Title: He's Gonna be a Seeker

Author: Masakochan

Rating: G

Summary: James wants Harry to be a Chaser. Sirius wants him to be a Beater. But, what does Harry want to be?

Disclaimer: Don't own HP. JKR does.






"No Sirius. For the last time- Harry is going to be a Chaser, just like his daddy. That right, Harry?" James asked playfully as he glanced over at the little boy who was sitting Lily's lap.

"Ba!" Harry crowed happily as he started to started to flap his pudgy, little arms up and down.
Like a baby bird almost.

Sirius grinned. "HA! Ya hear that, Jamie? Harry obviously said the word 'bat.' Wants to be a beater. Do his godfather proud."

James scowled, and the only warning Sirius had before James got him in a headlock was, "I'll show you beater."

Lily, inwardly smirking, as she watched the impromptu wrestling match begin to take place between James and Sirius, looked down at the child, whose black hair that already showing early signs of being uncontrollable, in her lap. He was making happy babbling noises and clapping excitedly as he took in the sight of what Sirius and his dad were doing. "Harry?" She whispered.

Harry stopped clapping, and turned his head up to look at her with those bright, green eyes of his. "Ma?"

Lily smiled as she asked quietly, so that only Harry could hear her, "Harry, do you remember that word I said recently? Seeker? Can you say 'seeker'? Seee-keerr?"

Harry stared at her quietly for moment, then slowly, "Seee..kah?"

Lily cheered mentally as she placed a light kiss on his forehead, and said happily, "That's right, Harry. You're so smart. Do you want to show your daddy and Sirius how smart you are? Can you say that word again?"

Harry got a determined look on his face, and Lily called out to the two men who had since then fallen to floor and were still in their scuffling match, "Oi, you two! Harry has something he would like to say."

They both stood up, and James readjusted his glasses on his face as he shot a smirk over at Sirius. "See Padfoot. Harry's going to inform us that he actually wants to be a Chaser just like his old man."

Sirius returned the smirk. "Nope. I still think he's going to say he plans on being a Beater."


James and Sirius froze, then turned to look at Harry.

"What?" The two men asked; their mouths slowly falling open.

"Seeekah. Seekah," Harry said a few times more, then giggled and clapped his hands together.

Lily watched with a grin as both her husband and one of his best friends' jaws had practically hit the ground as they continued to stare at the baby boy sitting on her lap.

"Well," Lily started off with a satisfied smile on her face,"I guess that settles it. Harry wants to be a Seeker, and that is what he's going to be."