Dean was exhausted. Not in that 'gosh darn it, it has been a long day', but that bone weary 'my eyes are open but even I'm not actually certain I'm conscious' way. Had he not been with Sammy he might just have pulled over and slept at the side of the road. Sam's presence however invoked those must protect Sammy instincts, even if that was only ensuring his ridiculous giants legs weren't too cramped.

He felt a smile grace his bruised face as he remembered Sam's passionate rant about god hating him. Why else would he have given him legs that wouldn't have looked out of place on a giraffe? AND THEN forced him around the country in a car with the smallest leg space known to man? Dean was aware that Sam hadn't meant this to be funny but that hadn't stopped him laughing loudly and got a very cold look from his little brother. Sam had only been about 15 at the time and Dean had still been a little bitter at being the shortest so he refused to feel guilty.

"What?" Came a voice from the seat beside him and Dean actually had to stop himself gasping in surprise at the sound


"You were smirking at something … if your planning any more practical joke DON'T!"

"Geez Sam, paranoid much?"

"No, I just happen to have actually met you and know what you're like."

"Ouch Sam that really hurts" he replied putting on his best 'hurt' face. Sam just rolled his eyes and looked around trying to work out where they were.

"You feeling alright Dean, you're looking a little pale?" Dean was honest to God feeling the worst he had done in a long time. His head was throbbing painfully and he felt how thepiñata must feel at a kids party. Like he was ever gonna tell Sam that!

"I'm fine Betty! Stop worrying!"

"Betty?" Sam parroted looking puzzled.

"Trying something knew. I was beginning to worry you liked being called Francis…"

"Shut up!" Sam said looking outraged.

"Touchy" Dean muttered under his breath.

"Whatever, and stop avoiding the subject. I saw you hit that wall back there pretty hard. You really shouldn't be driving, I …"

Dean butted in mid flow with a serious tone, "Sam. If ever start willingly letting you drive my baby around while I'm still capable of walking, take me to a hospital because the psych ward is the only place for me!"

Sam sighed knowing he wasn't going to win. But they were stopping at the next Motel no matter what. Both boys were a little worse for wear, but Dean had definitely taken the brunt of it.

They had been working a job in Ohio, regular ROYALLY pissed spirit was destroying a young family with it's crazy antics. Chairs throwing themselves out of the window like some strange furniture suicide pact was not as fun as it sounded.

Whilst the had not been too hard by the Winchester standards, luck had not been on their side. Really with their third job in a row with no down time, Deans mishap had been inevitable.

He hadn't been paying attention when the spirit had snuck up on him and literally picked Dean up and lobbed him across the room. Accompanied by the insane laughter the scene would almost have been comical, had the sickening thud as dean collided with the wall. Sam had actually seen the exact moment Dean had lost consciousness, he had also heard the crack of bones breaking. Though his brother had made no indication, but the pained look currently taking up residence on his face, as which bones these might have been. Making a metal note to tae this up with Dean when they made it to a motel.

Sam glanced at his brother, it was at that moment he came to a horrible realisation, Dean wasn't awake.


Dean had his body slumped against the car window.


Sam wasn't sure if it was exhaustion or something worse that had caused him to pass out, but he had the sinking feeling that as with the rest of their lives, nothing was ever that' simple.

As he felt the car swerve violently out of control, all he could think was God really must hate him.