So Tenten was raging, Sasuke was hiding and Neji was pacing his bedroom.




How dare Tsunade and Hiashi mess his life up like this? Why him? Just as things had started to get back on track for him.

Needles to say Neji was feeling somewhat fed up. The only thing he could do was pace up and down. He had spent all afternoon so far practicing de-activating the strange type of his byakugen that had allowed him to see through Tenten's clothes against his own will. Being who he was, this had not taken too long. What had taken most of the afternoon however was finding Tenten to explain and apologise. She hadn't accepted it, she was still mad. But Neji had a feeling there must be a way to win her back round. But what? She didn't want to know him at the moment, and to be honest, who could blame her after everything his family had caused? She must rightfully feel humiliated he summarised. So how to make her feel better? Well he couldn't. This mess wasn't truly his fault. It was that dam hokage and Hiashi's scheming; and who could go up against a Hokage and win?

Exasperated, Neji flopped onto his bed and rolled over. Sat staring happily at him side by side, were the two cuddly penguins. Neji picked up Penpen and held her for a moment. She even smelled like tenten. Weird, he should miss her even more now, and it had only been a couple of hours since she was yelling in his face. Something had to be done.

Despite all the scheming, and trouble that that brought them both together Neji found he wanted Tenten in his life more than anything he had wanted before; and Hiashi and Tsunades interfering was going to tear them apart at this rate.

Yes something had to be done.

A slow smile crept across Neji-Hyuuga's face and the fury evaporated.