"Where're you going, Cindereddie?" Maes squeaked as he sat comfortably on the bed post, "That's an awful lot of clothes."

She stuffed the only picture of her dad in her suitcase, "I'm leaving."

He clapped his little hands together, "Like a vacation? Oh joy. May I go with you?"

She said "It's NOT a vacation."

Jean laid back in her bed, "Yea..she's out to..'find herself'."

The mouse frowned, "So I can't go with you?"

She sighed, "Fine you can go. But you can't get in the way."

Meanwhile, downstairs, Evil Stepmother waited patiently for her breakfast. "Where IS that girl." she hissed and looked at the clock. "It's almost 10 o' clock." The evil woman called up the stairs. "CINDEREDDA GET DOWN HERE!"

Cinderedda gasped, "Oh my goodness! I nearly forgot!"

Jean said, "What's it matter..you're leaving anyway?"

She said, "But what if she sees us?"

He laughed slightly, "You COOULD wish us outside."

She snapped her suit case closed. "Oh yea..you're a fairy man." she said, "Okay..I wish we were outside." He smiled, "Bippity Boppity Boo."

Bubbles surrounded the trio and they transported outside in the front yard. She staggered slightly, "That was scary, Jean?"

He lite a cigarette, "You get used to it."

She carefully picked up her talking mouse friend and set him on her shoulder, "So where do we go."

Maes sat on her shoulder, "It's your trek, lovie? Where do you wanna go."

She sighed, "Well lets get out of here first so we don't get caught..um lets rent a dragon."

They made their way to the dragon stables where an assortment of dragons were locked in their stables. Jean spoke to the stable owner. "We need to rent one dragon please."

The elven stable man said, "Ay, that be $200, ye be certain to return her by next month, lad."

The tall elf lead Jean to a four legged, winged beast only slightly bigger than a full grown Clydesdale. Her eyes were the color of fire and her scales were black, her horn curled around two floppy ears. Her two pearly white teeth stuck out slightly and tail ended in a group of three spikes pointing in different directions, and her wings were bat like. The elf took the dragon from her stable. "This be good?" he asked Jean. Before Cinderedda could speak up against the choice, Jean nodded graciously, "Yes, sir. She's just fine."

They exchanged goods and Jean lead the dragon out of the stable by her bridal.

Eddie stayed back, "Jean! Let's get a different dragon! Like that one." She pointed at a yellow, old dragon. He shook his head. "No." he said as he climbed on top of the dragon, "Need help on?" He held out his hand to her. She shook her head, "I'm NOT getting on that."

He grabbed her and set her behind him, "Hold on, girl."

He heeled the dragon and she took off into the sky. Cinderedda screamed and clung to Jean around his waist and buried her face in his back. Maes laughed and felt the wind in his fur, whiskers waving around in the wind. The mouse crawled to Jean's shoulder. "Where are we to go, fairy man?" Maes asked and sat on Jean. Jean said, "I need to take care of some business at home before this girl can get what she wants."

Maes said, "But..."

The dragon flew higher and slower. "But what, mouse." Jean said.

"But Cinderedda comes first, fairy man?!" Maes squealed with urgency.

Jean scowled slightly, "You really think I care about that girl."

Maes frowned, "I..I guess you don't."

Jean boomed, "Got that right, mouse. If I didn't have to be here I wouldn't."

Cinderedda frowned inwardly and spoke up, "Where're we going, Jean?"

He glanced back, "I gotta see my mom."

She rested her head on his back, really wishing she hadn't heard him say that.

She suddenly blurted, "Oh no! We have to go back! I left my suitcase!"

He shrugged, "You don't really need it."

She yelled, "We have to go back!! I left him!"

He scowled, "I'm not going back for none of your crap!"

She looked down a moment, "I wish you'd go back for my suitcase."

He cringed slightly, "No."

She hit him, "I wish you'd go back for my suitcase!"

His metal bracelet glowed red, burning his skin. "Fuck! Fine let's go back!"

He turned in a U-turn back to Everafter and landed on her suitcase. "Get the damn suitcase, Ed." He growled, holding his burning wrist. He cursed loudly and hopped off the dragon, "What, you can't get it yourself, Ed!?"

He quickly tied the suitcase on, behind the saddle and sighed in relief as the bracelet turned to normal. She whimpered slightly, "Don't yell at me..."

He scowled and climbed back on the dragon and took off toward Pan Mountain. She quietly hugged around his body. Why had he done that.., she thought as she looked over the vast landscape.