Title: Adorable Anguish

Series: A-bleachity-bleach-bleachy-bleachity—Okay, I'll stop now.

Characters: Hinamori Momo, Sousuke Aizen.

Word count: 254

Rating: 'T'

Pairings: Slight AizenHina

Summary: Aizen thinks Hinamori is unbearably cute—but not beautiful.

Disclaimer: Me no own.

Author's notes: Oh… The angst…

She was adorable.

Hinamori Momo, that was.

His fukutaichou, Hinamori Momo.

She was precious—absolutely adorable. The way she laughed, smiled, cried, worried—they were all unbelievably adorable in his opinion. Somehow, Hinamori always managed to be cute, even when she was screaming out yelling. It was they way that she jumped up and down when she was excited, the way she looked down when she was depressed, and the way she giggled impishly when she was happy.

Yes, Hinamori was unbearably cute--

However, she was never beautiful.

Aizen watched her walk like she was on cloud nine or like she had just been to hell and back. When she was tired, she had these completely adorable bags under her eyes, and whenever he addressed her, she blushed and jumped, even if she was his fukutaichou and saw him every day. His very presence seemed to make her jumpy.

It was adorable, absolutely adorable.

But not beautiful.

Aizen can recall only one time when Hinamori was beautiful.

She was lying on the floor, her eyes blank, and her mouth agape. She was covered, surrounded, bathed in blood—her blood, her beautiful, crimson blood. Her adjutant's badge had fallen and was face down, cracked on the ground. She was curled into a ball, into a fetal position, as if begging god for the pain to stop, for her blood to stop coating her tiny body. She was forming his name with her cracked lips.


It was not adorable.

It was beautiful.