"And the winner of the Grand Prize is…"

Lorelai absolutely hated these stupid DAR functions. She never won a single raffle. She always bought tickets as a conversation piece, and to make her mother happy, but she wanted something to show for all of the times she had entered. All of the baskets were wrapped in that clear shiny plastic with perfect looking bows and lots of goodies inside. There was always the spa basket to try for, but a woman who looked like she had no idea what an esthetician was had already been proclaimed the winner of the basket.

She looked around the room at the people her mother associated with. She felt out of place, as if she weren't even there. Every time she attempted to have a conversation with someone, they would look at her as if she were incompetent to be standing near them. They sat around, drinking tea, eating their crumpets, or whatever the heck those weird pastry things were, and gossiping about people she didn't even know.

"Lorelai Gilmore! Ticket number 018765!"

Lorelai snapped out of her people-watching to comprehend what just happened.

"Lorelai! You won the Grand Prize! You need to go claim it!" Emily said, leaning toward Lorelai as she clapped with the rest of her friends.

Figures. The one time she has no idea what the Grand Prize was, and the one time she frankly just didn't care, she won. She went up to the stage and claimed her prize. It was a basket accompanied by an envelope. Lorelai politely thanked the woman who presented it to her, gave a quick curtsy and a smile to the DAR women, and made her graceful exit to the Crap Shack.

After all, she was only required to stay until the raffles were finished. Emily had told her so several times. Lorelai had just decided to take her up on that suggestion. Trying to juggle the basket, the envelope, and the keys to the front door proved difficult. Lorelai wasn't going to put the basket down on the porch, it was just too pretty, and perfect. Maybe she wouldn't even open it up… it looked so spotless. Besides, someone had worked hard to put that basket together, and it was unfortunate that she ended up winning it.

Lorelai placed the basket on the table and opened the envelope. Inside was a letter, which Lorelai guessed contained the stipulations and the explanation of the prize, as if it weren't self-explanatory. The paper turned out to be a list, typed in a large red font, of the contents of the envelope and the basket. The list read:

1. Plane tickets, hotel accommodations, and itinerary

2. Two (2) tickets to the Red Sox-Yankees game at Fenway Park, August 4th (Green Monster seats)

3. Baseball signed by David Ortiz

4. His and hers Red Sox jerseys and caps

5. Fenway Park tour tickets

Lorelai was stunned. The one time she won something, she won a basket for the Red Sox, which Lorelai assumed was the baseball team Luke liked by the baseball signed by some guy she didn't know. That was a really great idea, she could give Luke the tickets! Or better yet, she could tag along and annoy Luke! Baseball wasn't her thing, but she would never miss an opportunity to bother Luke! That would just be sinful. And besides, she had heard someone at the DAR function say that Fenway Park had no healthy food. That was a plus. Seeing Luke eat junk food, and the prospect of eating lots of junk food herself was all too enticing.

She picked up the still unopened basket and made her way to the diner.