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Once upon a time in a far off land of much fortune and prosperity, an empire of many kings and queens lay. The land of Poco dwelled in the fertile delta of the Thumbelina River. It's towering castles and monuments amazed travelers from all corners of the world. At the heart of the empire was the capital city of Everafter, where the King's Castle stood strong and the citizens were well fed and wealthy. Though deep in the city lived a girl of a wealthy, noble family run by her wicked stepmother. The girl was dubbed Cinderedda by her step siblings, Alphonse and Winry who were cruel to her in ever way imaginable. They called her names and taunted her with the things that she couldn't have.

The morning rays of sun shone over Pan Mountain onto the city of Everafter. Cinderedda slept peacefully in her mangy bed in the small attic. The rough blanket slid off her body and tiny feet crawled up her body. She opened her eyes and looked down at the dark brown mouse on her chest then petted him softly. "Good morning, Maes.." she said softly and rested her head back in her pillow. Maes stood on two legs and walked up to her face "Wake up, Eddy!!"

She scowled and flung him off the bed. He squeaked softly and stood up "It's sunrise! Stepmother will want her breakfast!"

Eddie's eyes flickered open and she hurried out of bed, "You stupid mouse! Why didn't you wake me up earlier!"

She hurried about her attic room, gathering clothes to wear. She dressed in a beige dress and quickly tied her apron around her waist. Maes presented a black ribbon and she quickly tied her hair back and ran downstairs. She prepared breakfast and set it out on the table, careful so Winry's food didn't touch and Stepmother's fork was on the left side of her plate.

Her step family came down and ate in bliss. Alphonse smiled at Cinderedda and offered his leftovers, which was a lot, to her. She gratefully took it, muttering a soft thank you. Stepmother suddenly snatched it away and threw it way. "Go to the market, wench!" Stepmother ordered and slapped Cinderedda across the face. Cinderedda nodded quickly and scurried out of the house.

She strolled down the street, passing men and women of different classes. A chariot stormed down the cobblestone road, quickly stopping at the corner of Tink and Wendy Street. A short man stepped out and stood atop a box "Hear ye! Hear ye! A ball shall take place in the King's Castle tonight starting at 7:00 P.M. Prince Charming the Third shall be picking a bride out of the young ladies at the ball." The short man bowed, "That is all."

Cinderedda thought, wow..if only I could go and ride off into the sunset. Those thought were quickly pushed back, Stepmother would never let her go. She bought the groceries and went home.

Winry was waltzing around merrily, "OOH thank goodness you're here, Cinderedda! I want you to make me a dress right away!"

Cinderedda squeaked out as Winry shoved fabric into her hands, "May I ask why?"

"I'M going to the ball, Cinderedda. And I'M going the be picked to be his bride!" She said and gave Cinderedda a box of sewing supplies. "How wonderful," Cinderedda said, "If only Stepmother would let me go."

Winry sneered, "Even IF she let YOU go, Cinderedda, Prince Charming would NEVER pick such an ugly troll like you. You're far too ugly to even get in the doors of the King's Castle, much less get picked by the Prince."

Cinderedda frowned inwardly and went up to her room to make Winry's dress. She started sewing the elegant gown with the help her mouse friends: Alex, Maes, and Kain. Alex boomed with his loud voice, "What shall this gown be used for, Eddy!"

Cinderedda sewed and said, gloomily, "Winry...there's a ball tonight and I'm not allowed to go."

Alex's curled whiskers twitches slightly and he stood on his two legs, "How do YOU know, Eddy! Have you asked Stepmother's permission?"

She leaned toward the dress slightly, "Well, no but I know what she'll say. She'll say no."

Alex boomed, "How do you know for sure!"

Eddy snapped "I just know, Alex!"

His ears fell back and he said, "Yes, miss..."

She sewed a hem on the dress, "Oh if only though..it'd be fantastic, indeed. I wish I could go."

All the mice sighed in unison, they only wanted the best for their dear Cinderedda. Suddenly the smell of cigarette smoke filled the room and there was a small flash. A 6 foot man appeared out of the smoke with a cigarette dangling from his mouth, which he was trying to light with a lighter. "Who are you!" Cinderedda squealed as the three mice quickly retreated to the safety of under her bed. The man looked at her as if he were surprised, "What's it look like, girl?" Cinderedda shook her head. "I don't know? You just popped up."

He finally lite his cigarette and ran his fingers through his sandy, spiked hair. He said, "Well..then if you don't know, I'm your fairy god..father."

She looked him up and down "Fairy? I thought fairies had wings and were like little people and-"

He interrupted, "I have wings." He turned around and pointed out two small, yellow wings sticking out through his shirt. She said "Are you a reject fairy?"

He stood a moment and took a drag from his cigarette before sitting at a small stool, looking at the dress Cinderedda had put together. "Looks like crap." he stated and waved his hand over it, making it a beautiful gown. "You said you wanted to go the stupid ball?" Cinderedda nodded, "Yes..but first, what's your name? I don't wanna call a 6 foot man 'Fairy Godfather'."

He smirked slightly "Jean..my name's Jean."

He leaned forward, taking another drag from his cigarette. "You can't go to the ball lookin' like a half price maid, can ya?" He stood and approached her, taking her hand. "I'll make you beautiful, girl."

Cinderedda blushed slightly at the thought of beautiful. Jean said, "What's your favorite color?"

She thought a moment, "Black?" He cringed "Black? What the hell's wrong with you."

He waved his hand over her and glittery orbs embraced her then dispersed, revealing a beautiful green ball gown. She looked down in amazement, speechless. He spun her around by her hand, eyeing her "Hah..That's nice."

She said, "What about my hair, Jean?"

He pulled the ribbon from her hair and quickly brushed it. "There," he said, "You're pretty with your hair down." She smiled and looked in the mirror. She was stunning, more beautiful than ever.

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