Title: Always

Rating: T

Fandom: Naruto

Character: NaruSasu

Dedication: To my Twin, Marlene. I know she loves SasuNaru but this popped into my head. Sorry Dear.

Author Note:My boredom once more leads to a story. Enjoy!

Uchiha Sasuke. That man is like the god of all the gods. He is beautiful, yet both mentally and physically strong. And oh god, don't get me started on his body, because the guy is like a fricken sex idol. With pale, smooth skin stretching over well defined muscles; midnight raven framing his prefect, clear face; and the most soul searching black eyes. In simple terms, the guy is walking perfection.

And he is mine and only mine.

I, Uzumaki Naruto, own the only key to that mans heart. I know how to get him to smile, or how to scream my name when he comes. I know his dreams, secrets, wishes, and hopes. I know everything about him and I will always be the only one in his life. Completely.

Hn, I bet you're wondering how I, the hated demon of the city, managed to bag the soul Uchiha survivor, right? Easy, for me at least. Even when we were younger, there was always a small attraction between us that of course we always took as friendship. Until I brought him back from snake ass that is. After that we just started dating, er, fucking; but don't get me wrong, because it definitely lead up to our marriage last June.

Yeah, that's right. We're married now. Naruto and Sasuke Uzumaki. After some debate we took my name; however, Sasuke is still addressed as Sasuke Uchiha Uzumaki. That in it self is a surprise, because that bastard always seems to win. Always, Damn him. Its kinda of strange for this to happen, you know? But, I do after all love him with all my heart and he knows it.

"Hn, Dobe."

Oh, seems the jackass his finally home from his mission and thank god for it too. I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate when he goes away or when I have to leave him. It's like cutting off a god damn arm or something. Painful.

"Just going to stare, Dobe."

smirk"Get your prefect little ass over here."

Shrugs"You should have said something, asshole." He smirks as he moves over, not even waiting before he climbs on top of me to straddle me lap from my place on the couch. "Hm, Sexy." He murmurs, tracing my jaw with a finger.

"You know it." I smile before claiming his sinfully wonderfully lips, wrapping my arms tightly around his waist. He's already getting hard and I can't help but grin into the kiss before slamming his clothed dick into my own and watching him moan in pleasure.

However, its not long until I can feel him pushing at my chest for air and I allow him to escape the kiss to breathe. "Fucking Uzumaki, Bedroom, Now."

"Demanding Sasuke. Watch it."

I smirk as he growls, lowering his voice to husky.

"You better fuck me so hard I cant walk for a week, or I'm leaving your sorry ass."

I groan. There's no way I'm letting this one go ever. "Bedroom."

Like always. He won, again.