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Lydia's Point of View

I wiped away the warm salty tears from my eyes and sniffed, looking around my parent's bedroom and away from the sitcom I was watching on the little TV that hung on the wall. Evelyn was not a fan of tidying, neither was Alex. They both had a habit of piling books and CD's on top of each other instead of putting them away. They also liked to put their dirty laundry in a heap in one corner of the room so they'd know the difference between them and the clean clothes until my mother would do the laundry at 10:00 p.m. on Friday nights. Then, things would start over again. So in a way, they weren't very untidy, they just had a weird system. A system that the whole household seemed to follow.

In Isaac's room, there were piled DVD's up the yin-yang. Accompanied with a pile of books that Isaac had read, and a separate pile of books that Isaac hadn't read. In Mali's room, she liked to have her lip gloss and lip stick on her bureau and her eye liner and eye shadow in the cabinet above her sink in the bathroom. She also piled up her magazines on one side of her never slept in bed. In my room, well, when I said that the whole household followed this system, I meant everyone except myself. My room was chaos, I was a slob and that's the way I liked it. If I ever cleaned my room, I'd forget where I would have put everything.

The bedroom door opened and my mom stuck her head in, she looked a little flustered, as she always did, but she looked more worried than anything. Her young face looked older almost, her green eyes wary. When I tried to smile at her, she relaxed a little bit and waddled into the room. Evelyn sighed as she sat down on Alex's side of the bed. She was enormous these days, with the baby coming, it was a wonder that my father even let her walk around the house. He was so protective of my mother, making sure she wasn't near anything that could hurt her or the baby. I could tell they were scared, even though they try not to show it. They don't want this baby to die too, I tried not to think of what it would do to us, If we could hold on like we always did. If this baby died, I don't know what the prospects of us holding on will be. I don't even want to know.

"Come here, baby." Evelyn whispered to me, I looked over, trying not to cry. I don't know what it was, but I could only cry in front of my mother. I don't recall ever crying in front of Isaac or Mali or even my dad. When my face my safely buried into her chest, I started sobbing. Evelyn stroked my hair and whispered words of comfort. I was so upset by the time I got home from school that my parents had forgotten to punish me for using my powers the wrong way. All I could think of was Elli and for the first time in my life, I felt completely alone. Everything she had said to me had been a lie, every time we had sleepovers, she probably went home the next day and made fun of me and my family behind my back. She was my only friend.

"Elli was my friend, and the locker! I hate them! I hate those girls!" I cried. Evelyn made shushing noises and rubbed my back. After a few minutes, I got more control of myself and my sobs eventually came to be little whimpers that were soon nothing. I finally pulled a little away from my mom and sniffed, she brushed away the wetness from my cheeks.

"Tell me what happened." Evie said softly. I turned my head away, too embarrassed to tell her the truth. What would I say? The girl who I loved as a sister, the girl who Isaac had a crush on, the girl who my family loved as one of their own was a twofaced bitch? Yeah, actually, that's exactly what I was going to say.

"Elli is a twofaced bitch and I want her to die." Evelyn sighed, trying not to freak out at my choice of words.

"I'm sure you don't want her to die, Liddie, you don't realize how awful that would be if it ever happened." Evelyn said evenly. I looked her in the eyes, deeply annoyed.

"She told everyone that I was a lesbian and that you and dad were on crack when you had Isaac and me." Evelyn looked dumbfounded, as if she thought that Elli was incapable of saying such nasty things. My mother's mouth opened and closed as if she were debating whether or not she should agree with me about Elli being a bitch or give me inspiring advice. What she said was a mixture of both options.

"Don't let them get to you, Liddie, those girls aren't worth your tears. They are all just shallow and self-conscious. They beat down other people to make themselves feel better. You are a beautiful, intelligent, and very strong girl, Lydia. You feel alone now, but things will get better, I promise." My mom smoothed down my messy black hair as she talked, her voice was loving, comforting. I looked into my mother's eyes and a thousand snarky remarks passed through my mind, but I knew that she was right.

"You think so?" I didn't believe the fact that Elli and those girls were jealous of me, but I knew everything else my mother said was most likely true. I swallowed, at that moment, I remembered one of the bedtime stories my father had told Isaac and I. It was my favorite, and I always requested it when Alex sat down at the end of my bed. He always told it a little differently every time, probably forgetting how it went originally. It was about a boy and a girl that were in love. But they were both outcasts, they both saw the world differently from everyone else and were constantly made fun of for it. Anyways, the boy and the girl always went through life together with they're heads strong. They ignored what people called them and it was a happy ending of course, and there were morals and life lessons to be learned.

As I looked at my mother's fierce expression now, I realized that I knew who the boy and girl in the story was. My father's description of them fit too. He always said the girl was patient, but also stubborn, very often the sparkplug of the relationship. (In a good way, Alex always corrected himself) He described the boy as bright, but also unbalanced in a way. (Now that I know who the boy is, I now understand that Alex was being nice, unbalanced was a little bit of an understatement.) I bit my lip and nodded slowly, now back to the present. Evelyn smiled patiently.

"I don't think, Dear, I know."


The house phone has been ringing all day, so has my cell phone. The caller I.D. said it was Elli. The first time she called, Alex picked up. He knew that Elli and I were fighting but he didn't much understand anything else after that. My father is a bright man but he is also very clueless and a number of other things. So when he answered the phone this afternoon, he didn't just tell Elli that I wasn't home, which my mom had told him to say if Elli ever called, but, he also told her to call back at another time. Which encouraged her to call again, and again and so on. I sighed as the phone rang again. I was comfortable in my pajamas. My body was tense, and it wasn't until I was on the couch next to my Grandmother that I realized it.

Anna was crocheting and watching her soaps, she was talented like that. My mother tried to do it a couple of times but couldn't manage to do it, Bella and Esme had sort of given up trying to teach her too. When my parents told Isaac, Mali, and I that Anna was coming, all three of us were very excited. But it wasn't until she was actually here that we realized how hard it was to keep our family's secret when she was with us all the time. I hadn't seen any of the Cullen's for three days, which was a record for them because I usually couldn't go through a day without seeing all of them at least once. We just couldn't risk being found out. My father had also warned us not to do anything inhumanly, which I had defied not even 24 hours after he had said anything. So when Anna had asked what had happened at school today, I had to lie.

"Everything will work out, Liddie." Anna had told me while her favorite soap opera was on a commercial break. I nodded and grimaced, everyone has been telling me that today. I had managed to watch exactly one more show before Elli called again. I hopped up off of the couch and headed to the phone that was on the kitchen table in the other room, seriously miffed. Couldn't she understand that I was pissed, that I never wanted to talk to her ever again? I was going to answer that phone and tell Elli just how much I hated her and just how much I wished she would stop calling. But Isaac, being my awesome brother and all, got to the phone first. I stood back and watched as Isaac put down the book her was carrying and picked up the phone and put it to his ear, waiting patiently for Elli to speak first. I heard her high pitched voice, then Isaac said what I never could of thought he could say to the girl he liked.

"S-s-stop c-calling us, E-Elli!" With that wonderful sentence, Isaac slammed the phone down. I could see anger in his eyes as he said it, but I could also see a little regret. He had liked Elli so much. When I looked at my brother, I realized how much of a bitch I was. I didn't do that for him when Brandon asked me out. He was the better person.

"Thanks, but you didn't have to do that, Isaac." I said, my eyes filling up. My brother shrugged, a small smile flitted across his face.

"S-s-she d-d-d-deserved a l-lot more than t-that." Isaac said, and he picked up his book from the table and walked up the stairs to his bedroom, I supposed.


On my way to bed, I stopped by Alex's office. I stuck my head in to see my father pacing and talking to himself, his dark hair messy, his expression muddled.

"Dad?" I asked, Alex snapped out of it and looked over at me, his topaz eyes blank for a moment, it took him a minute to respond. God, sometimes I hoped that he wouldn't accidentally do harm to himself while in one of these trances.

"Oh, I'm sorry, what is it, Liddie, Dear?" I smiled, at least he was still speaking in normal sentences.

"I just wanted to say goodnight." I said, coming closer, leaving the door ajar behind me. Alex smiled down at me warmly and hugged me, kissing my forehead before he let go of me. His grip was tight, though his body was cold, I shivered.

"Goodnight." he said quietly as I turned to leave, but I really wanted to ask him before I forgot.

"Hey Dad?" I asked, turning back to him. Alex looked down at me, his eyes curious. He went over to his messy desk and sat back down.

"You know that story you used to tell me, about the boy and the girl? Is it, are they real people?" It took Alex a minute to figure out which story I was talking about, but he quickly caught on. Alex smiled, his whole face lighting up, I hadn't seen him really smile like that in a long time. This new book is sucking the life out of him, no pun intended.

"I think you know the answer to that question." Alex nodded, his eyebrows rising. I smiled too, I did know the answer to that question.

"Goodnight, Daddy, I love you." I said, turning back toward the door.

"I love you to, Dear." Alex muttered, deep in thought again, I turned back for a split second to see his face again. He was deep in concentration, it looked like he had forgotten what we were talking about, but I knew he hadn't. I walked out of his office and was about two inches from the door when Alex said something else, I faced him again.

"Tangerines are a nice color," he muttered. I rolled my eyes. My father was bright but also unbalanced in a way, but I was just saying that nicely, unbalanced was an understatement.