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Summary: As a young girl, Christine was told many stories of the pirate, Captain Erik Sebella. She longs for these adventurous tales to become true, and is shocked to find that they really are...

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Love upon the Sea

Chapter One: A Girl's Dreams

Caribbean Sea-Late 17th Century

Some say he's a myth, others say he's with Davy Jones. And those that came in contact with him, say he's heartless, cruel and no one could escape those eyes. He's looted countless ships and killed as many men while sweeping their women off their feet. His name you ask? Captain Erik Sebella. Of all the sea dogs and rebels that have ever pirated these waters, Captain Sebella, his crew and his ship, The Phantom were the most dreaded of them all.

"So what happened to the ship, Papa?" asked Christine with the wide eyes of a 12 year old eagerly wanting to know more. The prominent older figure chuckles to himself his belly bouncing like a ball in his lap as he thought of his child's innocence.

"It's only a story my dear. For the purpose of entertaining my sweet daughter so she will fall asleep fast. Now, rest dear child, so I can continue this tale" he said, lovingly tucking his daughter into her bed. Moments passed quickly, and the young Christine fell asleep fast, her dreams filled of adventure and love.

The governor exited his daughter's room, coming face-to-face with his wife, a petite woman, whose dark locks that usually grazed the crown of her head, were lying gently on her shoulders.

"William, how do you ever expect the child to sleep when you fill her head with those silly stories at night?" she chided, expecting a sleepless night for herself by soothing her daughter's nightmares. "Now, Lana, I know that Christine is growing up but she still needs some tales in her life." he replies trying to keep their voices from raising above a whisper. "Come now she will be grown before we realize." he said, taking his wife's arm and leading her back to their bedroom.

Christine opens her eyes moments later, waiting for her parents to leave. She pulls back her covers, and walks to her window. She loves the way the water looked in the moon light. The sound of waves crashing on the shore. Gazing in the distance, her brown eyes focus on what appears to be a ship. Is that him? Captain Sebella? she wonders, her young heart fluttering. She didn't believe that Erik Sebella was a cruel man but rather felt that he must just need love.

The sky seemed to love the young child and blessed her with a star shower. The girl smiles and makes a wish upon a star. "One day, I wish for adventure and romance in my life, with a strong and handsome man like Captain Sebella." she whispers before climbing back into bed where the her dreams seem like reality.

Six years later...

Seems like only yesterday to some but that little girl has grown up. Christine E. Kesslar, the daughter of Governor William L. Kesslar, was raised in a small town, where she was one of the richest children. Her long flowing, chocolate brown curly hair and amber brown eyes caught many men by surprise by her humble spirit and good nature.

Although she is now the age of 18, she still remembers the tales of Captain Erik Sebella. She fondly remembers and stays true to her thoughts of one day having adventure and romance. Still awaiting that dark, handsome and strong man she had once pictured to be the dreaded pirate, Erik.

Erik Sebella the thoughts of him consume her and secretly she hopes to one day find herself in his arms. Would that day be far off? She dreamily muttering to herself with a devilish grin giggling under the down comforter.

"COME NOW CHRISTINE!" Thunders in Alana as Christine was still in bed. They were late for a public announcement given by her father, the Governor William L. Kesslar.

"Christine really, you must get dressed." her mother pleaded. Christine almost falling out of bed had been so busy daydreaming she almost forgot.

Calling to the maid servant, "Carlotta"

"Yes Ma'am" she said, looking startled. "Help my Daughter get into a presentable gown."

Carlotta runs to her mistress' side, bowing her head. Alana adds "something with some cleavage preferably."

"MOTHER!" Christine protested.

"You need to look your best, Christine. The town will be visited by the Vicomte de Changny. He is of good breeding and you would do well to have him look upon you with favor." Her mother insisted trying to open her daughter's mind to the thought of having a good family name, nice things and money. Explaining away her father's position as Governor and her mother's own reputation with the high society crowd.

Christine's mother's voice fades into the background as Christine sees her life of endless tea parties and mindless talk. Living a life...not as an adventure or for love but for "breeding"The thought of it made Christine shudder.

What am I horse for the mere purpose of breeding? she thought as she continues to get ready. Christine feeling brave wants to share her thoughts with her mother. "I want..."

Christine was cut off abruptly by the scolding tongue of Alana. "I really don't care young lady, you are the daughter of a governor, I won't hear of your wild stories and tales of love and adventure. Now finish up, we are late!"

Christine sighs and plops into a chair as her mother leaves the room. "Which dress, miss?" Carlotta held the two dresses in front of her mistress, awaiting her choice. Christine's eyes flitted between the two gowns; one yellow, the other blue. Did it really matter? She sighed and looks out her window. "The blue one I guess."

The maid quickly laid the blue organza gown on the bed and took the yellow colored a-line dress back into the closet. Christine lays her hands on the dress, admiring it silently. The crystals that accented the bodice shone in the sunlight, and the full skirt rustled as she moved it to her dressing area.

Christine sits in silence as the servant finishes dressing her. Her chocolate brown curls hanging down past her shoulders as the maid was trying to fix her hair in to a elegant hairstyle.

Noticing the pain of her mistress as she gently started to sob. "Please, miss, your parents want you to be happy and besides crying will only smudge your rouge." Carlotta said calming her only slightly.

The concerned maid carries on with her duties. She wipes her eyes and reapplies the rouge to hide the fact that Christine had been crying. "But when will I find love? Carlotta when?"

Surprised to be asked her opinion hesitantly replies, "I'm not sure, miss, maybe soon." But soon was not soon enough for Christine.

"CHRISTINE ELIZABETH KESSLAR, ARE YOU READY TO LEAVE?" Called her mother from down the spiral staircase knowing how badly this would look upon her husband if they were late. "I'm coming, Mother." Christine answers coming out of her bedroom. Her beautiful blue gown rustling when she walks the crystal glistens in the light of the afternoon sun.

He father gasps at the sight of his little girl. Where is my baby? he thought daydreaming of the days when his little girl would slide down the banister. Now here she is a all grown up, almost a woman.

"We will have to beat them away today, won't we?" the jolly man mentioned to her daughter in a teasing fashion.

"PAPA!" she said as a blush crossed her face while her eyes went to the floor. Raising her chin, he looks into her brown eyes that sparkled like amber.

"I'll not have my daughter leaving here looking like that. I will have my best men watching over you today."

"Papa" she shyly looks away again. She hated when he made a fuss over her appearance.

Just then her mother joins in the awkward conversation. "Leave her alone, William, she needs to look her best if she wants to catch the eye of a certain Vicomte." her mother replied with a twinkle in her eye as if to be scheming.

"The Vicomte? Lana, you should not pressure the girl." her father protested.

"Oh, hush, it is a good match. Rauol is of the royal family perfect for our little Christine." Her mother retorts and heads for the carriage that will take them to the town square.

Like that, they continued to argue out the door forgetting about their daughter entirely. Christine now in a daze of confusion at the behavior of the adults. I need to get away from here. They don't care what I want. She thought as she walked outside in the warm ocean breeze at that moment a peaceful calm that came over her as she soaked in the sunlight.

"What are you doing, Christine? We are LATE!" scolded her mother once more awakening the girl from her trance. Christine sighed as she enters the horse drawn carriage knowing she is only going to hear more bickering on the short ride to the center of town.