The Relic of Niveus Astrum
Part 2 of Project Gallifrey

Summary: A message left behind, an old friend's last words. A powerful secret is hidden on Niveus Astrum, one that could bring new hope to Orion. But the Doctor knows a bigger secret; one that, if ignored, could mean the death of his companions. With all of history already written, how can he stop what is inevitable to come?


A Note from the Author:

Book number 1 in this series, Glitz and Glamour, was done on a purely fun whim I had to reunite Mel and Glitz with the Doctor. I never intended it to turn into the beginning of what has now become an obsession in my head. But obsession it did become. This story took sixth months to finish, or at least I think it did. I started writing pieces well before Glitz and Glamour was done, which was in November of 2006. The chapters are LONG and the plot is complex, but I hope you all enjoy this story to the fullest extent.

Venustas was born from my love of the Latin language and the mystery of the Eye of Orion (never quite explained in the series.) This story provides a suggestion to what happened to the people that used to live on the Eye of Orion, and to the odd advancement of the civilizations of Rome and Atlantis.

I do use several phrases and words in Latin (probably horrible Latin) throughout the story, so at the end of each chapter, I will provide translations.

I want to give a humungous bear hug and super-props to my fantastic beta, Emery Board, for without the help she gave, half this story would be rubbish, and the other half would be horribly butchered. She fixed so many of my errors in brilliant ways; I should really be crediting her as a co-writer. Seriously. This story has turned out to be, roughly rounded up, 45,700 words in length.

So, without further adieu, I bring you, Book Two: The Relic of Niveus Astrum.