"His body..." The doctors gasped at the body of the man in front of them. His whole body was filled with multiple scars, though his face was left with just one 'X'-shaped scar just above his nose, the top of the scar was hidden by his messy black hair. The man was well built - six feet tall, athletic and very well trained in combat as they later discovered, still though - the doctors were unsure about what happened to his body. They tried to cure his cancer by taking a sample of one of the 'special' people's blood, and duplicating the healing factor to help it. At first it seemed successful and the cancer seemed to have calm down, but his body appeared disfigured. "The cancer bonded with the healing factor..."

"So in a way the cancer is healing him?" The other doctor asked. "Resulting in the skin disfiguration..."

"What did Linderman say?" The first doctor said, as another doctor entered the room.

"Dispose of the body, make sure no one can find him." The third doctor said, as they removed all the medical attachments from his body. "He said we'll start another experiment next week. Seems this 'weapon' wasn't built to Linderman's standards."

"Regeneration, superhuman strength, speed, endurance and agility." The second doctor read the list of what the man had been tested for. "This guy could've been a monster if he was let loose. What was his name again?"

"I have no idea." The first doctor replied. "Hurry up and dispose of him immediately!"

Then the man woke up. And all hell broke loose.

- -

His mind was plagued with mental blanks, the first of the things he had noticed when he woke up. He didn't even know his name, all he knew was that the clothes he stole was from a doctor named 'Wade Wilson', one of the three doctors he had killed upon his awakening. He was dressed in a long-sleeved red shirt and black pants, making sure to use clothes that covered his scars. Slowly, bits and pieces came to him, his time as a hitman for the mysterious 'Linderman', the time when he found out he had cancer, and when he signed up for a cure - but everything else was missing. Something told him that Linderman had the answers.

As he escaped the building, the first thing he saw outside was a stone sign that read "Deadpool Facility", and something about the sign made him decide to take it upon himself to mark the fact that he had been there. He crossed out the word "Facility" with a rock, and wrote above it "Was Here".

- -

He would continue running for an hour until he finally reached a diner. It was then he realized that it was the morning, when he saw that the diner had just opened.

"Excuse me!" He said to the only current waitress, as he walked inside.

"How can I help you?" The waitress said, in a strong southern accent. For a second his eyes found himself immediately engaged in his surroundings, the stools, the lady - young, blonde hair, blue eyes, thin, around 5'8" - the photograph on the wall - an asian man and a red-haired lady - recording all the other objects inside the small diner. "Sir?"

"Sorry, I must have zoned out." He said, shaking his head as if to try and fish something from his mind. "Where am I?" He asked, as the lady smiled in respon.

"Your in Charlie's Diner, in Texas." The waitress smiled.

"Charlie's?" He asked.

"Yeah, we changed our name a while ago, in tribute to one of the workers here who died." The waitress said sadly.

"Oh..." He replied awkwardly, as he began to walk out the diner.

"You sure you don't want to stay for coffee? You sound tired, and it does get lonely here." The waitress managed to drag him back to the diner, where he sat down at the nearest table.

"Just give me something to drink." He said.

"What sort of drink?" She asked, as if pointing out the obvious.

"Surprise me." He replied.

"Okay stranger." She smiled, and she began walking towards the counter, but she turned back for a second to ask a question. "What's your name?"

"Uh.. Wade." He smiled. "Wade Wilson." The name would do for now, as he made a mental note to use that name. So, 'Wade', smiled at the waitress, seeing as he had nothing better to do.

"You know it's nice having people here when we open, it usually gets boring and lonely when we open." She said while she made Wade's drink. It was during the silence that followed that he figured that it was his turn to ask a question.

"What's your name?" Wade asked, as she brought him his drink.

"Sarah," She smiled. "Sarah Linderman."

A/N: This idea popped in my head, while reading Cable & Deadpool, in which Deadpool makes reference to the TV show "Heroes". It made me interested to see what it was like if Deadpool were to actually be in that world, so this chapter basically is how he got here, so this Deadpool differs from normal Deadpool. In my mind, he looks like Agent X with hair, and a scarred body. I decided to keep good old Wade's face with just the one scar to make it easier for me to write - I'm very lazy.

Notes about Deadpool, currently "Wade". I'll try keep his personality as normal in comics, but I don't see him breaking the fourth wall, seeing as I'm going to make this a more "realistic" Deadpool. He will be just as a good fighter as he is in the comics, maybe a little better.

So depending on how I'm feeling, seeing as my other story is first priority, I might continue this.