Jinx sat on the edge of the building and swung her feet off of the edge. The thought of jumping off the building and sailing into the air flickered through her mind, she shifted slightly, she had always been an impulsive person so those kinds of thoughts weren't good for her.

"You shouldn't sit to close to the edge." A gentle voice said behind her.

"Why not?" She asked not even needing to look around.

"You might fall, and I wouldn't want to see that happen to you." He said back to her.

"The falling is fine, it's the landing that people find problematic." She replied looking down, it was at least a twenty story drop, no one could survive that, she enjoyed the sound of him edging towards her worriedly.

"Jinx…" He said, worry making his voice shake just a little.

"What? Don't you trust me?" She smirked down at the ground so far below her.

"I trust you." The voice said uncertainly. Jinx sighed and stood up, those words constrained her so much, she was meant to be mysterious and dangerous damnit, not trustworthy and safe. She stood up carefully on the ledge.

"You trust me do you Kid Flash?" She asked turning around to face him, still standing on the ledge.

"Of course I do." He said his soulful eyes looking up at her.

"And I suppose you think I should trust you then?" She asked cocking her hip and raising what, on a normal person, would have been an eyebrow.

"Yes, trust me." He smiled at her and held out a hand to her, she looked at it for a moment and smirked deviously.

"Okay Kid Flash, I trust you." She said with that smirk still playing on her lips, she stepped backwards and launched herself off the building.

"Catch me!" She called almost frozen in mid air as if gravity were too surprised to take her. Kid Flash's blue eyes widened in horror and his face paled, he shot over to the ledge and tried to grab at her, but it was no use, she had pushed herself too far away from the edge of the building. He watched frozen to the spot and she tumbled through the air towards the ground. Ten stories, eight stories, six stories, his heart hitched in his chest.

The shock of impact was harder than she had expected it to be, she was left breathless with no air in her lungs when she hit, the pavement ripped at her skin and she winced at the pain. Kid Flash lay on top of her, one arm under her and the other wrapped protectively around her waist. His head rested on her stomach as they lay in a crumpled heap together, his breathing was ragged and fast.

"Don't… EVER do that again." He breathed into her stomach, he glanced up at her eyes to find that irritating smirk still on her face.

"What? Don't you trust me?" She grinned at him.