The Rules:

Solution 16: O equals U, Z equals P, L equals B

1. You may not initiate contact directly or indirectly with anyone you knew from your former life.
2. If someone from your former life contacts you, you may not volunteer any information that would suggest that you were once acquainted.
3. You may not return to your old home or your old job.You may not participate in any activity which may lead to your recognition by a second party.
4. If you follow the above rules and someone does recognize you regardless, you may not confirm any of his or her suspicions.You are allowed to refuse to deny them.

Any infraction of these rules will result in immediate retrieval. You will not be given another chance under any circumstances.

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End notes:

So, yes, I will be writing a sequel about the second year. However, I need to finish "The Lost Child" first. Turns out I can only focus on one story at a time after all. ... sighs ... That will probably take me the rest of the summer, so don't expect the sequel until fall.

And here is where I insert an obligatory plug for my novels. Actually, it makes sense this time since a lot of you are new readers and haven't been forced to read an advertisement yet. Anyway, I have two published science-fiction novels, so if you like my writing style, you may want to check them out. Details about them are in my profile.

Hopefully I'll see all of you later. Until then, please enjoy this "trailer" for "Rules: The Second Year". (Title and scenes are subject to change.)

Unknown female character #1 : Kira doesn't just take lives. He kills hope. And that's why I'll never support him.


Elijah: Did you ever stop to think, Light, that if you hadn't killed the FBI agents, it would have taken me much longer to find you? If I found you at all.


Light: You're a bitch.

Unknown female character #2: Thank you. That means I'm doing something right.


Light: None of this matters. Did you forget? There's still one Death Note locked in the investigation headquarters.


UFC #1: It'll be okay. Friends fight. He'll forgive you.

Elijah: I don't know if he will this time. I'm losing him. And if I lose him, I'll lose myself.


UFC#2: Kira absolutely deserves the electric chair. I just wish I could be there to see it. Bzzt!

Ethan: You are one scary woman, you know that?


Light: I wish Elijah would come back to me.

Elijah: What do you mean, Light? I'm right here.

Light: No, you're not Elijah. You're goddamn Ryuzaki!

(Note: The new girls don't have names yet. The first is a small, Asian girl who draws. The second is a brash, dirty-blonde softball player who likes to speak her mind. I am not sure yet whether they will be love interests or just new people to add a different spin on things. I'll probably let them, and the boys, decide for themselves.)

See you then.

-- Karai

Update 12/25/07: "Risks and Rewards" has been posted. To get to it, visit my profile. Hope to see you there!