Title: Odd Turtle Out 1/5
Summary: The stories of five turtles who felt left out.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters nor the universe they live in.


As long as Leonardo could remember, he was separate from his brothers. Despite the fact that they had no way of knowing who biologically had been hatched first, or even if their eggs had come from the same mother, Leonardo had taken on the role of being the oldest.

And, as oldest, it was his duty to look after his younger brothers. When Splinter was away, he had always been left in charge. And when they played in the sewers, he was responsible for making sure they didn't get lost or hurt. And if someone stepped out of line or stubbed his toe while Leo was on watch, he would be brought to task.

All his life, Leonardo had felt obliged to meditate longer and practice harder so that he could provide the example to his younger siblings. While his brothers played video games or read comic books, Leonardo practiced at being better. And, when he finally decided to take a break and join in, he felt out of place.

All by virtue have having been named first.

Why had his father chosen Leonardo to be the first named, to both gift him with privilege and the burden him responsibility? Leonardo often wondered that and, on one occasion, had gathered the courage to ask his father but Master Splinter was tightlipped on the subject. Leonardo was left to ponder on his own.

Had Splinter sensed that Leonardo had it in him to be the oldest? Or had Splinter chosen him at random? Was it simply luck that he was who he was? How would his life had been different had he been named Donatello or Michelangelo or Raphael? Who would he be if not Leonardo? How would he define himself?

What would he have been, if not the oldest?