A window of Opportunities- sequel to Two weeks!

Bold- flashbacks

Italics- Thoughts

Neji was shocked. "h-home? H-hiashhhi-s-sama what d-d-do you mean new room?" Hiashi smiled "Neji, be quiet, you are beginning to sound like Hinata. And by 'new room I meant Tentens new room, it will be on the same corridor as your own, so don't worry. I approve of this relationship. It will be a good way of keeping your temper at bay. Now Tenten, your parents are currently staying in the west wing, but you will be in the south. Is that to your liking? If you do not wish to be so far away I can have them use Neji's room." Tenten was in shock. They were walking alone the road to the Hyuuga estate, and to her new home. Less than two weeks ago she had been a single 15 year old living in the poorest parts of Konoha. Now here she was walking down Konoha's main street with Neji on her left and Hiashi on her right. She tried to remember how she had got into that position.


"Please sir, we have only just found each other, and I do not wish to marry yet." She had glanced at Neji and gave him a weak smile.

Hiashi however, seemed to have different ideas. "But in Yuki's report it said that Neji had taken her purity, which by Hyuuga rules means that a marriage is called for." Following this sentence was a number of shouted questions, which all got jumbled up and were impossible to understand. Eventually some sense had been made of them, after a calm tapping of a glass from Tsunade. Tenten almost growled her question. "what-do-you-mean-by-yuki's-report?" Tsunade grinned, but it was Hiashi who answered that particular question. "Did Tsunade not tell you? Yuki was the key participant in operation Neji plus Tenten on two week vacation equals love. She was told to write daily reports on how your relationship was growing, and take evidence, such as pictures and videos, did you not know this?" Two sets of jaws dropped. Tenten just about managed to stammer the next question. "N-Neji plus Tenten on two week VACATION? You mean that whole thing was just a big waste of time?" Hiashi smiled and turned to Tsunade for the answer, who was once again grinning like the Cheshire cat. "Well... it was good for your deception skills, and you DID find each other, so I wouldn't say it was a complete waste of time at all, in fact what we set out to achieve has been completed – so in actual fact he mission was a success."

Neji felt like banging his head against something hard. Our new Hokage has just gained a new title.

Tsunade: the fifth Hokage to Konoha, gambler, drinker and matchmaker extraordinaire. He didn't think he would be telling her the new title any time soon.Who ever would have thought of pairing him up with Tenten...

Hiashi calmly walked forward, and put his arm around Tenten shoulders. This was both creepy and shocking, Hiashi Hyuuga; both the imperious head of the Hyuuga clan and even more arrogant than Neji. Neji went into a state of shock at his uncle, whereas Tenten just smiled up at him nervously, she didn't know the man well enough to be afraid, but that was all going to change, naturally…

"Come Tenten Your parents are waiting at my estate, let's not keep them waiting any longer, besides you have still got to see your new room."

end flashback

She groaned out loud. Neji had never 'taken her purity. That had ju8st been lee and gai, who had caused endless trouble on their last 'mission' that wasn't a mission. She glanced up at the still talking Hiashi, and gently interrupted by tapping his arm.

"Sir, I hope you don't mind. But I feel that there may have been a misunderstanding." Hiashi turned to face her, one eyebrow raised. so that's where Neji got that habit from. "Um… sir, Neji-kun never took my purity. I feel that it is unfit for you to treat me so, when we have only really just got together." Hiashi just smiled and stopped walking to face her. "So you feel unworthy?" He gently put his hand on her shoulder. "Tenten, you have been selected. You have no choice in the matter anyway. Your skills are far too valuable to our clan to be worried about your background. Now come along."

Neji rolled his eyes as he walked past the stunned Tenten; grasping her hand and pulling her along. Under his breath she heard him mutter "thought he was being too nice" Tenten chuckled and attached her self to his arm. They arrived at the estate at about dinner time, so they met in the large dining room among various members of the Hyuuga household were sat Tenten's parents. Tenten ran up and threw her arms around their shoulders, grinning at being reunited. Tenten took her place between Neji and Hinata, and the meal was served. The meal was at the same high standard as the ones Tenten had eaten while staying in Iwa no kuni, and it had just the same effect; she was immediately sleepy. After they had eaten the adults insisted that instead of letting her go to bed, they discussed the future (despite it being 11 at night) as the adults talked, she found it increasingly hard to keep her eyes open. They felt so heavy... maybe if she closed them for just a second, it would bring some relief. Moments later Tenten slumped sideways onto Neji's lap. Fast asleep. Neji's first reaction was to be embarrassed, but the elder all did the unexpected thing and started whispering. "Neji-kun, be a gent and take her up to your room. She will have to stay there tonight, her own room is not yet ready, now be gentle- don't wake her!" Neji sighed and gently picked up the sleeping Tenten and walked up to his room. He lay her down in his bed, and softly tucked her up. Should I take off her shoes? Yes.. but what about the rest of her clothes? They will all be crumpled if she sleeps in them, oh never mind, she has more. Neji calmly dressed for bed, and made up the sofa so he could sleep on it. Once settled he whispered into the dark "good night, my love.."

In the morning neji awoke to find Tenten's lips pressed demandingly against his. He gave her what she wanted, then asked "and just how did you sleep? My princess." Tenten squealed. My first day in the Hyuuga compound, and he has already referred to me as a princess... now if that's not a good sign, then what is?

Neji chuckled and kissed her playfully again. "I will get the servants to bring breakfast up here, and for them to find you some clothes. I'll be one minute, ok?" Tenten eagerly nodded and watched Neji pull on a dressing gown and walk off. Neji returned a few minutes alter carrying a tray of food, and a small bag (apparently containing clothes) He sat down next to her and passed various different foods over, and once again she was well fed. After breakfast it was time to train. Training. Tenten remembered that well… but maybe she could get an advantage if she kissed him... maybe he will go easy on me now that we're officially 'together'. She chuckled to herself Hyuuga Neji, go easy on someone? I think not.

Well, this is the official sequel to Two weeks- my first ever fan fiction! I hope I will have as much fun writing this as the last, and I hope you enjoy it! Please review!