People's Minds!

"Hey wassup dude!?" said Antonii to Torevaa. "Hey not much just finishing my homework that I didn't do last night cuz I'm so lazy and rich I'm to spoiled to do it at night." He said. "Wow that is really stupid! You know I get really mad at you when you talk about how rich you are! And a lot of people are going to hate you if you keep talking about how rich you are!" Antonii said really angrily, probably because he doesn't like talking about rich people because he is kinda poor.

"Hey don't snap at me like that!" Torevaa said really mad-like. "Well excuse me little MS. Spoiled bitch!" Antonii Screamed. "Whatever" said Torevaa. "Man!" said Antonii to Jasutin. "Yea I know lately he has been really like defensive and stuff I really hate it! He used to be my best friend but now it's like he hates me and wished I would die!" Jasutin said freaked out.

After the day went on people in their class kept noticing that Torevaa is getting worse and worse as the day progressed. But then later Antonii noticed that Torevaa started hanging out with Buraddo more and more and more. Then at the end of the day everybody was walking out and Torevaa and Buraddo went outside to clap erasers and never came in and everybody was looking for them. Then… Antonii looked around the corner of an indent in the wall. Then… He saw… Torevaa and Buraddo KISSING!!!!!!