Hello! I was thinking a lot about Alex and I realized that I MISSED HIM! I missed him so much that I decided to write an alternative universe of Evelyn's life (I know it's hard to contain your excitement, Breathe for a minute) Okay, lol, well, let's get down to business. Let me explain what an AU of our dear friend Evelyn means, One, Evelyn did not try to commit suicide, Two, Alex lived longer in this universe than he did in the original story (he was still in the hospital and all that so Mali is in this story) Three, Evelyn got Edward to change Alex when things in our pretend world got to bad with him, BUT WITHOUT HIS PREMISSION! OH, MY EFFING GOD! HOW WILL HE TAKE THAT??? you'll find out. Four, Evelyn and Alex took in Mali earlier than in How I Live Now, she was 13 instead of 17, But what about her cancer?? Again, you'll just have to read and find out. If anyone has any questions please, fell free to ask (I've recently been told that my writing can be very confusing sometimes.)

Drum roll Please!

If Things Were Different: AU Of Evelyn's Life

By Linnie (Totally3rdGrade, Duh, that's a given)

I was in a tornado of awful memories, my stomach felt like it would heave any minute. The ribs in my feeble body were ready to collapse from the uncontrollable heartache in my chest, my families' muffled voices and Alex's and my sob's echoing in my head. Then the spinning stopped, the world came to an end and I was back once again in the hospital room holding the little child that Alex and I had expected to love and parent for the rest of our immortal lives. The sobs in my chest erupted again at the sight of the little baby, Alex's fingers stroked our pale forever sleeping daughter while he held me in his cold strong arms. "Evelyn." a sweet sing song voice whispered, "Evi, Dear." the voice said, a little louder than before. I came to consciousness, but before I opened my eyes to see my husband I remembered feeling my heart break when the tired doctor announced to Alex and I that our baby, Kira, had died while I was in labor. I opened my eyes to see Alex's worried face, "It was a dream," he said softly and kissed my nose, I nodded and looked away from his cloudy topaz eyes so I wouldn't start crying. "What time is it?" I asked sitting up from my flattened pillow, I guess I beat it up good this year. "10:00" Alex answered, chuckling a little as he flattened my bed head hair. My eyes widened, "10:00?" I repeated aghast, "But what about Lydia and Isaac? Have they had breakfast? Did Lydia finish that book report? What about Mali did she leave for class on time? Why didn't you wake me?" I asked in a rush.

Alex frowned and I saw the worry lines that were visible always when he was human. "The kid's and I thought you should sleep in this morning." He sighed, and he eased his position above my head and laid next to me on to the pillow he never had to use. I turned to my right to look down at my angel. "Thank you." I said softly and I smiled, he smiled back and pulled me to his side so we were cuddling and wrapped the covers and his arms around my waist. I sighed, "Tell me about your dream." Alex said, kissing my hair. I swallowed, "It was like I was in that movie "The Wizard Of Oz" it was a tornado of the memories of the hospital and that doctor who, who" my voice cracked, these kind of dreams always came near Kira's birthday. "It's okay, sweetheart, you don't have to talk about it right now." I shook my head. "No, but I want to," I touched his freezing hands so he would loosen his grip a little, he sometimes forgets about his super strength. "sorry," he muttered, I turned over to face him. Our noses were inches apart, " It felt like she died all over again." I whispered, Alex nodded and said nothing but I saw that he had as much pain in his heart as I did only by looking into his eyes, at that thought my eyes did tear up a little. "Oh, Evelyn." Alex said quietly, I shook my head again and wiped my tears away. "it's okay," I said, " I'm okay, I just hope she's happy where ever she is and that she knows that we love her." Alex smiled a little, "Of coarse she knows that." I kissed his nose, "She would be 8 today." I said, "8," Alex repeated, "8 years," he sighed, "Yeah," I smiled, "Did you get the kid's to school on time today? Or did they persuade you to make waffles first?" Alex chuckled, "the waffles, naturally." I nodded, "Lydia did all of the talking, but Isaac asked to help." my small smile broadened.

"Did he now," I said, "he makes the best waffle Lydia ever tasted." I chuckled, "maybe I should ask him to help with dinner tonight, he's probably a better cook than I am." Alex chuckled. "Speaking of the waffles, would you like to taste one?" I nodded, how could I refuse? I only wished Isaac were here for my fist taste of his masterpiece, I'm afraid he thinks that Lydia and Mali get all the attention. "I'll be downstairs in the kitchen, you take to long getting ready for the day." he teased. I grabbed my pillow and hit him with it as hard as I could and laughed at his surprised expression, even with three children of our own in the house we still never cease to act like teenagers. When we finally stopped laughing I realized that my young looking husband had on the same black and grey pinstriped shirt and black jeans as yesterday. I frowned, "What?" he asked innocently I smiled, "nice outfit" he ran a hand through his shoulder length jet black hair and sighed, "I had a writing inspiration." he said, I nodded, "at 12:00 in the morning?" I asked putting a hand over my mouth to keep from laughing. Alex looked me in the eyes "After you and the kids went to bed and Mali left for her waitressing job I had an idea. But you can only read it when the book is finished!" he said seriously. Alex was the author off two books already, both of them were very successful but his publisher wants a his newest book done by the end of the month and unfortunetly, Alex has a case of writers block. He took every rare inspiration he had and used it. After Alex left the room I got up and sighed as I looked around our cluttered room. I left the bed unmade because I didn't really care about tidiness at the moment. Sunlight poured into the room and different birds were singing outside the window from the garden announcing that it was no longer winter. I wrapped my black silk robe around me, covering the long lacey black nightgown that matched and walked slowly over to the pictures that covered most of the wall next to the door. Looking up a little above my head I saw the most recent x-ray of Kira before I had her. I kissed my pale fingers and pressed them onto the glass of the frame Alex placed the x-ray in. I did this every morning just like I kissed Mali's, Isaac's, and Lydia's foreheads but today was different, I'd overslept. I'll give Alex the kisses instead, maybe even a little extra.

I yawned as I pushed open the swinging door to the tiny kitchen but I wasn't met by just Alex I was met by my forever young parents too. I smiled, "Hey," I said and yawned again. There was no need for a big greeting I saw them everyday along with the rest of my family, they only lived next-door. "Did you come over to try some of Isaac's waffles?" I teased, my parents laughed. "No, we were just, you know, dropping by." I nodded, they wanted to make sure I was okay. "Okay then." Alex smiled and passed me three large waffles topped with too much syrup and two slices of butter, clearly Alex had forgotten what it was like to have sometime edible to eat. I took it anyway, anything of my children's or Alex's creations I loved, even if it didn't look to good. I wrinkled my nose at the taste of the gooey sugary paste but I tried to ignore it and get to the waffle, it was fantastic. I looked up to see everyone watching me wearily, I raised my eyebrows and they looked away quickly. I chuckled and kept eating my son's perfect waffle.

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