It may not have been Lorelai's curse-breaking methods that helped the Red Sox to eight victories in a row and a World Series Trophy, but she always liked to think she had a little part in something special.

When their daughter was born on July 27, exactly nine months from that fateful night in October, Luke and Lorelai decided that the only name fitting enough to give her was Caroline. And now, five years had passed, and Lorelai sat in Fenway Park with Luke and Caroline, attending Caroline's first game for her fifth birthday. The seats weren't as good, but Lorelai was having much more fun for some reason.

"Want another piece of cotton candy?" Lorelai asked.

Caroline nodded. "Pink and blue mushed together, please!"

Lorelai took a pink chunk and a blue chunk, and twisted them together to make a pretty cotton candy ball for Caroline to eat. "Who's up?" Lorelai asked Luke, handing Caroline the cotton candy.

"Ortiz," Luke said.

"I like him," Caroline said with a mouthful of cotton candy. "He hits the ball really far." She tilted her head to try and see her favorite player hit.

Luke pulled Caroline onto his lap and twisted in his seat so Caroline had the perfect view. She watched his home run ball go over the Green Monster and cheered and clapped for her favorite player.

The Red Sox were five runs ahead by the time the middle of the eighth inning rolled around, so Lorelai was listening to Caroline's never ending story when the song that started it all began to play.

"This is your song," Lorelai said, gently tugging on Caroline's curly brown ponytail.

Caroline adjusted her Red Sox hat. "Really?" she asked, intrigued by the fact that there was a song that had her name in it. She had been hearing about the song for the longest time, and she finally got to hear it.

"Yeah, listen, it's coming up!" Lorelai said, picking Caroline up.

Caroline listened intently until she heard her name. "He said my name! Isn't that cool, Daddy?" she asked, looking over at Luke.

The game ended with a 10 run win for the Red Sox, and Caroline fast asleep in Luke's arms. As they walked back to the hotel, Lorelai turned to face Luke.

"So do you think she liked her first game?" she asked.

Luke nodded. "Yeah, she seemed to. She's still a little young to get all of it, but she wasn't an obnoxious brat like the people behind us. I'll bet that kid has jam hands all the time."

Lorelai smiled. "Random question. How come they call it 'That Dirty Water?' I mean, come on, it's not even dirty anymore, Rory did the research..."

Luke listened to Lorelai rant and smiled at the fact that the Red Sox somehow meant as much to his family as they did to him.

The End