Title: Odd Turtle Out 5/5
Summary: The stories of five turtles who felt left out.
Notes: This is the final chapter of Odd Turtle Out. I'd like to thank everyone for reading this little story of mine and a special thank-you to everyone who was kind enough to review.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters nor the universe they live in.

Venus de Milo

She floats silently through the abandoned tunnels of underground New York, a ghost that is no longer remembered. She merely exists, not living, not dead, in this dark, cold, lonely place. Once there was light and warmth and companionship. For a brief time, there was family. But it was brief, so very brief that she can't be sure it was even real.

Sometimes, the edges of oblivion will crack and she can peak in on the world that has gone on without her. She spies on the family that was once part of her life, however briefly.

Michelangelo! Raphael! Leonardo! Donatello! Master Splinter! She calls out but they do not hear her. They go on with their lives, unaware of the ghost who hides in their walls.

Please! Please! Let me in! She wails without avail.

Once, there had been something in one of the turtle's eye, a faint remembrance. But it was quickly gone; the fleeting thought never pursued.

Please, she begs, Please, hear me! See me! Remember me!

But they have gone back to their world, their happy little world, where they never had a sister.

Defeated, with ghostly tears running down her pale cheeks, she fades back into the darkness.


End Note: Congratulations to lugia flyhight for correctly guessing that this chapter would belong to Venus de Milo. You get a gold star. ;)