fall in front of her face whether it was up or not from the incesant yelling. He loved the way her bright blue eyes shot flames as her very cute nostrils flared out. He loved the rapid breathing that came from her nose after she finally shut those sweet lips of hers. Oh how he wanted to taste them. Then she continued to stare in his direction. But, most of all... he absolutely loved how her cheeks got blood red to match her ears, and how they would turn from red straight to pink after she was embarrassed when he actually won a fight.

Derek knew he could NEVER tell Casey these things to her face, so he figured he'd just have to keep dreaming. Which is exactly what he did, drifting slowly into his own dream world as he quietly fell asleep. If only he knew the what tonight had planned for him.