Well that had been embarrassing. Sam had opened his eyes to find himself surrounded by a whole gaggle of doctors staring down at him.

He passed out.


Dean would not be finding out about this or he'd never hear the end of it. Dean would find it hil…

Wait. Dean wouldn't know who he was.

It was so easy to forget.

Sam tried to get up without making more of a fool of himself. Trying to tell everyone, who were looking at him with concern written all over their faces, that he was absolutely fine. That no he didn't want to sit down, he wanted to go to see his brother.


He had been waiting for this for nine days, but now Dean was awake, that room seemed a hell of a lot more daunting. He had stood outside the door trying to steady his racing heart for a good 5 minutes.

Come on Sam. Suck it up. Dean needs you.

Sam pushed himself through the door.


Well that was a good start. Sam opened his mouth to say something, but found that his brain wasn't working any more and just ended up looking like he was doing some kind of weird fish impersonation.

Say something for crying out loud man.

"I… I'm Sam. Huh, you, er, probably don't remember me."

Dean was looking at him with an expressionless face.

"Oh. Are you one of my doctors?"

That hurt. Looking down at his scrubs he realised why Dean must have thought that, but still, that hurt.

Sam felt his throat constrict and his breathing speed up. Heart pounding he tried to keep calm.

"No, uh, I'm Sam, your brother, little brother, Sammy…your name's Dean…I dunno, maybe they told you that already…" He lets his mumbling trail off.

Dean had a weird look on his face. He wasn't looking at Sam, he had his mouth clamped shut and he looked slightly red, almost as if…

Dean let out a rip-roaring laugh.


Bringing his hand to his head and wincing slightly in pain, but still laughing Dean, his Dean started explaining.

"Dude, should have seen your face! I only said I didn't know my own name 'cos I wasn't sure which you'd given me, and who the hell knows what kind of ridiculous story you came up with as a cover!"

Sam was pissed, but relieved enough to laugh.

"You, are a stupid, pig-headed, ass-face!" Sam throws out but there is no maliciousness in his words. Feeling ridiculously thankful that this particular stupid, pig-headed, ass-face was still very much new who he was.

To be fair to Dean he had woken up from a coma, he was entitled to a little fun. Anyway, what was he supposed to do, ask the doctor which fake details Sam had given? Considering the bill they must be running up that wouldn't have gone down well. It wasn't like Dean was about to make a quick getaway anytime soon. He should be glad that Dean had had the presence of mind not to give his name.

"Are you done torturing me yet?" He asked with a snort when he saw a mischievous look on Dean's face.

"Ahh, just about, sorry I just couldn't resist. Seriously, you shoulda seen yourself. That is the picture I want on all my Christmas cards from now on."

"Since when do we ever do Christmas cards?" Sam grumbled in a mock irritated voice (only 'cos he couldn't think of anything better to say)

"Wow, nice comeback Sammy, they teach you that at Stanford?"


"And when exactly were you gonna tell me you broke you're arm? Don't tell me you didn't know…" Sam demanded as if it was actually important.

"I didn't…well…I mean I wasn't even sure it was broken, it didn't hurt that much 'til the wall incident, and then everything hurt. My arm? I mean what; do I look like I keep an x-ray machine in my back pocket?"

Sam rolled his eyes, but said nothing else. His brother wasn't gonna give in and now wasn't the time to argue.

Sam huffed.

"Ooookay." He let out a gargantuan yawn and then winced again. "Man I'm tired. What the hell happened to me?"

"You don't remember, I mean really don't remember?"

"No, I'm asking 'cos I want a bedtime story. What do you think?" Dean seemed to be getting a little ill-tempered as he got more tired.

There was a pause as Sam tried to gauge whether he was being wound up or not. He didn't want to fall for the same joke twice.

"I don't like having the memory of being thrown at a wall and having no idea why, alright Sam, so would you tell me some time this century?"

"Sorry," Sam looked down feeling guilty, but still grateful at Dean's openness, even if he was a little grumpy.

"Uh, well were just driving back from that hunt with the spirit of that girl who got murdered by her uncle. She probably went for you 'cos you were around his ag…"

Looking at Dean he realised that Dean had already gone back to sleep and he had done enough talking to himself for a life time. Dean could wait 'til tomorrow to find out what happened.


"Sam." Came a quiet voice, it sounded almost solemn.

Sitting bolt upright like someone had set him on fire, Sam looked around wildly for the serious tone.

Sam let out a breath when he realised it was Dean. He had been coming in and out of consciousness sporadically. His unfathomable pattern of though had led to some really weird conversations.

The doctors said it wasn't anything to worry about after the type of surgery he'd been through. Sam suspected that Dean wasn't going to remember a lot of these conversations. This time however he seemed pretty lucid, but that didn't always mean a lot with Dean, (even before the whole brain surgery thing!)



"Where exactly is the car?"

Sam's eyes suddenly went wide and he felt his mouth fall open. He had abandoned the car at the entrance of the hospital when they'd arrived; he hadn't even thought to do anything with it.

Dean closed his eyes and flopped his head on the pillow before resignedly said, "You let it get towed didn't you."

"I…I…I'm getting it right now!" He explained taking off at a run.

Sam had a sneaking suspicion that Dean was going to remember this for a long time.


"So," Dean said sleepily, "What's the hot nurse count then?"

"What?" Sam asked looking incredulous.

"Dude, tell me you didn't forget to do a hot nurse count? What the hell have you been doing, you said I'd been here over a week! Man, that is poor form for you Sammy; I thought I cover this when we were kids?

"Ah yes, the good old days. You were a little pervert even back then."

Dean seemed to have been drifting off again but mumbled something that sounded a lot like, 'Nurse lily...oh yeah…the good old days'

"Do your own count you weirdo" Sam muttered under his breath

Sam tried to erase this from his mind as he too could remember Nurse Lily; the thought of them together was not one he needed, ever. Eeeeew!


Two weeks later Dean was pretty much back to his normal very annoying self. Mind you since Sam had enough dirt on his brother to last him quite a while he didn't mind too much. His brain injury induced ramblings had in some cases been quite enlightening.

Who knew Dean secretly liked reading the Hardy Boys. Sam hadn't known Dean had even read entire book in his life, so he'd been surprised at that revelation. It may have been about 10 years ago but Dean would still be mortified that Sam new. This was gonna be fun.

Right now however, he was starting to appreciate 'coma Dean'. That distant memory of quiet, aah.

"When are they gonna let me outta here Sam?!" Dean whined dramatically for about the hundredth time.

"Geez Dean, I don't know, what do you think I'm psychic or s….I mean…oh you know what I mean!"

Dean just lay back and laughed at Sam. Sam groaned wishing he'd never said anything.

"Hey!" Dean said brightly, "You should go do the whole psychic-boy thing on the doctor, quick go find out when I can go!" Dean attempted to shove Sam to the door from his bed.

"Stop it!" Sam hissed.

"Ooooh, touchy aren't we."

Sam REALLY needed to get Dean outta here or he was going to go insane.

Dean had managed to do a little walking around. His other injuries hadn't made that any easier. His arm in its heavy cast was not helping with Dean slightly screwy balance. His ribs still hurt like hell, even though he was on some pretty heavy duty pain killers, so it was making his life mighty awkward.

Still he looked a little better as the bruising that had covered his body fading fast and the nasty cuts were healing fairly well.

This was what Dean considered fine. Sam had actually found dean scouring the papers for jobs the day, Sam had swiftly told Dean the score on that front. Dean had actually looked disappointed. What like Sam was ever gonna let him do a job now!

The man could barely make in to the bathroom for heaven sake!

Finally the doctor arrived to discuss Dean's discharge.

Dean had made some pretty enthusiastic comments about how he was going to end up dying of boredom if he didn't leave soon.

The doctor seemed to be contemplating Dean's impassioned pleas to let him 'outta this hell hole'.

Seeing the doctor's indecision Dean put his hand over and said in a stage whisper to Sam "The Eagle fly's tonight, I repeat, the Eagle fly's tonight."

Shoving Dean hard and raising his eyebrows with a slight head tilt that said 'stop the mocking or I'll tie you to that bed and leave you here' gave Dean the clue to shut-up sharpish! (But not without a complimentary eye-roll and a free head slap Dean obviously, lucky Sam.)

Sam just sat there trying to look mad when he was really thanking God for Dean being here, even I it was only to wind him up for the rest of his life. That was fine by Sammy.

Dean couldn't help but feel smug when the doctor said that his recovery had been pretty remarkable, and as long as he keep up with his outpatient appoints and had someone to look after him, Dean come go home.

Dean had whooped like a little girl.

And he didn't even care that his little brother has a really good laugh at his expense.


As Sam drove up to pick Dean up from the entrance, his brothers face transformed into a look of wide-eyed horror.

'What the hell is he staring at?' Sam thought. Then he realised. He forgotten Dean hadn't got the whole story.

"SAM!" Dean cried, sounding a little too high pitched, "WHAT IN THE HELL HAVE YOU DONE TO MY CAR?!"

Sam almost felt bad knowing he would have to tell his brother that he had crashed his car, almost.


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