The Roy Mustang Guide to a Happy Ending

(aka: The Roy Mustang Guide to Lighting Fireworks)

It was Founding Day, a federal holiday in which all the Amestrisans celebrated the founding of their country.

Mid-afternoon was the popular time to meet at parks for fireworks displays. Roy, Riza, Havoc, Maes and his family, Breda, Fuery, and Falman all met in the same park where they had been drenched not so long ago. They picnicked all afternoon, with Maes making sure to snap pictures every few milliseconds.

Riza and Gracia had engaged in a lively conversation about married life and how Riza was nearly to the point that, if she did not settle soon, she probably would not ever settle.

As it got dark, Maes snapped pictures left and right of Elysia waving sparklers as if to write something in the air, He even convinced a passerby to take a picture of all the military officers holding sparklers.

At last, it was time for the big show. Everyone pulled out blankets and pulled on the jackets that had been shed in the day's heat to watch the excellent display. But there was just one problem… nobody had matches or a lighter.

Roy stood to take care of the problem. He pulled a glove from his jacket pocket and snapped.


He snapped again.

Same as before.

Snapping violently, Roy tried in vain to light the fireworks, at one point even screaming, "Light, damn you, light!" until he heard a quiet cough behind him. He turned to see Riza holding up gloves with the usual red array on them.

"Looking for these?" she asked innocently with only a hint of mischief. "I suspected this would happen."

Roy stared first at the blank back of the glove on his hand, then at her. "H-how did you…?"

"You left your coat alone, sir. It wasn't that hard," she explained.

"Give them back," Roy ordered.

"With all due respect, no way in hell are you getting them back, Sir," Riza retorted.

Roy's eyes narrowed and he removed the glove he had on. Taking a step toward her, he commanded again, "Give them back, Lieutenant; that's an order."

Riza quickly pocketed the gloves. "Not until those fireworks are lit."

"You don't have a gun on you. Not at a function this public," Roy scoffed.

Raising her eyebrows, Riza smirked. "Do you really want to take that chance?"

Sighing, Roy returned to the blanket. "Fine. I'll be a good boy."

The fireworks had finally started when Roy felt something land in his lap. He picked up his spark gloves.

"You're no longer a danger to me or anyone else, yourself included, so I decided to give them back," Riza said from beside him. "You didn't see what was going to happen, did you?"

"I can control fire just fine!" Roy mumbled.

"What happened at Elysia's party, then?"

Roy looked at the ground. "I was hoping that at least someone had forgotten."

Riza sighed. "I make a point not to forget. Knowing your habits makes life that much easier for me."

"Are you saying I'm predictable?" Roy looked put out by the implication.

"To a certain point, yes, actually," Riza replied. "You still manage to surprise me on occasion, though. You get your work done on time, you take care of me when I'm sick, you ask me out on dates… I'm still getting used to the timing of things."

Roy let out a breath he had not realized he had been holding and smiled. "I'm glad to know I'm still something of a mystery to you."

"I'll figure you out yet." Riza turned to watch the fireworks. "In the mean time, I think I'll just sit back and watch the display."

Not content with this in the least, and wanting to surprise her yet again, Roy leaned over and kissed her. He was not sure exactly what she would do, but her reaction of pulling back was not the most surprising.

"Do you want to become Führer or not?" she asked quietly, trying to attract no attention whatsoever.

"Look around. Nobody who matters is here. I do occasionally make smart choices, you know."

Riza sighed. "Sorry. It's just that I'd hate to see all that work go to waste."

Roy shrugged. "I'll get there somehow, and once I do, that damned fraternization rule is going out the window, and not a second to soon. Nobody obeys it, anyway."

"You can wait that long?" she asked.

Smirking, Roy replied, "As long as I've got you, I'll be fine."

Riza had to smile. "Flirt. You know it'll get you next to nowhere with me."

"Next to nowhere isn't nowhere," Roy reasoned, leaning in.

"Exactly." Riza let him kiss her this time, pressing back when she deemed necessary.

Ten feet away, as Elysia watched the colorful bursts of light in the sky with captive eyes, Gracia and Maes were sneaking glances out of the corners of their eyes.

"-Making fireworks of their own. Let 'em be," they heard Breda mutter to Havoc and Fuery, the former looking more interested than he should have been and the latter looking concerned.

When the pair needed breath, they pulled away and both looked skyward. Roy's arms slid around Riza's waist, and she willingly leaned back to rest against him, placing her hands over his.

"I love you, Riza," he murmured just loud enough for her to hear.

In the same volume, she whispered back, "I love you, Roy."


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