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Valentines Day. The busiest of all holidays for us here at L'Hosteria with countless couples in need of a romantic setting for a perfect Valentines.

Like most other restaurants red heart balloons have been placed strategically around the large room, lights dimmed to the lowest with countless candles adding to the effect. I realised all too late they are a curse, for although I adored the calming effect when I first entered the room they currently weave a spell of sleepiness to my already tired head.

By now I'm dead on my feat having been moving myself around tables for twelve hours; however my best wishes for a pleasant meal and the cheery smile plastering my face never once lost their zest as I wait on our customers.

Though my attention has been wondering, more often then not focusing on the handsome man sitting alone for the past two hours. Over a period of time his broad shoulders began to hunch, his defined jaw clenching in an assortment of negative emotions, hope dying along with the sparkle in his brilliant aqua eyes.

With one last glance at what I'm sure must be an extremely expensive wrist watch the man stands, humiliation and pain screaming from his demeanour as a co-worker murmurs reassuringly, "I'm sure it must have been important Mr Kent."

Before leaving he replies with a bitter chuckle, "It always is."

Picking up a medium sized tub from inside the basket residing on his book shelf Clark strides out of his bedroom to the kitchen, his hand trembling as he empties out the contents into a green coloured bin along with a small card with the words 'All my love, Bruce' written directly in the middle.

Expecting wicker baskets adorned with pink ribbons has become ritualistic now, his lover's apology for every broken promise or failed date.

Clark can't help but wonder how much more of this he can take before his already fractured heart breaks, he doubts it will be long as a years worth of unshed tears cascade down his cheeks.

The scent of chocolate covered strawberries permeates the room.