Prologue: An Arrangement

Frexspar sat at the table, pen in hand, struggling to write a letter. His pregnant wife was lounging on the couch. After thinking for a moment, he groaned and put down the pen. "What am I supposed to write? 'Please agree to arrange a marriage between your royal son and our eminent green deformed daughter'? That doesn't quite work!"

Melena shrugged simply, "They don't have to know she's green."

Frex smiled for a moment, "That young boy, he's about the same age as Fabala, right?"

"Why else would you be writing that damned letter? We need to do something about the child. It's not as if she's going to marry anyone else, anyway," Melena waved her hand dismissively.

"How should I address them? 'Your Highnesses of the Arjiki Tribe'?"

"And make sure you stress that Elphaba is to be Eminent Thropp. Mention that it'll be a great idea for the east and west to join together, blah, blah, blah…"

Frex nodded and went back to his writing. Within less than an hour, the letter was written and placed neatly in the doorway, as to be picked up in the morning by the mailman.

A month later, Frex received a letter in response. Melena could hardly contain her glee. "So, are we to be rid of her upon her eighteenth birthday or not?"

Scanning the letter, Frex mumbled things aloud, "Their son, Fiyero, is to go to Shiz the year he turns eighteen. However, he turns eighteen over the summer, which leaves time for the wedding. She'd have to go to live with him, possibly in an apartment while he goes to school, or she could even go herself. They have just changed the laws about women going to college."

"But they agreed?"


And so the deed was done.

Okay, guys, I know you're all mad at me for leaving my other stories and daring to start a new one, but I can't seem to write, and this has been in my head for a while, and I might as well write something rather than nothing. Please, forgive me. Maybe this will get me writing on my other stuff, too. This might sort of seem like a few other stories that are going on, but believe me, it'll go much differently.