A motorcycle roared down the main drive of Jump City.

Heads turned and then the whisperings began.

Was that Robin? It sounded like the R-Cycle, that distinctive purr that belonged to the Leader of the Titans bike. But the bike was black and a pair of blue wings splashed across the front. And the person on the bike was definitely not Robin. The guy was all dressed in black, the same blue wings across his chest and down his arms and his features shrouded by a black helmet. Anxiety began to stir; did Jump City have another villain to contend with?

The Titans were not whole yet. When they returned from their last mission yesterday, both Robin and Starfire were missing. The other Titans didn't seem concerned and Titans East had remained in the city to pick up the slack. Not that there was much slack that needed to be picked up, the holiday spirit still alive within Jump City. Tomorrow was New Years Eve and even the villains seemed to be spending time with their families.

The people of Jump City were apprehensive. If this man in black was a new villain and although they knew the Titans could handle it, they would be more comfortable if their two wayward members would return.


There was a second figure on that bike. The whisperings became louder as people recognised the streaming red hair escaping from beneath the purple helmet and that purple uniform they knew so well.

It was Starfire. She had returned. But why was she hugging the back of this mysterious stranger? And where was Robin?

The bike roared to a stop outside the pizza place the Titans frequented. People could see the other Titans already gathered on the balcony above the street.

Starfire floated off the back of the black motorcycle and removed her helmet, shaking her wonderful red hair free. She smiled gleefully and waved to the other Titans before placing the helmet on the back of the bike.

Attention turned to the mystery man. He swung his leg from the motorcycle and briefly touched Starfire on the hip. A ripple of anger surged through the people of Jump City that were watching. Who was he to show such familiarity with their Starfire? Robin would not approve.

The mystery man took of his helmet, shaking his black spiky hair free and Starfire smiled at him in that special smile they had only ever seen her bestow on one other.

"Yo," Cyborg called loudly. "Where the hell have you been? Pizza's getting cold."

They heard a distinctive chuckle and the Robin's voice came out of the man in black's mouth. "Sorry Titans. We got a little distracted."

The murmurings started again, louder this time. Could it be? This was their Robin? He wore a similar band on his arm, was it him?

Starfire giggled and the man in black grabbed her by the waist and pulled her in for a kiss.

The people sucked in a startled breath.

There was a collective groan from the Titans gathered above.

"Boss, cut that out," Herald called, a Titan from the Network that had begun spending a great deal of time assisting Titans East. "You're making a scene."

The people began to celebrate. It was Robin, the Leader of the Titans all grown up, stepping from the shadows of Gotham City's Batman and becoming a hero in his own right! And admitting his feelings for Starfire too it seemed. But what did he call himself now?

The ex-Robin and Starfire broke away, grinning up at their friends.

"How the new bike handle, Nightwing?" Beast Boy called loudly, his arm around Raven's waist.

"Like a dream," Nightwing said, touching Starfire on the cheek and she smiled. "Like a dream."

Author's Ending Note:

Thanks for letting me share my imagination with you!

Sequel - Locked Hearts.