Thunder: This is the final chapter!

Chapter 21

"Stitch, we have to make tracks." Chase said as he worked on untying the ropes that held down the last longboat.

"Pacushi no taba." Stitch replied

"I know." Chase said, saddened.

"You never quit, do you?" Danny said, coming down into the hull.

"Ah, Daniel!" Chase said looking over to see the halfa leaning against the doorway with his arms crossed a scowl on his face. "Ha ha! l was merely checking to make sure our last longboat was safe and secure." Chase tied the rope into a messy knot. Danny walked over with a finger on his chin.

"Mmm. Well..." he said. He kneeled down and untied the knot and retied it to make it secure. "That should hold it." Chase chuckled.

"l taught you too well." He said standing up, Stitch sitting on his shoulder. "If you don't mind, we would very much like to avoid prison. You see Stitch here, he's a free spirit." Stitch crawled around on Chase before crawling out onto Chase outstretched dragon arm. "Being in a cage, it'd break his heart." To prove his point, Chase moved his claws over Stitch like he was in prison. Danny looked unconvinced at the heylin. Chase sighed and looked at his feet, Stitch, doing the same. Then, Danny pushed down the lever that opened up the hull so the longboats can fly. Chase looked over and saw Danny untying the rope he fastened, a smile on his face.

"Why don't you ship out with us, son?" Chase said, pulling Danny to his side, Stitch crawling on top of his head. "You and me, Phantom and Young, full of ourselves and no ties to anyone!" Raised his arms in the air, as if he could see a poster with their names on it. Danny chuckled before lifting Stitch off his head to scratch at his belly.

"You know, when I got on this boat, I would've taken you up on that offer in a second." Danny said, putting Stitch on the ground, only to have the experiment crawl up Chase's back and onto his shoulder. "But, uh, I met this heylin... and he taught me that I could chart my own course. That's what I'm gonna do." Chase looked at him as a father would look at his son.

"And what do you see of that heylin friend of yours?" Chase asked

"A future." Danny responded, turning to look Chase in the eyes, a smile on his face. Chase only laughed and shook his head.

"Just look at you, glowing like a solar fire. You're something special, Daniel." Chase said. "You're gonna rattle the stars, you are." Chase held his arms out and Danny rushed into them, giving Chase a hug. The moment ended when Chase cleared his throat and pulled out of the hug.

"Got a bit of grease in these dragon eyes of mine." he said, rubbing at his eyes. "Dang cooking grease." Stitch patted the back of Chase head before looking at Danny. The experiment burst into tears, clinging to Danny's neck.

"Oh, hey, Stitch."Danny said, slowly pulling Stitch off to look at him. "I'll see ya around, okay?"

"See ya around." Stitch repeated, sniffling and nuzzling Danny's cheek before jumping out of his hands to Chase's shoulder. Chase rubbed the top of Stitch head and sighed as he looked at Danny. He turned his attention back to his experiment.

"Stitch, I have a job for you." Chase said. "I need you to keep an eye on this young lad." Danny was shocked, and Chase was on the verge of tears. "Will, will you do me that little favor?"

"Aye-aye, Captain." Stitch said, saluting before giving Chase a slobbery lick. He then jumped over to Danny's shoulder and giving him a large lick. Case took that moment to jump into the longboat and started hovering.

"Oh, and one more thing," he said, throwing up a handful of gold and precious stones to Danny, "This is for your dear mother to rebuild that inn of hers." Chase winked at Danny and smirked a devilish smirk.

"Stay out of trouble, you old scalawag." Danny said, earning a laugh from Chase.

"Why, Daniel, when have l ever done otherwise?"Chase laughed as his longboat took off. Danny smiled before looking at the gold in his hand.

"Excuse me, pardon me. Sorry!" Susan said as she moved through the crowds in the Toontressor Spaceport. "Danny? Danny, where are you?" She felt a tap on her shoulder and turned around to see Danny smiling. Then he hugged her .

"It's good to see you back here, Danny." Susan said. Stitch climbed up to Danny's shoulder and nuzzled against Susan's cheek, slowly moving onto her shoulder.

"And who are you?" she asked

"His name's Stitch." Danny said. "Can we keep him?" Susan only laughed.

Rebuilding the Toon-bow inn took many many months, but it was finished in the end. Stitch bit the red ribbon in half before tearing the rest of it apart. When night fell, a grand reopening party commenced.

"Who wants cake!" Thunder said, pushing open the door to the kitchen, her hands and arms full of plates with cake slices. When the door swung back on her, she almost dropped a slice. Somebody in a green turtle neck with Black hair and black dog ears with black gloves and blue jeans caught it for her.

"Oh! Thanks." she said

"No problem. I'm Gat, by the way." he said

"I'm Thunder." She said before handing out the rest of the cake slices. She noticed Sunny and Chel and moved over to them.

"How have you two been?" she asked

"Well, pretty good." Sunny said, looking down at the bundles in his arms. Thunder did a double take when she saw them. In Sunny's arms were three babies that looked like Chel, except one had red hair, one was a blonde, and the third was a brunette.

"AWWW!!! So cute!" Thunder cooed

"Yeah." Chel said, looking down at her one little baby boy that looked like Sunny. "They're pretty cute." Just then, Grim and Jorgen slammed the front doors open, making everyone gasp at their entrance. They both stood aside and revealed Danny with his white hair smoothed back, wearing a black hazmat suit with a white collar, white gloves, and white boots, his white DP symbol emblazoned on his chest.

"How do I look?" Danny asked. Stitch crawled up to Danny's hand and spat in his claws. He rubbed them together before rubbing them through Danny's hair, making it spiky.

"Oki taba!" Stitch said, giving a thumbs up.

"Everybody dance!" Billy said before dancing to some music, provided by a small band, a band that vaguely looked like a pirate band. Most of the people made to lines, holding flowers up above the center. Danny bowed to his aunt before dancing with her down the line. When the music picked up, Sunny and Chel danced down the line, leaving their babies in Stitch's claws. The red haired baby pulled on the baby boy's ears, making him burst out crying, panicking, Stitch nuzzled into the boy's arms, making him stop crying. Thunder clapped her hands as a wall flower.

"May I have this dance?" Gat asked. Thunder was surprised, but soon took his outstretched hand and danced. Danny and Susan clapped the couple on, but Danny was distracted as he looked up to the clouds in the sky outside. There were two stars shining through them, shining like Chase's dragon eyes. Danny smiled once again before joining the party once again.

Thunder: And it is finally over! I'd like to thank all the kind reviewers who reviewed this story and all the skittles I ate that helped me finish it, once and for all. Later peeps!